Big Ship Foam Mining – Renovating a Proper Boat

this big ship behind me is full of foam
they put expanding foam down there to stop it sinking years ago. This is a
video about digging the foam out and seeing what’s down there and
make some more space. Ben’s building a big Hoover bag machine. There’s gonna be
six of these filters to filter the dust as it comes out. So this is a lighthouse ship it was used
originally as a sort of mobile lighthouse that could be anchored off in
various parts of the country. It was built in 1939. Back in the 80’s they
started filling up the compartments with buoyancy foam. I guess it’s sort of 30
year old phone that we’re digging out. It’s full of it. All the
different bulkheads are filled with foam and slowly Ben’s been carving it out. The
Hoover box is taking shape.The phone goes in here, gets munched and then goes
down the pipe. The time for the first test. Here we go.
Okay here’s the bag. Boy it’s high-pressure. This is a beautiful
machine. It’s time to start excavating. The excavation begins. You’ve already said that. No I wasn’t recording. Basically its gonna be a lot of that for a long time.
Yeah. The moment of truth. The nozzles is going to
suck up this foam. There’s no dust at all. This is like excavating. It’s like archaeology. We’re digging into the boat. How big a hole you gonna cut? So this is
gonna be the new hatch. So you’re cutting a new hole where. Hey look at all that foam.
Wow that’s a really big kind of crazy bit. All right, foam ahoy. Oh its a lovely big of foam. Time for the Hoover. Unsheathed the
Hoover. Tis time to unsheathed the Hoover. cutting out all the phone by hand is a
very slow and painful process so we’ve been having to think about what we could
do to speed things up and we were looking on the internet, there’s nothing really
available but then we did find this, the 800 watt garden tiller. So this is an
electric kind of plough for your garden. If you wanted to sow vegetables you could
use this to rip up the soil. Hopefully this is gonna speed things along. It
might just be a terrible failure. Anything where you can use an electric
tool rather than doing it by hand is definitely a good idea. The electric tiller is just making
mincemeat of the foam. It’s like a hot knife through foam. We burnt it out. Its died, but it did
prove that this is a good solution as long as we don’t let it overheat. So we just need to get some more. Ben can we get some more? How much was that. It quite a lot actually. 69 pounds It’s a shame. First bag is full, full of foam. Hopefully it’s had a chance to cool down.
Then it’s gonna work again. He’s happy. Happy face. Pretty spacious, it’s like silence of the Lambs. It does feel like being down a mine. We’ve let the machine cool down for a
minute and it’s now working perfectly. Two bags of foam. This is the foam. It’s really
lightweight. In chunks like this it feels very manageable but in large
quantities it’s actually quite hard to budge. When the foam is poured in it was
ported in two parts. It mixes together, expands and then sets and you can see
here where it’s formed around the contours of the boat. You look like a sheep that’s got a load of
turds congealed around its bum. Ben’s been shopping. Oh yeah, 550 watts. How much was that? 40 pounds. Fail. Fail. The electric hedge trimmers
rubbish. Sawing is too big so it doesn’t go through the mulching machine so
that’s Ben now cracking on with the electrics tiller so I’m gonna give him a hand. It’s a relentless and hideous task but I
can’t stop myself just carrying on. Today is the big push, we’ve got
another electric tiller and there’s backup coming. Hopefully
we’re gonna clear a massive space. Ben sometimes seems a bit grumpy but I know he loves me really. Is that bag number six or biog
number seven? That’s bag number seven. I’ve always wanted to go into a giant foam pit. Get back down the hole we’ll hit the back. Then what? Then we get a
special treat? Yeah I’ll buy you a coffee and
maybe a Snickers. Do you feel a bit let down? Hopefully I’l
graduate to a big one in a minute. It’s sort of addictive. Yeah it’s strangely satisfying. That’s the second batch of bags. That’s eight.. nine.. ..that’s bag number ten. That’s seven bags of foam off
to be recycled. I’ve been away for a few days and
I’m looking forward to seeing what progress they’ve made downstairs. I know
they’ve got different coluor suits, they’ve gone for white and they’ve also got
different type of bag. Transparent foam sausages. That’s a lot of bags, another five bags. Thats a pretty big space now.
I think we’re nearly there now are aren’t we. We’ve broken the back of it. It’s very dusty down there. I don’t
recommend it, if you if you want to try this at home just don’t do it because
it’s very dusty. We’re nearly hitting the floor either the next time all the time after that. Do you enjoy the mining process? No. I mean it’s satisfying though it’s bloody horrible. It is quite satisfying. Do you think we are slightly addicted to it? No. It’s the holy grail, we’ve reached the floor.
It’s one big thick flat sheet of steel How’s it going? You’ve broken all of the tillers. I thought you ordered some more? I ordered more yesterday, the tillers have all
died. God this is an exciting point in the YouTube video guys. This is tiller
number 5 that’s died. This cog has been completely stripped. This ship is really big inside, it has
two separate apartments, it’s got two offices and downstairs there’s a large
recording studio. The boat is about 46 metres long, weighs about 550 tons. How many bags have we done today? I don’t know. I think maybe this was a bigger job than
Ben anticipated. There’s still a bit more down there but it’s
pretty much done. The sausages are going. It’s like a proper room. We’re gonna do ten bags and then we’re pretty much gonna be done right? Well ten bags I
reckon we’ll get it done. Ben says not. It’s gonna look like a room in ten bags time. Today’s the new record for bag loading
we’ve done 11. I think we’ve done something like 60 bags to actually get to the bottom. It’s like a proper room. It’s the final day isn’t it? Probably not…
sorry yes! Let’s get down the hole, the big reveal.
it’s not the big reveal stop saying THAT. This is the last bit you go. We finally got there, floors uncovered.
There’s just a few bits more foam to be Hoovered. A lot of time has passed since we’ve
started this mining project it’s now the winter. A lot of port holes.
Okay the Foam is all gone and it’s really looking quite spacious. It’s gonna be bathed in light in here. Bathed it light. The original port holes hulls were there from when it was made. They were covered over in the 1980s and now Ben is cutting them open again. Looking really nice I mean it’s got a
completely different feel to it down here now. Ben has done two windows on the
other side the light is already streaming in. Suddenly you can feel the
space. It’s not just a big dark box. It’s like a proper room now though it
really is. This is how thick the hull is it’s
pretty bloody heavy. So this is what you’d use to break into a safe or some
other valuable storage area. This drill is magnetic. It sucks
onto the wall and it’s like a pillar drill. You just set it going and
it holds on to wall and drills straight through. That’s Ludo he started the big job of
painting this place and it’s already looking much much whiter. Side wall will go straight back.
So what another three months… who knows. Great well look forward to seeing it
finished. Next up floor yeah? Floor is all done. It even has an echo in here now. It is going o be a lovely flat floor. The metal
floor here slopes but it will be flat. How’s it going on there, finished it yet?
We’ve been doing this for so long it’s now the middle of the winter and it’s
snowing on board. Ben wants to make it into a passive house so it’s gonna be completely sealed with a heat exchanger unit. The air is going to be sucked out and the heats gonna be taken out the air and put back into the rooms. it’s going to be very eco. Insulation is going in and it’s
already very nice and warm. The walls are going up. This is like a beautiful woodworking video. It’s looking good down here.
Oh look. So the windows are boxed in. Ben has added a double
glazed panel to keep the cold out. Wiring is going in. Built in shelves, very
nice. It’s like a proper room. Rockwool is on, then this foil goes on then plywood on top. It’s going to be very well insulated. So most of the boarding out has happened. There’s a lot of light coming in. There’s a new skylight in. It’s gonna be a very nice office. Speakers are in, stereo.. Oh nice.
Don’t touch it… don’t touch it. Workbench is going in over there.
Kitchens going here, plumbing.. storage. This project has been going on for a hell of a long time it’s been over a year Ben’s been fiddling around down there
he’s just doing the last little finishing touches before this becomes a
proper room. This is the companionway.. It’s the main entance. Yep. Also there’s the stairs… oh yeah! It’s looking smart down here. Kitchens is pretty much there isn’t it. Basically Ben wants this to be done by
Christmas… If you’ve ever watched those shows where
people do up their own houses they never get in by Christmas but god I hope they
do because I want to get this video finished and edited and on the Internet. Ben, hey open your door I think it’s probably more
light than it was before actually because it’s reflecting around and these these
two windows are covered up as well so. You’re gonna have an inner hatch here? An inner hatch with double glazing. Hhey it’s got everything but the kitchen sink.. Oh no no kitchen sink as well. It’s got lights down here, power, cupboards.
Looks great. The proper room is now being properly painted. This is gonna be a professional finish. It’s gonna be a very nice office space. Ben’s gonna be able to sit down here and do big deals and be big businessman.
Maybe I’ll be allowed down there too you know, now and then to use the
photocopier. So how far away are we now. The lights
are in. It feels really warm in here now. it’s 20
degrees, so does this control.. oh. last night it lights up the heating is
in its gonna hold that engine Casey yeah So basically all the portholes are gonna
be double glazed like this. Sockets are in.. with USB. Sink is finally in. It’s like a
proper room. It’s been two years… no it’s not. OK it’s been a year in 10 months
but it’s been worth every minute. I’ve been here doing all the work Ben’s been
just fiddling with stuff. look at this its like a proper room it’s looking pretty smart down here, Ben is still fiddling around, looking almost done. There’s still a bit to do. Floor is down. Ben’s doing the final just
bits and bobs and finishing off. internet router is up on the wall over
there. Ben’s still here fiddling around so it’s
nearly done it’s been nearly two years but I think
it’s finally there.. somewhere down in that ship there might just be a proper
room. Lets go and have a look, follow me. There he is, the man himself.
After you Ben please, let’s go check it out. well no I mean it’s definitely slicker
than I thought. it’s very white isn’t it. New chairs, look at that
brand spankers. The kitchen is all done. Very nice, fridge… obviously every office
needs a big desk like this. this is no exception. We’ve got the lighting in, there are power sockets here there’s plenty of storage.. ah hold on it’s a very large… I believe A1… A3 printer. I mean
they really have thought of everything. We’ve got more storage down here, great!
Ink cartridges. Over here.. what will we find… oh it’s a printer, it’s a scanner.. yes! Well done Ben. Here we’ve got knickknacks. Who lives in an office like this… Vicki and Ben.. because this is their office. it’s great. look at this.. hey you got some good pencils.. yeah this feels very comfortable. who’d have thought this was once full of
foam storage… great. storage. Ben sits there. Are you proud? Yes. You’ve done a very good job. thank you. Thanks. this is a proper room, it’s a proper office.
it’s been nearly two years but what a transformation. Remember those days when
it was full of foam? This has been a video about mining
a lot of foam in creating an office. I’ve been Harry Dwyer. It’s like a proper room.

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  1. I can’t understand this. I know dry dock would be crazy expensive but it would have to come out every 2yrs for antifoul. Why not fix it then.

  2. he needs some pictures of the room with foam in it and some snapshots of you guys taking the foam out to show where it all came from and how it came to be.. a propper room.

  3. Guys PLEASE search "Liberty ships crack in half" and deal with your square hatch corners. You may be ok while moored up but if you put stress on the hull in a seaway you could have a big problem. I won't comment again about this but I used to design yachts so I do know what I am talking about. Message me if you need advice about what to do, it's not difficult


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