Bible Prophecy Update – February 23rd, 2020

all right let’s get to our prophecy
update if you’re able to stay we again certainly encourage you to do so if you
have to leave have a blessed week in the Lord so today I want to do something a
little bit different and begin by sharing with you something that the Lord
has been ministering to me as of late I want to say probably about the last
maybe six months more so more pronounced in the last six months it’s something
I’ve noticed in my own life personally but more importantly I’ve watched it
play out on a broader scale both nationally and even globally and it has
to do with how when times are good we don’t think as much if at all about
eternity future as we would or are more prone to when times are bad I noticed
this in my own life when things are going good praise the Lord you know but
boy when adversity strikes oh lord this is Ecclesiastes chapter 7 verse 14 listen
to this when times are good be happy enjoy nothing wrong praise the Lord
right but when times are bad whooa consider this another translation renders
that stop and consider now the God’s got your attention stop and consider this
God has made the one as well as the other therefore no one can discover
anything about their future in other words God’s going to bring alongside
prosperity with adversity not just to keep us guessing
but because by allowing adversity to come side by side with prosperity it
keeps us dependent upon the Lord concerning our future and isn’t it true
and wouldn’t you agree that when adversity strikes we’re more prone to
seek the Lord turn to the Lord but when times are good I mean it manifests in
our prayer life let’s be honest again shall we
when things are going good I mean praise the Lord nothing wrong don’t apologize
for it don’t feel bad about it God’s blessing you things are good praise the
Lord hallelujah give Him the glory but have you noticed that when things are
good your prayers are well Lord bless this bless that bless them and off we go but when adversity strikes oh Lord I
mean you’re crying out to Him why because you turn to Him you’re depending
on Him I hope you don’t misunderstand me when I say this and I poured it over and
prayed over this and I want to say this as clearly and honestly as I possibly
can but sometimes the bad times can be good don’t misunderstand me let me
explain when hard times hit and the future looks bleak there’s a greater
likelihood that people will turn to the Lord in their fear and
uncertainty and I would venture to say that that’s why God allows it in the
first place it’s to get you to turn to Him turn back to Him I personally
believe that all the perils and plagues in the world today may actually be a
good thing even a God thing in the sense that
they’re shaking up and waking up many people we may never know this side of
heaven but all that’s taking place in the world today is having I believe the
much-needed effect of turning people to the Lord I took the time this last week
and I compiled a list I had to sort of condense it abbreviate it to seven I
know that’s the number of completion I’m not that clever so I have seven of them
seven perils and plagues that in themselves are horrific but God but God
as only He can is bringing good out of them I think about Joseph in Genesis 50
verse 20 when he reveals his identity to his brothers and he says what you did
you meant it for evil and they did very evil but God I love those two words you
know that right I love and you should too because they change everything they
changed the whole complexion evil evil evil but God but God took that which you
meant for evil and He worked for good to bring about the salvation of
many this day that’s why I can say that all of this bad might actually be good
so let me just if you don’t mind go through this list of seven perils these
are really bad especially this first one as you know the corona virus
is continuing to spread and it’s now feared that it could be the worst global
pandemic since the 1918 Spanish flu this is
really bad really bad number two the H1N1 swine flu H5N1 H5N8 bird flu and
the African swine fever which have been eclipsed by the corona virus now pose a
threat in a terrifying resurgence I was reading an article about the measles the
resurgence of the measles now as well if that weren’t enough number three the
swarms of locusts you hear about this that have devastated Africa are now
spreading throughout the Middle East even reaching as far as China of all
places number four the notable increase of volcanic eruptions earthquakes and
floods are all taking place simultaneously with extreme weather
number five the crisis in Syria has escalated and reached a horrifying level
of 900,000 people displaced just since last December let me try to put that
into perspective so I’m told that on the island of Oahu there is like one point
something million 1.1 1.2 million people and then plus on any given day we have
another quarter of a million tourists so let’s just call it 1.25 million that
would be like taking the entire population of the island of Oahu and
displacing them since last December number 6 the tensions in the Middle East
today are such that experts describe it as the likes of which we have never seen
before in history particularly in and as it relates to Israel and number seven
last but certainly not least and this close to home for those of us here in
America and those online the polarizing political discourse in America today is
so divisive and destructive some actually fear a complete collapse will
ensue have a nice afternoon let’s close in prayer how depressing how upsetting
how concerning how disturbing but God please stay with me here’s a question wouldn’t it stand to reason that with
all of this and the many others that time doesn’t permit me to list that more
people would see what’s coming I mean does that sound reasonable sadly
many are not and even sadder many professing Christians don’t see or don’t
want to see the prophetic iceberg ahead on the horizon instead many continue rearranging the deck chairs on the
Titanic as it were wasting invaluable time on the sinking ship of this world
and the things of this world you know I think it was last year sometime
I want to say about August or September when I just it just I get so it’s like I’m not going to
cry again some of you are saying please don’t cry okay I’ll try not to but it’s
just so it’s so heartbreaking you know when I go out and about which isn’t very
often I just I look at people going to and fro and I just think do they have
any idea what’s coming they’re going about their lives the busyness of their
lives and if they’re a Christian they’re playing Church and if they’re a pastor
God forbid they get up there behind that pulpit and they just talk silly stuff
nonsense and there’s an iceberg ahead where are the Watchmen where’s the warning
where’s the alarm where’s the sounding of the alarm wake up do you know what’s
coming okay a number years ago I watched the
fascinating 2012 Smithsonian documentary Titanic’s final mystery I actually after
watching it did a search online and found a website the
website and they actually have a whole thing on this it is so fascinating in it
historian Tim Moulton presents his theory that the Titanic’s fate was not
due to human error rather reflective mirages which created an optical
illusion of a false horizon maybe the guys can put that up for our online
members full screen for those of you here notice the false horizon obscures
the iceberg ahead and they didn’t they didn’t see it because of this refractive
image that created this false horizon that it was all smooth sailing ahead
okay thank you this unusual phenomenon explains why the
Titanic struck an iceberg and received no assistance from a nearby ship
atmospheric conditions in the area that night were ripe for this super
refraction which prevented the Titanic’s lookouts from seeing the
iceberg in time and the freighter Californian from identifying the ocean
liner and communicating with it that’s why they hit it Moulton presented his
findings in a book titled a very deceiving night that is so apropos
I would submit that we are in said very deceiving night and people can’t see the
prophetic iceberg due to the false horizon of an optical illusion vis a vis
a strong delusion you know what’s striking to me I was
thinking about this this last week how many times in scripture particularly in
the Gospels Jesus says do not be deceived
the Apostle Paul we’re going to see it in Second Thessalonians do let no man
deceive you don’t be deceived the inference is the implication is is that
there’s going to be this great deception and even Paul in 2nd Thessalonians
chapter 2 goes on to describe this powerful strong delusion that God
Himself will send creating this mirage if you prefer this false horizon this
strong delusion this optical illusion if this weren’t bad enough there are those
like with the Titanic who truly believed it was unsinkable I think of a lot of
Christians they they truly believe that there’s more time and they’re unconvinced and because
they’re unconvinced they won’t get into the lifeboats while there’s still time
do you realize that many studies have been done and books written and
documentaries produced about those last moments there on the Titanic very few
were saved many perished you know why many of them perished this
is really interesting they believed it was safer to stay right where they were
at is that not an apt description of many a Christian today sad to say it’s
not going down this is the Titanic it can’t sink that’s what we were told
that’s what they were told by the way and so they wouldn’t get out of that and
into the lifeboat of salvation they weren’t convinced in a sense we do these weekly updates to
sound this alarm that there’s an iceberg ahead and it’s just a matter of time
there’s still time to get into the lifeboat of salvation and it’s not God’s
will that any should perish but that all should repent and come to salvation this
is why we end the update with the gospel and an explanation of salvation by way
of the ABCs of salvation and we will do that but before we do that I want to
share with you one of the responses to last week’s challenge of moving someone
closer to Jesus we were inundated I would venture to say we probably had 500
to 700 responses to this challenge of just moving one person closer to Jesus
and taking the fear out because the fear and I’ve shared with you my fears I
mean it’s so much easier behind the pulpit as a pastor with the microphone
to share the gospel you know but boy one on one when I’m when I am out and about
and just sharing with somebody it’s kind of like how am I going to how am I going to
what am I going to say and what what if they say and I go through all those same
gyrations that you do maybe sometimes more so I don’t know so it was so
freeing again truth is freeing I know I’ve heard truth when I’m freed
by it and conversely I know I’ve not heard truth when I’m bound by it when
somebody lays a heavy trip on me I know it’s not the Lord because the commands
of the Lord are not burdensome Jesus said My yoke is easy My burden is light
I know it’s the Lord when and I know it’s true when a freedom will ensue and
this was so freeing to me and I have shared with you about Barry Meguiar just
I mean you know kind of changing the whole game saying you don’t have to
you know have them drop to their knees and pray the sinner’s prayer and I think
some of us think that that’s what we have to do otherwise we’ve failed I mean
that almost never happens and you know some of us were we’re only going to plant
the seed somebody else is going to come along later and water it and then
somebody will come and they’ll harvest it so when I realized that it’s just
maybe I just need to plant the seed maybe I need to water a seed that’s
already been planted oh there have been times certainly when God has given me
the privilege and you to I’m sure of actually leading somebody to a saving
knowledge of Jesus Christ there is no high like that right that’s why we do
the ABCs of salvation is to equip you so you have something you have a tool it’s
not the only way but it’s a simple way that you can share the gospel with
somebody and lead them in a prayer to come to salvation but maybe you’re just
supposed to water a seed that’s already been planted or plant a seed but in
either case you’re moving somebody closer to Jesus so we put this challenge
out we get this huge response from people and the hardest thing I had to do
this last week was reading through all of them and I did and then selecting the
one that I sensed the Lord would have me to share and this is the one I sensed the
Lord would have me to share it’s from an online member he says this I love
watching your weekly prophecy updates and being reminded that His return is at
the door I really found encouragement in Barry’s message along with your
paraphrasing that we don’t have to try and seal the deal each and every time we
share the Lord I think I sometimes put pressure on myself to do that and it
carried a lot of weight it feels freeing to do something so small but impactful
such as what you did at Taco Bell and the flower shop some of you are going what you
do at the flower shop and Taco Bell I’m not telling you have to watch last
week’s YouTube video and to see what the Spirit would like to do with it in the
moment I would get confused on whether I should wait for the Spirit to guide me
to share Jesus for somebody otherwise I would sometimes question whether or not
I was doing it out of my own will or strength
I left my gay partner a few years ago to follow Jesus after Jesus revealed
Himself to me He extended his love to me and reassured me there was no
condemnation awaiting me from my past if I was to trust in Him and turn from
everything I previously put false hope pleasure and security in I had recently
watched a couple of interviews with a gay hairstylist that created the #walkaway movement
and I felt many parallels in not only our lives but also
in the change of thought patterns when the Lord was first pursuing me after
watching your update I sent an email to him explaining how the Lord had
changed my life and that I felt God was after him too
thank you for the renewed perspective and encouragement to do this all he did
which he may not have otherwise done was just sent an email to move somebody
closer to Jesus that’s it I’m not a mathematician if you’re a mathematician
we want you to know we love you it’s an amazing gift we have a brother in the
church that is just I mean you know with numbers just the way his brain is wired
and I mean he’ll send me I’ll ask him you know questions what do you think
you know the numbers were the population was or you know the and he’ll email me
back I mean it’s I’m like oh my game is my hair hurts what’s left of it
anyway I say that to say this what if what if I mean this is a small
relatively speaking Church for those of you online who don’t know there are
maybe we have two services maybe 150 people adults in each service so we’re a
relatively small Church and online we’re not so small we have quite a large
number of people online but what if just 10% of us did this moved one person
closer to Jesus you’ll forgive me online Church can I just talk to the
local church just very very quickly think about this for this side of the
island I know many of you live on other parts of the island and you drive here
we praise the Lord for that but just let’s talk about the whole
island just of Oahu this relatively small church could you imagine if just a
small percentage of us moved only one person closer to Jesus every week oh whooa again I’m not a numbers guy but do
the math do the math how many people could we bring into the kingdom while
there’s still time one last thing and we’ll do the the ABCs
and I know I probably already said one last thing again but people are very
fearful right now would you agree with that they’re asking very intelligent
questions and they deserve a very intelligent answer from us who have the
answer of that hope that lies within us that we’re to give to everyone we have
the answer would you agree that I mean I’ve listed seven things there’s many
more but would you agree that God’s got people’s attention right now all over
the world just with the coronavirus just that alone and where are people going to
turn I guess what I’m trying to say the Holy Spirit helped me to say it the
right way we have before us please listen we have before us the greatest
opportunity to share the Lord with people so we’re asking dare I say that this may very well be
the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had and I’ll take it further and say that we
will ever have right now right now what are the ABCs of salvation well it’s an
acronym very simple childlike simple explanation of the gospel of salvation
in Jesus Christ the A is for admit or acknowledge that you’ve sinned that you
need the Savior Romans 3:10 says there is no one righteous not even one there’s
a lot of very good people and if you ask somebody why do you think you would go
to heaven they will probably answer with something like this oh I’m a good person
there’s going to be a lot of good people in hell for all eternity by the way there’s going to
be a lot of bad people in heaven because that’s not the gauge that’s not what
allows us entrance into heaven it’s not being good you’ll never be good enough
no one is righteous and Romans 3:23 tells us why it’s because all have
sinned and fall short of the glory of God we’ve all sinned we were all born
sinners which is why we must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven now
this is where the gospel comes in because the word gospel means good news
your debt has been paid you’re free to go and this is what Romans 6:23 says
because first there’s the bad news the penalty and it’s the death penalty for
the wages of sin is death but here’s the good news Jesus came He went to His
death in your stead He paid in full the price for your sin
and He offers He paid for it He offers it to us as a gift it’s the gift of God
and it’s eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord that’s the A here’s the B the B
is for believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord Romans 10:9 and 10 says
if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead you will be
saved and then the C is for call upon the name of the Lord or as Romans 10:9
and 10 also says if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in
your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved for it is with
your heart that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth that
you confess and are saved how do you confess with your mouth ah Romans 10:13
all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved
it’s that simple is that too simple it’s that simple why don’t you all stand before we close in prayer and the
worship team comes up to close us in song I want to so where’s the worship team
you want me to do acapella huh you don’t believe me you don’t I want to say
lastly that if you’ve never called upon the name of the Lord believing in your
heart confessing with your mouth trusting in Him for the forgiveness of
sin I would implore you I’m pleading with you you know ah maybe you’re watching
online it’s no accident that you got this video on your screen
that’s the Lord and the Lord’s trying to get through to you I would implore you
please I the time is at hand I truly truly believe the Lord’s return is
nearer than any of us could ever possibly imagine we are so close I would
implore you today today is the day of salvation let’s pray father in heaven
thank You Lord thank You for the simplicity of the
gospel the plan of salvation Lord thank You for the the warnings in Scripture by
a way of Bible prophecy that show us what the world is going to look like at the
time of the end I mean we’re looking at all of these things that are beginning
to come to pass and it’s like You said Jesus when you see these things begin to
come to pass look up and lift up your heads because your redemption draws near
Lord we know our Redemption draws near but we also know there are so many that
are not ready and so Lord I pray for anyone here today are watching online
who is not ready for You because they’re not right with You that today would be
the day that they would come to salvation and call upon You Jesus thank
You Lord in Jesus’ name Amen

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    Huge fire ripped through Titanic before it struck iceberg, fresh … › News
    Pastor Farag I trully follow your guidence through the Lord but please please do not believe everything the Smithsonion Institute tells, they have been found wanting in truth many times, God bless you.

  39. I love how you always say –
    “ I want to do something a little different” but it’s funny, because I think you say it more often than now…. I mean… is it different? Lol

  40. Thank you Pastor JD Farag!! I couldn't agree more. Literally everything going on is God warning us and many ppl are in denial. Please pray for my family to come to accept Jesus. The devils greatest lie told is "there's still time…." God bless all of you brothers and sisters!

  41. Everything is converging and yet mainstream media and online social media trying to silence voices related to what is coming. It seems like they don't want people to know and rather be in panic model so they turn to their anti-christ rather than real Christ. Even some of my comments on Coronavirus are being deleted randomly. Keep praying so God can wake people up and lead them to the truth.

  42. The Lord is calling onto us. I've haven't been going to church and I've had a bible in the house but haven't opened it in some time. In other words it's been some time since I've heard the word of God. A few months ago 3-4 I opened my bible and started with Genesis. I already knew the story of Adam and Eve but I haven't reread it as an adult and when you typically read a "book" you start with the beginning. I remember telling my mother about reading the bible again and I told her about genesis. She told me to jump to the book of revelation and I did so. I followed along with kjv on audio and I heard things from that book whitch I've never heard in church. Forgive me if I need a correction but I remember hearing something to do with a Dragon with multiple heads and crowns, also animals with parts of other animals. So I was curious what it was saying and I found out that is was speaking of proficy. Shortly after I found this church on YouTube and I know God was being patient with me and I now I feel my spirit has awoken and I couldn't be any more excited to be with the Lord. If you're still reading this time is growing shorter every day. God bless you and anyone in your heart that you are worried about. God will take care of it.

  43. Thank you so much for your diligent teaching, explaining, and warning of the flock. A genuine question here: I so love the Titanic & lifeboats analogy and how there is an obscuring of the proliferating warning signs surrounding us. I hear your warning to the church, that they should be getting in the lifeboats. Here is the genuine question that I am truly praying about and trying to grasp: for the true born-again believers (even those who are not watching diligently for the coming Bridegroom), what is really the "warning"? So, per this analogy, why is it important for a believer to 'get in the lifeboat' and to 'get ready'? I do see how the 'overcomer' per the message to the church of Philadelphia promises they will be saved from the coming wrath. And, Luke 12:37 speaks of the 'blessing for the servant who is on watch when the Master comes". I am trying to discern between "all true believers will hear the trumpet blast and be out of hear" and the idea that many in the church should wake up, start watching, etc. I lean toward the former in general understanding, but the latter does make me wonder a lot. I sort of ask the question, "so what IF many of my brothers and sisters in Christ who are not even considering the imminent return of Christ and not being watchful?" I have a hard time imagining they 'miss the boat' so to speak. Many people were jaded in the past by date-setters and now either subscribe to a preterist, pre-wrath, or post-trib theology or just don't even try to look at the signs. One understanding I have says that if they are born-again and have their names in the Lamb's book of life, they're 'ready' and have oil in their lamps even if their eyes are not watchful. Another understanding I grapple with is that there is a need to 'warn' the church (certainly we warn the world and the unsaved which goes without saying) because there is a blessing for the one who's master finds him waiting. Should the church be warned? And, very seriously asking this: why so if they are born-again? For me, I am watching, waiting, and I long for His return!


  45. I cried with J.D. They all suffer from normalcy bias. The ship is sinking. They know where the lifeboats are, yet they are still only part full. I have dreamed since childhood of a great tornado coming towards a group of people. I scream out for them to seek shelter but the ignore or mock me. I watch helplessly as they are sucked into the winds. That dream didn't make sense at age 6, but it sure makes sense today.

  46. Wow Pastor! Your best sermon yet and I think them all super good . The analogy of the Titanic was brilliant. You have inspired me so much to go out and sound the alarm. I pray they listen.

  47. Father is always good!! Even as I'm going through the worst trials of my life, he still holds me. I've lashed out…why me, why a life time of agony, addictions, abuse, and bad decision, why, why, why?? Father never ceases to to lead to different things…that comfort me, and tells me how much he LOVES me. A few weeks ago, after really struggling the night before…Father lead me to a place on the internet, and there was a letter there, called a letter from God. I can't express to you how absolutely life saving this has been for me. I wasn't looking for this…it litterly just came out of nowhere, and I know he truly lead to this letter, to strengthen me…and to let me know how much he really LOVES ME, and regardless of what I'm walking through…he is always there with me. So each day, I pick up my cross, and follow my SAVIOR…because really…This my journey, to be confirmed to the image of HIS SON…MY SAVIOR…JESUS CHRIST…AMEN!!!

  48. Thank you, Pastor Farag. I love your preaching and your church. It has been such a blessing to listen to your Sermons and Bible Prophecy Updates. Blessings from my house to yours'.

  49. While visiting a close friend this past week who is a unbeliever she asked me to pray for her and her husband who are starting IVF. I hope as I visit more I can share more with her about Our Lord Jesus Christ. Her request may not be a sure hint that I’ve planted a seed but she has never EVER mentioned God or prayer before to me. Could you guys pray for her and her families salvation, God bless you all and Pastor JD

  50. I usually really like your videos Pastor, but this ones a little off, your talking about Christians not “getting in the life boat” ALL true Christians ARE in the lifeboat, regardless of whether they are concerned about current events, the only difference is are they sitting in the life boat or helping others get into the life boat, but regardless we al, have a reserved seat.

  51. I want to share with you something that I was told a little bit ago. No Word of God returns void. He said that you could be sitting there talking to someone & maybe they don't seem to get it. But there's suffering all around us so pray for the person you're talking to that they will get it soon & know that someone has heard what you said and it was a life savor. Don't be afraid to share the Gospel.

  52. The Lord could save the whole island of Oahu!
    And the Lord could use US to lead a tiny part of our own city to the gospel..
    This virus, and the fearful state of people, opens up conversation about the gospel, and the prophetic fulfillment.. Jesus is life, joy, and peace.. The world desperately wants that right now.. We are the ones whom Jesus has sent.. ❤

  53. My heart breaks to watching so called christians asleep..the Lord led me to start sounding the alarm in June..Showing birthpains..I have came up to so Many Christians who will even get mad at me..Praise God for the few that is awakening..But most are asleep they put their Faith in man not God..My heart breaks it tears me up.,I have to ask the Lord for strength and I keep pushing on..Our redemption draweth nigh..Thank you Pastor I been watching your sermons for 2 yrs.,

  54. My coworker sounded so discouraged and overwhelmed today. Eventually he asked what my plans are for my future at work. I asked him if he knew Jesus. I said well I love the Lord and I'm going home soon and this is why we're talking. He wants me to remind you that He has been waiting on you, and He loves you too! I told him I'd pray for him and to be encouraged. I'm at the mercy of Gods will. He is in control, He alleviates my anxieties.

  55. We are from South Africa and struggling to get into a church that is not with this world… I am so grateful for founding you Pastor!

  56. Pastor J.D., I have a question. I started reading a book by Ryan Speakman this week. It was clear to me that he believes differently from what we believe about the Rapture. He feels the Rapture of the church will happen Post Tribulation period. Do you know anything about Ryan and what are your thoughts about his teaching?

  57. Daniel 12 is the rapture need to read. When Micheal stands under the invasion of Israel from Eziekel war God comes down church goes up tells all the dead will rise and those living will be taking home . Have you notice there is only one of the Trinity at one time . When God's here Jesus and Church are in heaven . Jesus was here He said if he didn't leave the comforter or Holy spirit won't come . When God returns Christ will remove the bride

  58. Dear_____ ,

    I love you with all my heart and I am honored to call you my _____ . Having you In my life has truly been a blessing. I have recently been given a great truth that I wanted to share with you; God is Real and our eternal destiny depends on believing in him. The simplest way to explain Salvation through Jesus Christ can be found below. I know you are a believer, but I wanted to send you this information in case you haven’t quite seen it expressed this way before. I know I had not.

    Rom ‪3:10‬ As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:
    Rom ‪3:23‬ For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
    Rom ‪6:23‬ For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Rom 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
    Joh ‪3:16‬ God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    Eph 1:7  In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;

    Rom 10:9 If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
    Rom ‪10:13‬ For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
    Act 4:12  Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    I pray that all will come to the loving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that we can spend eternity together, joyfully giving him thanks and praise. All glory to God His love endures forever.


  59. Thank you so much for the End Time Prophecy teaching. I discovered your videos about three weeks ago. I watch at least fours a day of the videos. I know we are in the End Times. I see it all the time, play out in front of my eyes. Keep up the good works. I am learning and excited.

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