Being Who You Are – Sweden Canoe Adventure

If everyone knew who they truly were. And
what they truly wanted in life. Then the whole world would change. And the great thing is that it is a skill that we can learn and practice. We just need to take the time
and create space for that to take place. We invest so much time in so many
different things or distractions. But the one big resource that we have is just ourselves. And how can we turn ourselves into the sharpest arrow possible? It is by carving the arrow slowly but surely. And making the arrow sharp and pointing it in the right direction. And aim it on what your true purpose is in life. And that movement, it creates this energy
and puts so much different things in motion. And while you’re doing that,
it just attracts other people. Because you are just radiating in this force of life. For me that is what Unleashing of Potential is.

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