Beginning Kayak Fishing: A Different Perspective

Hey folks. I’m here at a different angle today. Got a new camera back there my old camera over here So I’m excited, I’m on Lake Travis today. Very nice, very calm morning. Beautiful day today. Let’s see how we do. Fish on I think I turned it off and turned it back on. Yeah, bring it in brother. Nice one. No, you didn’t come off! You jerk! That was a nice one. And I turned the camera off halfway through. I let out some of the tension. Should have brought him around to the other side. Oh well. That was a rookie mistake. Next time. There we go. There we go, oh yeah. Stay on there man. Just barely had him hooked. Well that one wasn’t as big as the first one, bug two fish two misses. The heck? Well, no fish today, two on the hook but neither made it to the boat. Need to work on the hook set on that lure. Otherwise, really enjoyed this lake. Second time I’ve been out here, real nice, much bigger. Explored a bit, a lot of different spots here. For different kinds of lures and different kinds of fishing. So it’s real different, real interesting. But I’m looking forward to coming here more often. It ‘s Friday so it wasn’t too crowded. There were a couple other boats, a couple other kayaks. Anyway, as usual, thanks for watching.

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