Basic Maneuvers for Solo White Water Canoeing : Staying in Control when White Water Canoeing

Once you’ve mastered the basic of eddy turns,
peel outs, and ferry’s, surfing all the other basic river maneuver’s you can string all
of them together and do a combination that makes a running rapid really a joy. The way
the stream moves together is to first of all helps to know the rapid pretty well but even
if you don’t sometimes if it’s an easier rapid you can scouted on the fly. As your coming
down the rapid look for opportunities to ferry it out a wave to use a hole to change direction
in, to use an eddy to stop it or to look down stream or to completely change direction to
go back the other way. So using eddies combine with ferry’s, combine with peel outs, combine
with all the different features of a rapid you can stream moves together to get a real
nice smooth pattern down the rapid and it’s a really fun way to run a river, its a great
way to be in control and to look while your doing it.

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