Basic Maneuvers for Solo White Water Canoeing : How to Turn & Stop a Canoe in Rapids

One of fundamental water maneuvers is called
a eddy turn. An eddy turn is a way to get your bearings to stop in the middle of the
rapids, to bring your group together or to scout ahead to see what is coming up. When
you doing an eddy turn, you rely on that current differential between the water moving downstream
and the eddy water moving upstream to get your boat to spin into the eddy nice and smoothly.
When you watch someone do an eddy turn well, it looks effortless and the reason it does
is because they are using the current differentials rather than using a lot of paddling strokes
and a lot of strength to get into the eddy. So in the next few series we are going to
talk about the basic elements of an eddy turn, how to do a good one and how to make sure
it is really snappy and you catch every eddy you are going for.

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