Bareboat Rib Charter

Morning, morning, morning
They’ve got to listen! So that’s your Fender locker, sea first aid
kit, one arm in there Very good! I mean you call the guys up at
Solent Rib Charter you get an invoice sorted by email within five or six minutes, you turn
up at 11 o’clock, the guys are here ready to show you onto your boat and get you out!
That’s where the beauty of just hiring a rib comes in because you haven’t got the excessive
mooring costs and you can just turn up and hire one and bomb about on the water a bit,
it’s great! It’s a lot of fun going over and just feels
great to have the wind blowing by you! It makes life so easy when you’ve got a craft
that’s good, stable and confident you can keep an eye of everybody and just let them
enjoy themselves. You can spend this amount of money doing something else with two families
but you wouldn’t get anything like the fun or the return on investment or value for it.

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