Aventura 34

here I am at the helm of a big
boat a big boat because he is very wide is five meters 30 $ for 10
m long this is called a catamaran boat with two hulls it’s not
a sport catamaran it’s a catamaran beach is a real catamarans
cruise with a lot of volume with
a lot of view outside in turned in the in the square in the
pod the cat is missing a little helm in
height we are on the deck which allows to see the boat to see almost
the 80 of the boat where after a problem more on the back because the gondola
extends a large cap rigid on which we have the bar
Listening to the mainsail is by boat of this weight because it’s not a beast
race 1 but it’s a boat of cruise that has a lot of qualities
first he is practically alone in its category kata friday m ma
nobody actually because it’s not so simple than that to do
sabato on which we have a very big cockpit outside a very big
nacelle a big square so and then we have two nice cabin in the back and two
bathrooms during standard model it’s all there is for you are three
cabins but here we had two cabins owner in fact what’s up
cruise is great comfort to two blows for example the boat that we have
actually cabinet bathroom the standard of the boat is three
cabins a bathroom so that’s rather a boat for families
who said navigate the kids the friends and then to 6 people on a
cruise we are we are finally I think
I think change is I am sure the
the problem is that a boat of 33 feet 34 feet finally the asset of limay
toulon with bluesman in numbers hours is almost the same thing
it costs a little bit more several a little more material a little
more the mast a little more motor but overall the price is and we are
not far from the same thing except that the margin
it’s not the same so I think the big yards today obvious this
style to compared to the wide phenomenon we are a small structure with
reduced margins so we can get allow to make tight prices and
competitive it’s a little bit more every 10-meter monohull weekend
that’s for sure but it’s still in the price proportions quite
okay we are on a boat equipped with around 100 thousand euros and for that price we have a cruiser
still really having fun of enjoy the anchorage is nice it’s a
relatively walking boat pleasantly cons debris a little
it’s not a beast closely but it’s the this is not done for that
do close up there are engines that allow the boat to go up very
very well in this particular case os x is Serbian cracked built in Tunisia
but roughly speaking French boat because the boss of the French shipyard
the architect is French and therefore not beats as exotic as that the problem
of this boat is the average cruise the family cruise and it’s a
boat that will still be found from the charters company but that
should happen because the boat is recent he has the gun and we will do everything
for risks of being able to find in renting even if it’s hard what is
rather rare today not totally karin but why
not a priori yes dead that nothing

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