Atlantic Sailboat Cruising HEAVEN – Ep 14

This week on Luckyfish we test out some safety equipment get back into the cruising routine experience true sailing heaven and get our first sight of Ascension Island [MUSIC] St Helena is a microcosm of weather with 40 knot bullets in the anchorage and drizzle in the mornings within hours of leaving we sailed out from under the semi-permanent cloud into clear blue skies on a perfect azure sea [MUSIC] we relaxed that first day and night poking along under two sails in no particular hurry [MUSIC] we sailed under puffy white clouds that
typify the trade winds of sailors dreams I found myself sitting on the deck for hour after hour enjoying a banquet for the senses on the second day we voiced
at the mainsail it’s a stay fell between the marm the wind thing steered the boat
perfectly and the sailing was effortless giving us plenty of time for reading and
writing or just sleeping Oh by the late afternoon the wooden be at
30 degrees and we had to spear more for that explanation to keep the fail report it was time to replace all four sales
with the spinnaker and get back on course later we were able to add the staples
and get our SESAC up over six not our first 24-hour run was 115 miles and
the second day was 140 by day three the good sailing weather
was continuing and we were looking for things to do why okay sure yeah but this
time we have to play for you know some stakes yeah you know it takes our stake
is our reward you know and whoever wins get the reward like one person that
could do a trick you lose it as a trick and then when they gets to say what the
trick is get my foundation of Domino’s anymore do
you like what you will find the other not what will be playing where it
belongs you had to do something you hear loser you know you have to do something
he gets punished that’s exactly what I’ve got in mind so how we going to
change the punishment well I think in the chances with Domino’s after last
night the metal metal ones that some winner loser so there is a third person
third person to get punished and winners stuff guys and the winner chooses the
punishment and the two losers have to do the punishment and it’s simple really
I don’t like your complicated we distance them out of date flares on
board most of which doesn’t fire I ruined a video I could always find
when there was a winner in the loser for the dominant hydroxyl over your position no no no no I’ll talk about it back on st. Alena we dressed the
starboard side lashing using the technique we learned from Xavier Oh on
the port side we just tied into the fretting turn why the first day the port
side was stretching again it’s time to break out the Wareham which working straight now whose fingers the
right thing is it’s right pouting thing is that it based ran high as I got the teeth into it without
getting caught so far is no idea here it must have been thrown off the side of
the fish it’s coming here coming from the top year well I like the idea now I
think trying to keep to try something new don’t we good thing this video doesn’t have
smell-o-vision benefit the motion of this maybe you get it on the ice and
Shakira might be too bad put it through a couple of times yeah that’s good that’s gonna hold it on
me hi Oh
II but me mmm the conditions have been so perfect on
this 700 mile passage we enjoyed sundown as every evening drinking the spoils
from the most remote distillery in the world
late in the afternoon on the fifth day did ahead of our course we saw some
cumulus cloud a little higher than the rest now full model cigar we set the anchor at 2 a.m. on the 22nd
of January and we greeted by a pair of green turtles next time on lucky fish we
make landfall on Ascension Island IV hardwood below go learn what fishing is
really about and change our plan

18 thoughts on “Atlantic Sailboat Cruising HEAVEN – Ep 14

  1. awesome. I have a Tiki 46 and i've learned alot from your vids. Thanks! Maybe a tutorial on how to have 2 women onboard?

  2. Hi. Great videos, thanks for uploading. I think your channel is going to be very popular.
    The girls are natural stars! And love the Wharram Cat.
    Best wishes from a winter armchair sailor here in Ireland…

  3. Mate, that dominos-with-penalties thing sounds like a segue into a porno. Could get out of hand, playing against two Mongolian girls!

  4. I noticed you have huge anchoring gear with Rocna Anchor. I would like to hear your opinion on the new Mantus anchors that are bolted together. We have a Catalac 8M with a Delta 35lbs anchor and are thinking of upgrading to a Rocna or Mantus 44. I do have a manual lofrans windlass and 125 feet of 1/4 inch chain.

  5. Hi enjoying your sailing vids.. One. Question the wind vane.. Didn't know that cats could use them..
    Could you tell me was it on the. cat when you purchased does it well does it work..
    I have a 33ft cat Crowther design..would love to fit one for myself..thank and keep up the vids

  6. I enjoy your vids. One tip: Keep the volume constant on playback within a vid and from one episode to the next. Delos is careful to do this. This means i can relax, hit the playlist through all episodes, letting ads play through ( if you match volume to ads or higher) and fall asleep or wake as i like. Monetarily, this turns out to be an important detail. This way, on weekend down time, i can set my playback volume, binge watch your episodes, and often enough re-watch, since very few youtubers have figured this out.

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