Astronaut Scott Kelly: There Are No Lifeboats on Mars | Monologue | Topic

We have people living on the space station
for the last eighteen years So if you’re not an adult
on this planet, you’ve never been on the Earth
with everybody at one time. There’s always been somebody
in space and I think thats a great
achievement and I think it’s important
for our country for our economy, for our
national security. What I see when I go around
the country and around the planet, and talk to
people about the space program people, at least the people I
talk to, are pretty interested and engaged, and they think
it’s important too. I think our species, we’re explorers
and we need places to explore We need to grow into
whether it’s a different country or different continent. I think
it’s part of who we are. Mars One, it’s an idea that
captures a lot of people’s
imagination. But, going to Mars is… the issue with it, as I see it,
is they don’t have any money. And their model is, well, you
can do this cheaper if you don’t have to bring these
people home. Ever. Basically you’re planning on them
dying on another planet I don’t know that that’s the
ethical thing to do. I know having spent a year
on the space station living in a cylinder an enclosed environment relying on life support systems
to keep you alive… It is not something that I would
want to do for the rest of my
life. Maybe there are other people out
there that would I think though, after spending
several months on the surface of Mars, and once the novelty
wears off it’ll be really challenging. It’s kinda like would you ever take a cruise
with no lifeboats? I mean…you know,
we don’t do that. We always have a way… There’s always been emergency
escape system, or a way out. I mean, what if somebody gets
sick and you have to… I mean, there’s like… I don’t know it just, to me,
seems really kinda hokey. Because, it’s not gonna happen
either. I’ll use something my brother
says often: Going to Mars is not about
rocket science, it’s about political science. It’s gonna take tens and billions
of dollars maybe hundred billion dollars,
or more to send people to Mars.
Even if your’e sending them
one way I don’t believe that everyone’s
gonna have to abandon Earth and we’re gonna turn Mars into
a brand new Earth due to some kind of terraforming. I think it’ll always be easier
to take care of this planet. But I think if our civilization
is gonna continue to grow, at some point, far in the future, we will need
a place to grow into and that place is space.

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