[ASMRRRR] Aboard a Dark & Stormy Pirate Ship

Before we begin I’d like to thank our sponsor, World of Warships World of Warships is a free to play online strategy game by War Gaming That features millions of players battling to upgrade their armory of ships, weapons and armor I gave it a try myself and was really impressed with the level of detail and realism in the game They have some really beginner friendly tutorial videos and I was out on the sea, shooting torpedoes at enemy ships in no time I would describe the game as a mix between action and strategy You get to play with historic war vessels in really exciting gameplay, and it’s constantly updating so there’s always something new to experience if you happen to have played the game before If you want to check it out you can click the link below to play World of Warships and collect a special bonus starter pack New players can register with the code PLAYWARSHIPS2018 to receive 250 debloons, 1 million credits, HMS Cambletown premium ship, 1 port slot and 3 days premium time I felt very cool playing this game so thank you again World of Warships for the sponsor all information will be in the description box below Enjoy the video What’re you looking at? You look disgusting Well I wouldn’t have to come down to the bottom of the ship if it wasn’t so loud out there. But as you can hear, it’s storming quite loudly and I needed a little peace and quiet. What’re you chained up for? The captain forgot about you? Well that’s a new one. and, let me see, these chains are weak. You’re telling me you can’t break out of these? What kind of pirate are you? You’re exhausted. Can’t say I blame you, You, Ironically, need some rest. I’m sure you’ve been sitting for a while, but If you can’t get comfortable It’s no use really. Well, beneath all that, dirt and grime, You somewhat remind me of a childhood friend I had I think I could get you out. Now don’t mistake my kindness for stupidity. You’re going to have to give me something first. oh, you’re gonna have to do better than that. When we, when we land, how about No, I don’t want your first born child. Ugh, Children Okay. All right, I’ll take it. Now. Come over here. I’ll get to work. So what did you do in the first place? I see. Very fair, of the captain. he’s (trails off) Completely insane. Well, we’ve all been forming a bit of a, mutiny Against him I feel comfortable telling you this, because, well it does not seem like you and the captain are on very good terms right now. Okay. It’s working. Yes. It’s not very high quality chain here. When’s the last time you’ve eaten? Drank? All right. Here, take mine. Drink up. Don’t spit it out Drink it! I may have a bit of free time before I have to get back, but, if you make good on your promise, this is worth my time. A captain who can’t keep track of his own punished can’t keep track of his own crew, now can he? I’m actually thinking of cutting off all my hair and going for captain myself. Keep it long? You’re right. Screw em. Just a little bit more. I’ll get you out of here. All right. Crack that here. Okay, there. All free. Now I was saving this, but, You need to eat. Just a bit, here. Take that too get some nourishment in your body. Snatch that from the kitchen. Only the best Don’t get up now if you move too quickly you’re going to..faint. just sit here for a minute hard to spill, that Yes I can read and write what’s it to you? I actually grew up quite educated now look at me my mother Would have a fit, if she knew where I was right now She thinks i’m married yes, cross the sea no that didn’t work out quite well for me worked out even worse for him. Well Shouldn’t have been such a large fool it’s his own fault had it coming. Forced to marry an idiot there’s only so much you can take before you just snap. His name was Edward. Was. Well, this is my log. I keep track of everything. that way I can, look back at it for history sake, for proof, for education of myself. keep track of what I own, so if anybody takes anything I’ll know. Yesterday, I won quite a bit playing dice. And. old log here. This tells me how long its been since i’ve set foot on land. 3 months now. ho hoo. can’t wait to be back on land. Let’s add another day there Do you not know how to read? Really? Well, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I can teach you, quite easily. Here. Look at the pages Umm What’s your name? Okay, so then we’ll write it out ok, that’s the first letter

100 thoughts on “[ASMRRRR] Aboard a Dark & Stormy Pirate Ship

  1. I’m legit on a cruise ship right now going through the northern Mediterranean! That’s just one part of it… THIS IS LIKE IN ADVENTURE IN ITSELF!

  2. Fun facts pirates were not random guys who made their way on to a ship and started stealing from other ships. Most were disciplined soldiers and most in the golden age of piracy (ending in 1720) were from the British isles and were trained Privateers during Queen Anne's War with the Spanish. They were great tacticians and learned their skills from their pursuers, who just so happened to be the greatest fighting force in the world at the time, the British Royal Navy. Though most pirates operated small war vessels like sloops and Brigs, their were some who were famous for operating larger vessels. Like Captain Edward Theach aka Blackbeard who owned a frigate with 40 cannons that he named for queen Anne's war, The Aueen Anne's Revenge. Also each pirate captain had their own unique jolly rodger. Also pirates are a superstitious lot, women were not allowed on ships, with some exceptions like the pirate queens Anne Bony and Mary Reed

  3. she actually stays so in character and her accent is so realistic and consistent. also this character reminds me of hermione granger a little bit hahahah

  4. The accent, the face shape, the mannerisms…. they all remind me so much of Felicity Jones. You are such an incredible actor, Gibi!

  5. Honestly asmrtists are so underrateddddd. The accents they master in role plays, perfect execution of characters and the ability to make the viewer feel comfortable. I swear, some of y’all would make great actors

  6. You make more videos like this! You should be a actress! I love your accent and I love the rain and thunder in the back round!

  7. Came to this video to find out exactly what happened to the old captain (as of this video, the current one). I'll return to where I had come from after this, assuming my tired ass doesn't pass out…

  8. I might just write a fanfiction about this. . . captain gibi., has a nice ring to it, yes?

    Also a realization came to me. . . what if Captain Is daisy! Think about it she said she wanted to cut her hair and captain and daisy has curly hair.

    I know its a long shot but. . .i dont know. Its a possibility.

  9. Arg it be Gibi with her amazing British voice again! What a good night to fall asleep! Am I right my mateys in the comment section

  10. Her: No I don't want your first born child. Ugh children.
    Me: are you sure you don't want my first kid?
    Her: I'll take it.
    Me: you're obviously easy to persuade.

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