Hello and welcome to Q&As. These are
little QAs that are going to go alongside our normal weekly Thursday vlogs and
they are the opportunity for you to ask us questions and for asked to try and
give you some answers. So if you’ve got any comments or questions or opinions
put them down below in the comment section and we’ll see what we can do.
Let’s get into it and here’s the question…
Matt Chuckle-oh or ChuckNote… I’m really sorry Matt I don’t know how
to pronounce your surname but anyway Matt asked this a few days ago…
Hi guys, probably a little contentious but as a long-term live-aboard and a
long-term follower of sailing vlogs on YouTube do you think that the corporates
are starting to exert their financial power a little too much? Sponsoring and
Patreon are fair enough but I noticed a couple of vlogs are receiving many
thousands of dollars per video and apparent sweetheart deals (you know who they are). It all seems to be getting away from the original intent of the cruising
lifestyle. What are your thoughts. So thank you for raising a contentious
question Matt and thank you very much indeed for becoming a Patreon, that’s
fantastic and welcome aboard! I guess what we should really do is look at what
what does it mean what is the cruising lifestyle, what is the original intent of
the cruising lifestyle? But before we do that I think we should also look at why
people vlog at all when they’re on boats, starting with us because that’s what I
know about best. Why we’re here right now. When Jamie was a boy he started
writing diaries and throughout his life he’s recorded what he’s done in some
format or another. When I first met him in the Caribbean he’d been sailing all
over Europe and he’d just crossed the Atlantic. And while he was doing that he
set off a blog to keep his family and his friends abreast of everything that
he was experiencing, with lots of photos and lots of stories about what he was
seeing. Then when we were in Turkey he ramped up to a full-blown website and I
started to help him a little bit with some of the storytelling. The next thing
we did was we moved from Turkey to India, and for that particular adventure we
added not only to the website we added podcasts. So we were podcasting and
recording hopefully as much as possible on a daily basis what we were
experiencing on that very long arduous and exciting journey. Once in India we both
began to take the storytelling a stage further. Jaime concentrated on images and I concentrated on writing. Then finally when we got to Thailand and we
started the refit, we decided that we needed to keep a video diary of
everything that we were doing, because it was so enormous we felt it was a good
way of actually keeping track of everything. So we started to release a
weekly video on YouTube of the refit. It was towards the end of that a friend of
ours, Behan from Sailing Totem said you know your videos are getting lots of
hits, have you thought about getting them sponsored or getting some kind of
recognition from your viewers. She told us about SV Delos and what they
were doing on Patreon. well we looked at what they were doing and we realized we
had this huge backlog of videos and we were receiving all kinds of comments
from people saying they would like to donate something to help us. So we
thought gotta do it, it’s a bit of a no-brainer to be honest with you. So why
do other cruisers vlog? Well over the last couple of years we’ve seen a really
huge explosion in sailing vlogs all over YouTube. I suspect that some of them are
doing this because they’ve seen people like La Vagabonde and Delos and other
channels doing really well through sponsorship and through Patreon. And I
also suspect that they’re doing this because they think that they may be able
to grab some of the action and help it fund their lifestyle. While Jamie and I
are on Patreon we don’t actually use it to fund our lifestyle (we’ve done that
through renting out our flat in London and living off the income since 2005). For
us Patreon is a way of allowing us to have a little bit more cash, a bit of pin
money to buy really good camera equipment, new laptops to pay for the
enormous amount of Wi-Fi it costs and internet connection, loads of other bits
and pieces. All of that is to help us make much better videos. I think if
you go right back to the beginning and you look at what we were doing to what
we’re doing now I really hope that you will see there has been some improvement! But if unlike us you have no regular income, you’ve still got to find a way of
funding the lifestyle. We know people who do all kinds of things. Some of them flip burgers and work in restaurants, some use their sailing
skills to teach or to deliver boats, and some try the vlogging way. But is there
really any difference between flipping a burger, teaching sailing or putting out a
sailing channel? They’re all trying to do the same thing aren’t they? And do we
think that corporate sponsorship actually compromises your liveaboard or
cruising lifestyle? I’m not really sure about that, because I think that if
you’ve got some really fabulous deal it might actually make your cruising
lifestyle even better. So maybe it’s not the cruising lifestyle that’s being
compromised, but maybe it’s the sailing vlog that’s being compromised by these
“corporates”. If all of a sudden you’re having to behave in a certain way, or do
certain things, or go to a certain place… and the viewers find that that is not
real, and the viewers feel irritated or even shortchanged by what they’re now
seeing… then maybe we have got a problem? And maybe there is a compromise there? I don’t know. It’s just a suggestion. I’d like to know what people think about
that. Jamie and I have always seen recording our lifestyle in all its
adventure and often banality as a hobby. It is something that we do and that we
love doing. The moment it becomes a chore, and the moment somebody starts telling
us what to do, I think we would give it up. But. as the Godfather himself says,
sometimes you just might receive “an offer you can’t refuse!”
Do let us have your opinions in the comments below, let’s get a debate going.
I’d really like to know what everybody thinks about our vlog, other vlogs, and
whether any of us are being compromised by corporate or any kind of sponsorship.
I think it’s a really interesting one, it’s something we would like to know
your opinions on. So that’s it for now Peace and fair winds!


  1. I remember what Jamie said. It is all about content, then pictures and story. Vagabond has lost it's salt and eaten the corporate apple. Their story is now not theirs but a companies. They sell "Ancestry" and what ever they can for many sponsors, which is fine, but they lost their own story. Delos has been offered many "deals" but turned them down out of fear of losing their own story. Delos makes it own what they produce with Patreon and subscriptions. Bravo for "Follow the Boat" for facing the facts.

  2. I "Follow the Boat" because it is a well done vlog with honest updated sailing life situations, Vagabond was a neat story, but has turned into something else which wasn't for me. I enjoy Delos because of their attitudes and general upbeat good nature towards the next stop. I hope you both continue Esper's voyages and sharing it, I enjoy very much hearing about it in contrast to the daily grind here on the hard.

  3. What an interesting question / topic. I too subscribe to a number of sailing vlogs and I think a fairly broad variety of them as well. They all seem to go thru a learning curve of somewhat crude snippets of seconds stuck together lending a bit of amateur realism to the story. Then as they become more polished, the editing gets better, the images improve but as Jaime has said, without content, personal content, it becomes an advert for a place or product. I do like a bit of historical content of places I will never see but also sailing, after all, they are Sailing vlogs. After watching the most recent SLV You Tube offering I to myself. "something has changed". I went through a one word list in my head as to what it was exactly and became even more confused. There are things about all of them that I don't like but not enough to drop 'em, that's not true I have dropped a few When the story is about your kids, I;m out, raised mine already thanks. When it's an endless refit, rebuild, I'm out. When its about how what you have to do to earn money, I'm teetering on the unsub button. "Professionalism ", maybe that's the word for SLV. There's an aura, of professionalism that seems to be different. Yes the editing is better, the images more clear but…… that isn't what brought you to the dance. Just my thoughts. Lastly, when the begging for money is the first thing you do to fund your chosen lifestyle it reeks of "I want it all and I want now" plus "I want you to pay for it!". Or those who schedule their travel based on Marinas that can fix this, that or the other thing, whip out the credit card and go sight seeing. Zero respect for that group either. Jealousy? sure, I'd much rather be in their shoes than in the 4th quarter on the bench. But admiration too for those that deserve it. So where does it leave me? I'll continue to watch those that entertain, inform and amuse me. Those that annoy me, well they'll find an audience somewhere……else.

  4. I love this topic. We take sponsorships on our pretty small channel because I'm lucky enough to do this for a day job and know the ropes (running an influencer marketing agency) we are currently making enough to fund our lifestyle (with under 3K of subs!) which is making it possible to focus on making our channel and fix our boat so we can adventure. I am also starting to teach others how to do the same. I don't think taking sponsors is selling out if you do it in the right way. We work with companies and products we actually love and enjoy, I want to talk about these things with our viewers because I believe they make our life better, and we're about inspiring others and making their lives better, why wouldn't I want to share it?! People have been making a living off of their blogs for years now, just because sailing vlogs are gaining popularity doesn't mean they are any different than any type of content creation or influencer marketing, this is nothing new. The influencer industry is blowing up right now with 86% of companies having a budget to work with some sort of "influencer" in 2017, why should these channels be any different? Why shouldn't we get a piece of this soon to be 4Billion industry dollar pie? I consider what we create an art and I believe we should be paid for our hours of hard work and sponsorships, patreon, and our course teaching others to do the same is how we get paid for that content.

  5. I used to watch lavagabond regularly but have since stopped as the content and feel of the videos have changed to a commercial feel which I do not care for as its all about pushing product and not about the sailing and adventure that originally interested me. Delos has done similar things with the last couple of videos being a demonstration of mares dive equipment and not about the Delos adventure. I understand that there are cost but the feel and content of the original videos should not change. Hopefully you and Jamie will not change as the adventure of two people living on a boat going round the globe showing bad as well as good is what interests me it feels real and this will change with commercial sponsors. Just my two cents worth. Fair winds!

  6. Where is it written that you can't make money while cruising?
    What are the rules about who pays you while cruising?
    People who accept money from Pateron(E-Begging) Vimeo, YouTube, etc. is no different than accepting money or services from sponsors or companies

  7. I did notice that " la Vagabond " has changed, they were fresh and carefree, but it does seam like they are WORKING now not experiencing. Having said that if someone was to pay me to sail around the world i would do as I was told. Remember these vloggers are not actors so it's hard to pretend you are carefree.( even through editing )
    FollowtheBoat keep it real and Thank you for your efforts:)

  8. It's all about choice, we make choices everyday about what we give and watch. If certain crews get too corporate and there viewership drops then they will need to make the adjustments or suffer the consequences. What I don't understand is hating on a crew just because they have figured out how to make money to sustain the sailing lifestyle. When they are know longer interesting I will move on but until then I will watch every week.

  9. Wow! An excellent topic to address. I subscribe to a lot of the channels and find them all over the map regarding content and relationship to sailing. This subject seems to be the 800 pound elephant in the room and very few channels will address it directly as you have. I appreciate your courage in opening up this subject. Whether you like or dislike a channel, if enough people find it appealing, they'll eventually become successful because the subject matter interests more people. Weekly you see some of the channels folding up and going home because they're out of money. It must be extremely discouraging to run out of money and be forced to quit. I feel for them but also realize the realities of life. Meaning no disrespect to you folks but, my wife and I are getting a little "crispy" around the edges, both of us in our '60's. Incidentally, this is one of the more appealing aspects of your channel to us. You are relate-able to us. You've been down the family and home road, you've been successful in life, etc. Now it's your turn to play. Only you guys would film Jamie in his skivvies as normal attire. Loved it! Soon It'll be our's too. We sail a '23 'er now, saving up for the day we can sail with the "big boys". In all fairness to my wife, our first major venture will be the Loop because she's not comfortable with being out of sight of land – yet. I spent 20+ years in submarines so being out of sight of land isn't a problem. That's why I can relate to Delos so much is because they remind me of myself in the last century. Local brews, local food, local gastric disturbances…. Brings back fond old memories. I enjoy product reviews by sailors because the equipment has been used for an extensive amounts of time, and the how-to videos mostly. To sum up this whole situation and the question you pose, it's my opinion that market forces are in play. If enough people like what you do, your patronage and click-in's will increase. If not, you won't gain or may lose traction and lose. The channels will settle out. You can probably count the number of channels that are now defunct that were going enterprises when you started.

  10. I found that I can no longer relate to some of the more affluent vloggers, whether sailing, homesteading or any other subject.. I used to be more interested in their "inner journey" – now it seems the inner journey consists of shopping or going to nice places or talking about "products" (that they would normally, probably, not have talked about except for some product-placement deal) and, generally, making shallow and vacuous videos.

  11. I really appreciate the Vlogs and Channels that maintain an organic purpose. These sight are trying to help, inform, educate and encourage those who desire to "Untie the Lines".
    i.e. Follow the Boat (much love), Drake Paragon, Sail Life, Life is like sailing, Boatworks today, iandi boats, and a newcomer to the scene: The cat and the mermaid. All you guys are doing what you do to help others; unlike some others that are looking for a "welfare" check to support the dream (just my opinion). I greatly appreciate the efforts of the former and support you guys to show my appreciation.

  12. Ok I just counted and I follow too many sailing channels (17). I think it depend on why you follow any particular channel and whether the content is interesting to you. For me that is independent of sponsorships. As long as I find the content interesting (however that is defined) I will continue to subscribe. There have been a few comments about SLV so I'll add my 2 cents…Something feels off but not sure what it is. Others have mentioned the bikini's…The move by some to the gratuitous bikini cover frames and /or segments where it really doesn't fit the story line disappoint me a bit and should be considered part of the "sellout" that this video is discussing.

  13. I think about this a lot as there are soo many chanels out there I will likely never get into. I noticed after Patreon became a thing everyone went out and bought a boat, had zero sailing experience, and immediately put their hand out for "support us here on Patreon'" money. That's not really how its meant to work I don't think, as these people weren't creating any content previously. They also use clickbait titles and their girlfriends tush/boobs on the thumbnail which is just really cheap. I only watch channels who seem to enjoy what they are doing, regardless of what sponsorship they get aka La Vagabonde. Other non sailong chanels do the same, it's not really that big of a deal if the content is still good.

  14. I think the interesting thing about SLV is that have actually employed a video editor .. They are required to produce I think , two VLOGS a month minimum as part of the boat deal. Maybe the original joy of what they are doing is getting a bit jaded. Maybe they have found the situation has gone too far and they are out of control.. I still watch them but I prefer Liz and Jamie and another young couple Sailing Nandji
    I don't blame Elayna and Riley at all Good on them They still produce great VLOGS I just hope it hasn't become a chore for them. They can't now just stop.
    The catamaran outremeur sales have also picked up following the deal and one source has claimed the SLV deal was the biggest sailing news for the year ,beating even the Americas Cup. Not sure if this is true

  15. You asked Liz, so I am commenting about this here on your channel.

    Unfortunately much of this so called negative commentary about sailing channels allegedly selling out, is generated to a large extent by a minority of the same people posting negative comments on youtube across all sailing channels.

    SLV are said to have "sold out to corporate interests! " with lots of booing and hissing from the youtube negative comment section, but if you look at it realistically they got a deal to buy a boat they wanted, on monthly payments with the only stipulation being that they had to make, two videos a month for the duration of the payment plan, its hardly selling out to continue to do exactly what you are doing!

    They have also been approached by other companies to product placements, a dna testing company and audible, as a viewer i know that Riley initially bought this dna test thing for Elayna as a birthday present, and he listened to the audible books on their travels long before any sponsorship, so products or services they already used. Not some random corporate entity using them to sell crap they have no connection or previous history with.

    Ultimately it is entirely in the hands of the viewers of any youtube channel, if they want to watch or not, so if you object to the channels evolution, the direction or anything else for that matter, just don't watch it.

    Of course another factor is that some people love to be part of a sub culture or private club, constantly moaning about how it should have a wider audience, but once something gets a wider audience they feel the need to moan about it selling out and not being as real or honest as it once was! 🙂

  16. I keep up on several sailing channels as well some on land. I think things do change when a channel gets lot's of sponsorship and deals. What keeps me coming back is the ups and downs of normal life and that gets lost when a channel gets too big from sponsorship. It becomes almost fake and has lost it's spark. It is hard to put into words. This channel is one of the last holdouts that is still, "real". Moral of the story…try to keep the sponsorship in bounds and even turn some down if it makes you change your values because the ups and downs are what life is about.

  17. Unfortunately many of the cruising channels have become quite cookie cutter, quickly scanning and clicking across suggested channels I genuinely cant the the difference, "Wait, did I watch them already?". It is very jarring watching a flow of visual information when it is cut with, "Hey guys, let me tell you about this awesome, obviously donated bit of equipment that outwardly is no different from other bits of similar kit". (Mind you if it is completely unique and worth me knowing about for that magic day when I buy a boat then ok… but alot of the time it is just a different companies bit of kit). (hmm and overa visualy they become the same, maybe because it sells?) Keep doing what your doing, your one of the few channels I regularly follow, interesting, different, and as a fan of dance / trance music, awesome choices of background noise.

  18. when you start doing it only for the money (like La Vagabond and some others) it loses authenticity! Some get their clicks by offering boobies! No thank you. What I personally would like to see is a greater interest in the environment, oceans, animal and plant-life, a little on the scientific side. Facts, but not boring! SV Delos is my numero uno channel. Their concept has it all, and is entertaining without being cheap.

  19. I watch a good deal of motovloggers along side sailing and what happened with that group is beginning to happen 'here'.
    A sizeable influx of channels in a short period has sodden the market. Some are just sailors with cameras showing us stuff, while others you can blatantly tell they are in it for a money grab (which is ironic with all the recent demonitization happening on youtube).
    Although there's nothing inherently wrong with that, people gotta eat, it does tend to drown out the more purist styled or low sub channels. Which is a shame because some of them are worth searching out.

    Oh…and the patreon splash screen before the actual vid even starts is kinda yuk

  20. You Tube paid Smosh $7Million in 2016 and they where not the top earners. Not a single sailing vlog in the top 20 earning channels.

  21. That's exactly what seems to me has happened to our friends with the new Cat. Their videos have changed dramatically and not in a direction that first interested me enough to subscribe. It just doesn't seem as real as it used to. The story has changed. Just not the same.

  22. Liz, I was going to disagree with you, right up until the end. At the end, you hit my point right on the head.

    I started following these channels about two years ago and fell in love with a dozen or two of them. What I have seen is that several of them, as the revenues increase, start making video's just to keep up with a schedule, not because they have good content. It becomes a money thing, rather than a sharing thing. There are a few that are making enormous amounts of money, because they are good and have been around for quite a while. A lot of new channels are chasing the success, instead of working their way up.

    Fortunately, the vast majority are still good. Unfortunately, every one that is greed based negatively impacts the rest.

    Keep up the good work,

  23. The difference is that you're established with age and experience adults without looking down st those who younger and as far as corporations involvement… they would never do it out of the kindness of their hearts … it's a win win for all involved

  24. As a view of about 25 sailing channels I can say I have zero interest in how to your raise funds to pay your way. Frankly, it's none of my damn business anyway. Viewership and Subscriptions will determine the success of a YouTube channel and that's purely about content. I love to see people enjoying sailing. Laughter, smiles, humor, make for great viewing. I also love to learn new things about sailing and see new places. So get corporate sponsors if you like or not. It's mice nuts to me. 😉

  25. We really enjoy your videos because there's some education, some sailing and some travel stories. You both are very real in your description of the cruising life, and your life a together a in a small space. We really like RAN, Sailboat Story, Mads, Seadog and Sail Life (super chill videos from Canada!). I don't want to see just tits and ass and drinking. It's a SAILING vlog, afterall. There's quite a few channels that have very little sailing content or boat work or anything but partying and loud background music. Or just clips of them windsurfing or sitting around. I have a YouTube channel too, and I receive things to review and talk about. But I don't love everything I'm sent, and I won't talk up stuff I don't like just cuz it's free. I think Patreon could be a good thing in the right hands. And it's people's choice to give money or not. If that means some people get thousands of dollars, good on them. But I feel like flaunting your lavish purchases with your Patreon money, or oregging for money for a bigger boat is a bit greedy. Some people work their whole life for the cruising dream. It can feel like a bit of a slap in the face to see sub par content getting 100's of thousand of views, and get paid for it. I know YouTube doesn't pay huge amounts, but crowd funding can. Keep up the good work you guys. Your videos have definitely got better over the last while. Love all the drone footage.

  26. Why should anyone care about what anyone else does? Live and let live. There's room for everyone. (Luv you guys!)

  27. I think it is important to keep the story your own and I feel the same way as you do about this being a hobby that for now I enjoy. When the day comes that I don't enjoy it anymore then I will end the story. 🙂 There is at times the difficult side of funding ever better camera and editing equipment to keep up with the quality videos so the little income I make goes towards that.

    I have always enjoyed your channel and fair winds to you both. 🙂


  28. I do not have any issue with people earning or others paying. Cable isn't cheap and their programming stinks, so I dropped it years ago. Some of the newer channel's mimics "reality tv" which is in no way reality. Million dollar cat's with big screen plotters, designer clothes, open bar, and endless stream of bikini models Unless you have very deep pockets it's a contrived view of cruising. I myself cruise to get away from societies "commercialism". I do however watch this channel and a few other's to check out possible locations to see and how to provision, travel, deal with various situations while not having a golden checkbook. Channels such as this provide a service and hence "earn" their way with content, few are just fun entertainment. Audience can choose whether they float or sink.

  29. I follow 7 sailing vlogs:
    (Sailing FollowTheBoat, Lucky Fish Gets Away, Sailing SV Delos, Sail Life, Rael Dobkins, Sailing Nandji, Sailing Emerald Steel)

    ..there are several others that I "check in on", but don't really follow.

    I either enjoy a channel, or not. If not, it's not on my list. The story you tell is what I judge "enjoyability" on.

    Make as much money as you can, by whatever means you wish, so as to continue the story that you're trying to tell. If you can't tell your story, I can't enjoy it as it's not there. If your story is not enjoyable, then it makes no difference how much money you make with it, as I won't be watching it.

    Story! Trials and tips and discoveries and anxieties and joys. Reality density, and emotional density. Grit. Many beautiful sights in small doses strung together in story driven, well narrated sequences lasting 20 to 40 minutes, traveling from an established "here" to a logical and meaningful "there".

    And no "desired characteristic" is absolutely required if PASSION drives the story.

    It's hard, but anyone CAN learn to tell a story worth experiencing, and some people are simply more naturally good at it than others. The more great storytellers, the better! 🙂

    Aloha! <shaka!>

    (( By the way, is there a "shaka" emoji around here somewhere? ))

  30. I like your Vlog, I like that it's unique. Locations, characters, experience, etc… Your $912 per video is for cameras and wi-fi only?
    Soon all the cool kids will have 60+ foot sailboats and need 10k per video to survive.

  31. Personally, if it does not go directly with the storyline, I am not really interested in listening to or watching a commercial on a video or audio podcast. I went to the Internet to get away from this. 
    I am seeing more and more time taken for advertising out of 15 and 20 minute video and audio podcasts.  
    We support one.  I am about convinced that they don't need my dollars anymore, since they are getting plenty from corporate sponsorships.
    We chose to allow our audience to support us through Patreon because we did not want to interrupt the flow of our own audio podcast with a commercial…
    NOR, and of HUGE importance to us, was that we did not want advertisers pressuring or telling us what we could or could not write or discuss on our programs or our pages.
    Let our listeners, viewers and readers decide with their dollars.
    We will mention things that our audience may want to know about from Time to time, and up until this point, we have provided a link and not received any compensation for those mentions. 
    That does not mean we won't self- or cross-promote, or recommend with compensation in the future. 
    But our audience can be sure that we will have used something for quite some time before we recommend it with a link to Amazon, which will throw us a few pennies in the cruising kitty.
    Dawn & Lucky Read

  32. These comments are more fun to read than watching a DNA commercial! 😉
    I'm reading these to my husband, and we have the same issue with 23 and me. Had nothing to do with the show, and the attempt to shoehorn it into the storyline was feeble at best.

  33. What do you three do during hurricane season ?? Do you run and hide ? Because in some parts of the wetland insurance companies will not insure your boat depending on where you plan to sail…

  34. I love watching your and others sailing videos. The other offerings on media pale by comparison! If you or anyone else finds sponsorships god's speed to you. What your doing is interesting. Need i say more?

  35. You'd be a fool to turn down any honest sponsorship. SLV is living a dream, if it turns into a nightmare they can leave any time they like. You don't get extra points for stumbling along hand to mouth for years. As curly says, it's all about the content, and that's a balancing act once you accept sponsorship for sure. Truthfully… the same old vids from the same old folks with no change gets old. There will always be newcomers we can watch struggle from the bottom up while repairing old boats endlessly, with a smattering of sight seeing added in. That's good too. In short, change is inevitable. Don't fight it, go with it, and cheer everyone else on. Final thought: It's all about personality anyway. If we like you (or in some cases hate you) we'll watch regardless. Anyone who has rung the YouTube bell can consider themselves extremely lucky to be endowed with just the right mix of personality that keeps us coming back. And if you've got that "IT", you're not likely to lose it because of a sponsor.

  36. Some folks just like to hate on successful people. I am sure that "compromised sailors" will still have an audience in wannabes and the stuck up sailor "elites" will watch the more realistic "poor" sailors travel the world. Who really gives a shit? More people sailing, more education on sailing and the revival of what was a once a dying art. These fuckers need to get over themselves. If they don't like it, don't watch. No viewers = change… but they keep watching. Why? Because it is good production quality videos that that Delos & LaVaganbond produce and earn their audience!

  37. Tome: You are my favorite vlogers. Like to bake you a cake one fine day on my blue water boat soon as it gets outfitted.
    Anywho, it's down to Follow The Boat because you guys are so genuine and a great team with both solid writing and visuals.
    Other vlogers seem somewhat contrived except Emerald Steel: which has amazing technical feats- the couple welded the sailboat together themselves and one episode they fashioned a new mast on deck while on a mooring. There is one other one of this young couple currently sailing the sea of Cortez who check the little villages for school supplies and donate to needy ones etc. They also give great balance to the vlogs of their lives on "the wetside" just as you do.
    All of them are cool as you say so it's about personal preferences.
    One is a veterinarian. I thought "great" until she started doing surgery type stuff on animals. Guess I'm too empathetic to even turn away without cringing.
    La Vagabond is like that great band that you still enjoy but just not like you did when you thought they weren't so famous. Admit jealousy too: young, cute and get to sail the world over and over and even got a million dollar yacht. Heck ya I'm a little to moderately jealous. There's another one where they try too hard to be cool and come off a bit like snotty brats, but I shouldn't try to slam any of um, hey: whatever floats your boat (sorry cheesy eh).
    Pet peeve is non wind filter audio. Got to the point I turn those vlogs off, ugh.
    Thank you for being a great part of many sailors and dreamers collective consciousness with what you are doing. It enriches us. Hope you two or I should say three with kitty kitty keep it going so we can follow…the boat. Request if I may: wasn't it you guys who would get various natives to say "follow the boat" and slice them back to back. I liked that. I know I'm getting borish, last thing: more Millie the cat purring even devouring fish doesn't bother me. Many thanks, peace out, md

  38. I watch all sailing vlogs I can, the good and the bad – with or without money – even ones in languages I don't understand. I watch to learn – I'm buying my family a boat a sailing the hell away from…no…TO another life where I can raise my children with the things I want them them to grow up with. Don't care what sponsors you have, although I have seen many of my favorites get…greatly influenced by money and how to obtain it. It does change the videos, we have all seen it (it almost always makes things worse for the value of their story). We all have to make trade, if patreons and commercials pay those, and people will donate for whatever reason they like that channel, then so be it.

  39. Hi guys all i know is that with the explosion of high end top notch vidios being released my offerings will be passed by.
    but the same as with jamie it will just be a record of our 10year adventure and if people hope on board thats great, but to go out and deliberately start a vlog in the hope you make a living is fool hardy at best. svhappymondays

  40. I have been watching your video's for a long time and love them!
    To answer your question; everyone has to do what they seem fit but with some of the vlogs you can see a definite change, Drake Paragon, Delos and definitely La Vagabonde have gone completely commercial and have since lost my complete interest and I have stopped following them.
    You guys, Sailing Doodels, Ruby Rose are fun to watch and keep sailing.
    Keep it going!

  41. Just keep doing what you are doing.  I watch because I can learn so much from what you present.  there are several I enjoy for the same simple reason like Luckyfish, Sailboat Story, Trio and a couple  more with couples who also do things for those upon whom they visit.  Trio along with the family in Sailboat Story are quite interesting and so just plain enjoyable as a family. And of course the seven years of Delos also a learning experience.  From time to time when I have the time, Ran, Rod, Old Seasalt, and several others I catch here and there but not something every time…but you, I do try for each segment.  thank you for all the effort and info.

  42. I think maybe it's the way product placement comes across. You guys did a piece a while back about things you found useful (or couldn't do without) including a great piece about an oversized fan… which made me buy 2 similar ones for my boat!
    Did you get paid for it? is it advertising? Do we care? It was a genuinely interesting piece and actually I would welcome you listing products that you use and where you got them in the notes – as it saves me legwork 🙂
    Gone with the Wynns also do some great product reviews, although if I had to put money on it I suspect some of that is sponsored, but it doesn't really come across that way much!
    In Summary… Actually go ahead and get some product sponsorship, I think you guys would do a good job of choosing the product and I would want to use it!

  43. I really don't care as much about that as watching the ones with no content other then girls with bobs and someone narrating the whole video bet every week you see they get hundreds of added subs, as much as I like seeing that I also want to see the locations, we are living our lives through you guys out there sailing. Boring, here are the girls in a local bar drinking beer, here are the girls in the hotel pool playing beer pong and swimming, so on so on. If I want to just see bobs I will type in bobs on the computer and have my choice.

  44. Liz, thanks for addressing this "issue." I agree, it comes down to content. Personally, I like the content on your vlog, SLV's vlog, Sailing Uma, and some others. I don't mind that they have occasional corporate plugs when they get some donated equipment or sponsorship as long as it doesn't get too invasive. The PBS TV show "This Old House" has done this stuff for years.

    I love that you guys discuss some things that others don't, and I like to see the not so great along with the "shiny happy" times. Keep up the good work, guys.

  45. I usually stop watching channels that start complaining about other channels that are getting sponsorship most of the time because they are complaining about not getting any. Usually I also watch a channel because of the type of boat they are sailing and the manufacturers channel led me to those. I started watching your channel because you blogged about your boat getting cosmetically damaged, la vagabonde is great to watch because of the places they go to, same as Winded Voyage. There is always a choice of not subscribing to a channel folks.

  46. People are free to do what ever as long as they are willing to accept the consequences. That said, simply observing SLV after they Got the cat, it was as if something had changed, the wibe was different. Things started going sideways, mkstakes accidents ect. But most of all, they dont seam to be that same People any more. Like custodians of somebody elses project. But E&R are great people so they will figure it out i Am sure

  47. Hey Liz,
    You’re quite right that viewers will be a little put off by a vlog where the sailors appear to be "acting" in an unnatural manner. I have sensed this with the La Vagabond videos. Even though I don’t particularly  like the commercials presented by the crew, I do understand the need to raise money. I just hope that that is the extent of the control they have given to “outsiders”.
    Thanks for your videos.
    Dan Peace

  48. Each. Media type or channel has something to offer to different viewers. Yours gives me insight to pets on board and what to do in the Asia experience. As I prepaid to sail around. If you do not like the content in a vlog then view another. I also like Tuli's endless summer they are traveling around the east cost of the USA while working as life guards. Different strokes for different folks… choose your funding to subsidize your lifestyle or use your savings. We should not care about how they are doing it, after they are doping it while everyone else is just judging them while the sit on the couch. Get off the couch! Is what I say.

  49. Now a question for Mili, " Mewo mewoo meyoo mewo". In short, how's that water taste from that water maker and have they allowed you to drink from the tap. I am so looking forward to you continuing your journey across the ocean.

  50. I enjoy watching most of the sailing vlog's because this is my dream to retire and sail off into the sunset. I love how you summed it up. Different people are finding their own way to enjoy life and their dreams. A person's reasons and the way the,y do it are going to be different than someone else's If I don't like something I'm not going to watch it. What a beautiful boat SLV is on now. Looks like there are a few sailors who don't appreciate catamarans. If they don't then don't get one then. There was an episode of Delos where they answered the cat question. They had reasons that they didn't want a cat so they're not on one. I'm not going to stop watching a show because a person wears a funny hat. SLV definitely has a different feel to it now, but I don't think you can blame that all on one thing. It may never be the same as it used to be. Is anything? Delos has changed tremendously from when they started just like all the channels have. I don't know about anybody else but I would love to be sailing around on a beautiful catamaran. Selling out? What does that really mean? I know if I could live my dream, I would cash in. Is anyone experiencing a hardship because a sailing vlog "sold out". If my feeling's get hurt because someone else has something good happen to them, maybe I should to take a closer look at myself.

  51. Hi guys … I love what you document its really interesting and helpful and has given me the confidence along with some of the others out there that I too am capable of doing this. Before I started watching you I was not going into the ocean, now in our beautiful Gipsy boat I can't wait to keep adventuring and feel more confident each day and totally love sailing and heading off shore. Looking forward eventually to head up to Asia etc. Keep them coming.

  52. This isn't easy to answer. Are the good vlogs media companies on water, or sailors that share their experience? or is it an evolution? Does SVL harm the Corporate sponsorship? Still a strong Channel and I was amazed by the quality of one of their last Videos, even I'm not a subscriber. These days I'm very concerned about these folks with no experience buying ships (with cash they doen't have) to sail the world lured on the Ocean by the dream of cash… Disaster is looming.

  53. you guys are great,,i enjoy all of them,,,now that my back cuts me out of the deal,,,sail and vlog on,,fair winds to all

  54. We watch several sailing channels, LaVagabond isn't one of them, because we plan on being out there in about 5 years. If folk can cash in a bit, with corporate sponsorship and the like, we have no problem with that. If that sponsorship starts to effect the story we'll simply move on to someone we find to be more genuine. YouTube isn't that much different than TV. It's easy to change the channel.

  55. You guys are honest and interesting, and it shows. The adventure, nature, culture, and headaches – life – while cruising. My favorite channels are like yours. When the plot of the story gets lost, people will tune out. Some different folks will tune in – no skin off my nose, but I'm not going to watch and engage with it. Love your videos.

  56. Your efforts on follow the boat are well done technically and give the viewer a true picture of your reality on a daily basis. You get to the meat of whatever topic you're covering and lay it out clearly. That's why I stay and enjoy what I see.
    I'll be heading out again this fall on my 1979 H30C, that I've owned since new, to see what's worth seeing in the 21st Century. Since I'm older than most out there, it'll be a slow trip to see places I missed in previous cruises and spend more time in some I passed through hurriedly.
    But I'm funded adequately without Vimeo and besides, I don't have my new, super deluxe GO Pro camera yet, so I couldn't compete with the Vloggers. he he he!

  57. YouTube will force more and more monetization on channels. They're already prioritizing monetized videos in recommendations. They exist to advertise, and they will advertise.

  58. Enjoyed your video. Its a good topic to stimulate some discussion. Viewers and sailors are clearly invested in seeing the first and only opportunity to see some real sailing video stories (YouTube) stay real. Thankfully the breadth of the offerings available now mean we can all find content we enjoy, even if our favorites move on to greener pastures. You guys have a great following here – the length and passion in the comments is a pretty good guide to the quality of your content. Will try to tune into more from you in future. Subbed! Cheers from Stew

  59. everyone has to pay bills somehow and as long as the owners of the channel believe in the product they are endorsing then that's not a sell out regardless of the amount of money they receive from it. only when the money becomes the main factor that its a sell out.

  60. Youtube is the new TV idiom. It's so new that not all of the rules, courtesies, etiquettes have been worked out yet. Producers and writers and directors and stars are the same people and they are making decisions on the fly as this medium evolves and matures. Sometimes you make a good decision, sometimes a bad one, but no-one has enough experience doing this to completely understand the future impact.

    It is unfair to call anyone sellouts, as there was nothing to sell out a couple or three years ago when this got started, and certainly no "rules" – of sailing purity, or poverty, or production values – that anyone promised to adhere to. Seems SLV is taking all the heat, but tell me you wouldn't jump on that corporate bandwagon given the chance. I agree with what others have said below though, they seem to have got lost in all of this, or rather, they seem to have lost their voice. Perhaps it will come back. If not, they're happy enough it seems. If it no longer appeals to you, there's a new sailing channel asking for your Patreon dollars every week or so. Check them out. It'll take many weeks before someone gives them a big catamaran.

  61. Lifestyle choices are numerous and varied as the number of people in the world. One definitive 'sailing lifestyle' is a mythical thing, and brings to mind the question, why would someone push their singular mode of living on others? There is plenty of room for everyone's lifestyle – and the world far more interesting because of it. If every sailing channel was the same, I think those of us who watch wouldn't subscribe to more than one.

  62. I am a corporate slave to Nestle and I admire you, and all the other bloggers, be they sellouts or not… you guys are living the dream… it is so easy to be cynical sitting behind a lap top.
    all the Gods bless.. the old and the new {he he}
    fair winds and good fortune to you all.

  63. Hi Liz and Jamie,
    I love your show and love some of the others. Most of us live vicariously through your experiences and would soon turn off if you didn’t deliver something interesting. I can’t imagine what a struggle it is to regularly produce such high quality output in an environment that eats electronics and makes power and data communications about as difficult as possible. Keep up the great work – and accept any/all sponsorship that comes your way. You deserve it!
    Just to answer some of the criticism of Delos and SLV. I don’t think Delos have gone corporate – they have just become very, very slick at their video production and I still love the story. SLV is slightly different – they need to earn big bucks as they have to pay a big marine mortgage. They might have got a great deal but they weren’t given that gin palace! I do worry slightly that they might never go anywhere interesting again. I really don’t want to see pontoons at $200 per night Mediterranean marinas. But we will see…
    As for you guys – keep up the great work but don’t forget you are meant to be sailing – we want new exotic locations, waves, spray and some more adventure!
    Hopefully we’ll see you on the high seas in the not too distant future once those pesky kids leave home and we can go to sea again!

  64. All very well articulated. My philosophy on content, any content, is that consumers of it will find the content they want, in the format that they want it in, and drop any content that no longer applies or interest them. So if sailing vlogs become "corporate sellouts," well consumers will simply walk if that is something that bothers them. My personal subscription list varies over time and mainly in response to the channel itself. Sometimes it's the quality or focus that causes me to unsubscribe, and other times it's the period in the continuum that the channels finds itself. For instance, I am more interesting in the refit process of sailing and less interested in what people are doing with their daily lives aboard. For that reason I tend to subscribe towards the beginning of a channel and unsubscribe when they actually take off sailing….

  65. Too many of them are like "Oh shit, I hope this works out. Patreon, money, like us, like us, I have no experience but watch me anyways" Video Blocker is a great extension for those types of channels. Right click, click, never see the channel again. I think even Delos was much better when it was more about them and less about us. Or as a buddy of mine said for land based versions "Please go to my gofundme and help me afford to build a new porch" "Mother fucker, go get a job!"

  66. once I recognize a sailing channel goes Corporate they are dropped.
    I got on a boat to dissociate myself from as much corporate influence as possible in this world.
    So I enjoy watching like minded sailors.

  67. I started watching so I could see day in the life of sailing/cruising by the normal people. How they "get by" with the sailing lifestyle. I want to see what I could do with my small retirement money.  I don't like the "Lifestyles of the rich and famous" Ive dropped a few from subscriptions already….but picked up some new ones also….if they get rich Ill drop them and find somebody else to follow.   I understand time and equipment but that's not what some are doing.

  68. The fact that you two and the cat are 'Follow the boat' and you had the brains to get 'Follow the boat' alone is worth a moment of congratulation in the world of today! You wouldn't get it again… So, well done. 😀

    You're 'Appointment Viewing' for me with your 'Full Motion Postcards' from warm and tropical climes. Your passing conversation and 'Walk and Talks' are engaging and you're both a bit casually cool and easy on the ear.

    A welcome escape, especially on wet and windy day on the coast jnear Brighton.

    PS: if anyone offers you a free boat for doing what you're already doing, I look forward to the video tour and seeing how the moggy settles in… Those Gunboat Cats look quite comfy and quick too, yet not one truly dedicated and experienced saling couple vlogging on any of them!!! 😉

  69. You guys should have a lot more views. Thank you for being you and doing it true. I'm sure the views will continue to grow. You are doing it right and thank you for letting me watch for free…it may change when things are different.

  70. People with sailing channels are, for the most part, doing what they want to do. They have worked hard and taken steps to make something happen. They also provide inspiring vicarious experiences for thousands of us locked into conventional roles within the economic theater. I am not so as concerned about sailing channel people supporting themselves, their work or making a few bucks as I am about the cultural trend to condemn and criticize from some hypocritically higher moral vantage point. Really? Will people ever stop trying to somehow legitimize themselves by criticizing others. Focus on what you are doing, what you stand for rather than clawing for some meaning in self-sanctifying condemnation. They are doing something and generously sharing their experiences. If you do not like it, do not watch it. I never liked La Vagabonde. But am I happy that these two young people have enjoyed this lifestyle? Hell Yeah I am. That somehow they managed to get a boat as a result? That's pretty cool. Sure I'd like that boat to be given to me for doing absolutely nothing–but that's not how the world works. It's not a crime, by any stretch, that they have been rewarded for their hard work.

  71. Well, I think some have sold out and some have not. For example Sailing La Vagabonde I think has. I think there motivation has changed to making money, and that can be most evidently seen by them making a massive deal to sail a custom Cat all over the place and be a floating ad for the company. However, other channels are rather selective about their sponsors and don't let the motivation be so much about the money, but rather enjoying the lifestyle. This is why I'm no longer subscribed to Sailing La Vagabonde, but am still subscribed to Follow The Boat. Keep it up guys.

  72. Creating a Vlog takes a lot of work, much more than some people realize. More power to the ones that can make money from their hard work.

  73. I haven't got a problem with the artists using support monies from sponsors. Just so long as the corporations don't start dictating the video content or script the product. After all this is reality video… just so long a it stays real…!

  74. Simple answer, Yes. I avoid such channels completely as they are often fakeish and cheesy to boot. Hipsters, Bimbo's n' boobs are so done and tiresome, the corporate intrusion is just another reason to switch off also imo.

  75. Dont mind a bit of Corp. But need to know when you are being paid for an opinion. If lets say you are being paid for your opinion on an anchor, or watermaker and what your being paid for, free water maker.

  76. I agree La Vagabond has changed, dont watch it any longer, it used to be a regular watch now its not the same. they are attempting to get some of their viewers back but its changed. They need to pay for that new Cat.

  77. Yachting and boating is an expensive past time & seeing the coat of boats, maintenance, marina pens / slips, hard stands etc I can understand why people are accepting sponsorship deals but if it becomes a full on deal then its no longer a past time and its become "work"

  78. I think being sponsorred by some company or someone could be beneficial if you are a minimalist. Such as sails, anchors, or safety items related to the boat. Personal sponsors with patreon or paypal can help keep the crew going without having to take breaks waiting to build up funds somewhere. A lot of sailing content is also educational. These channels Show options available, methods, beautiful locations, and keeps people interested in the Sailing lifestyle and getting new followers interested as well.

  79. I'd say the issue isn't really selling out to corporate interests.  Cruising is not an inexpensive past-time and fund raising is a necessary evil.   In my view the real problem amongst youtube sailors is selling out thru trying to gain views by pandering to the eyeballs of teenage boys.  As one recently titled – "sailing ain't all tits and ass "- it's true and that video scored far fewer hits than the rest of their content, for obvious reasons.

  80. My opinion on the sailing channels is the same as in life itself; if you DO what you Love, you'll never work a day of your life! As far as who is doing what….the cream rises to the top!

  81. If some people are happy to spend hours making and editing videos, and some people are happy to donate cash then I don't see a problem.

  82. its not about selling out. if you work 9 to five in an office. are you selling out. if you flip burgers are you selling out. If you do something that bring you money to survive in this corporate world. then yes you sold out. But if you are ding something that you love and enjoy how can that be selling out.

  83. Whatever it takes to get it done- to maintain the lifestyle- We live vicariously thru their videos and enjoy what they put out…

  84. I follow 3 sailing channels so far and will pick another after i catch up here. As long as the people are down to earth , I couldn't care less about the other stuff. I plan to do the patreon thing soon and I don't care what it gets spent on. cheers.

  85. La Vagabond are pathetic……….. They were more interesting as independents on their own boat. They look ridiculous on that million dollar catamaran. They are the best example of corporate sellouts.

  86. Whatever it takes to make your dreams take flight legally is good. Everyone accepts compromise of one sort or another to stay alive. Cutting off one’s nose to spite their face etc.

  87. Catching up on your videos. I was active in local sailing, mostly racing and a bit of cruising when I was much younger. However our boat was small and we never ventured more than 20 miles from home, probably because the boat was very small. But I can relive what I loved about sailing through your videos. I love watching them and learning more about rigging and technology, things we never had on a small yacht. We sailed for 4 years before we even got a motor! Thank you from south Texas, USA.

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