Ants create a lifeboat in the Amazon jungle BBC wildlife

Creatures that were once living on the forest
floor now need to find other ways of getting around during the flood. The busy life of
a fire ant colony has to carry on regardless. By linking legs, the worker ants create a
living raft supported by the surface tension of the water. Free now to move through the
forest, these vicious stingers make the most of the float. They use it to spread to other
parts of the Amazon. On this lifeboat, the queen and her young need to be kept safe and
dry. But there’s no getting away from hungry
fish. Once in the open river, they are at
the mercy of the currents and unpredictable waves. If they are lucky enough to hit land, the
soggy ants disentangle and disembark unloading the family as they go. After a little toweling
off, the worker ants soldier on, carefully guiding their queen to safety.

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