America’s Navy – Enlisted vs. Officer

Both officer and enlisted have a certain amount of roles and responsibilities and authorities. Officers make the decisions and really make a lot of the coordinations and planning. And that comes down to us, and we make whatever they decide go. It’s our job to take charge, to make sure our personnel are being handled property and all their needs are being met, and ensuring our mission is being accomplished. My name is Lieutenant Commander Daniel Morales, and I am an officer in the United States Navy. My name is Petty Officer First Class Steven DesRoches, and I’m an enlisted sailor in the United States Navy. The requirements that a candidate must
meet before becoming an officer in the United States Navy is that they must
have a four year degree from an accredited university meet the physical
requirements and meet all the legal requirements. For the enlisted, you must meet the physical requirements, the legal requirements and be at least 17 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent. Candidates could start developing their leadership and management skills. They are going to be required to work under pressure and they’re going to need to be able to
start learning the Navy’s core values which are honor courage and commitment. Exactly. Time management is a very big skill and you can definitely learn that in college and on the job in the Navy. You definitely are challenged many times to be able to perform to your optimum under a variety of conditions and you will learn that extremely well in the Navy. You will learn how to be a manager, but more
importantly you learn how to multitask. As Petty Officer DesRoches can attest, being
in the Navy is a very dynamic and you have to be
able to multitask. Have the discipline to do that is going to be an extreme asset to you when you go for any job really. Becoming a leader is knowing your people and definitely knowing how to work different types of people work with different types of people to and over again. I think that the Navy will teach you not only the basics of
time management and knowing yourself but the leadership principles of knowing
your people. It’s a based on mutual respect between the officer and enlisted. As far as
you and your day to day function. The officer is there and they’re setting the example and setting forth what needs to happen. The enlisted is supposed to follow. Being able to carry out the work but be comfortable for me to be able to
approach him with an issue, or he should be able to be comfortable
enough certainly to come to me with an issue what needs to happen. Right. And furthermore, it’s the officer will
take on their role at times as to provide that guidance and
leadership and even mentorship. It unlimited possibility whether you’re coming in as an officer
or an enlisted. Being in the Navy is a way of life. It’s really just not
a job. It’s a call of duty. It’s a something that someone could
really learn and develop within foster characteristics that you really can’t
get anywhere else in the civilian sector. Definitely. Coming into the Navy not only gives you that technical expertise of a job that for me, I love my job. It’s given me technical expertise to be able to do
that and a couple different fields. But it’s also give me camaraderie, the sense of self, character, discipline and more opportunities, like Lt. Commander Morales was saying, you know, that I can handle College, advancement, benefits. I mean, I’m just overwhelmed. thank you for watching this Navy webcast. If you have any questions, visit or find us on Facebook.

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