Adirondacks, canoe camping and hiking days 3 to 5

It is a beautiful morning this morning It is just above freezing the sun is in the sky and it looks amazing I was asked in several comments to show more of my campsites So i will take you on a little tour right now my Dad’s tent my tarp our cooking shelter tarp i’ll go there in a minute underneath my tarp there is my usual bugnet bivvi inside there i have got a sleeping bag with a fleece liner on top of a 5cm (thick) self inflating matt this is where you keep your food on a night time and anything that smells like food unless you want a bear coming after you, so you put your rubbish in there, you food in there one cooler is frozen stuff and one cooler is dry food this is our water filter station It’s a Lifestraw 5ltr filter it uses gravity to filter the water great bit of kit it allows you to drink the lake water without even having to boil it right then here is our cook tarp basic set up couple of poles for to raise it up guy lines and pegs to hold it down this is my dad’s old Coleman he loves this thing and apparently so do a lot of you out there personally i think it is an explosion waiting to happen but that’s just me same with that Coleman Lamp, lethal deadly thing and this is my morning cup of tea so i will sign off for now ahhhh heading off to a great little fishing spot here hopefully {something unintelligible in Cockney rhyming slang which i translated to being about fishing down in the direction he is pointing} Yes, do you want to try and get down there? we’ll go and see what the fishing is liek down there whereabouts? Down at the canoe carry? I’m up for that that rod has a really light action huh? any a nice little flick to it even the lightest lures will go a good distance I’m still not making any excuses for my tree catching abilities what? I’m not making any excuses for my tree catching abilities we’ll check out there rocks over here we should see some weekend campers as well Friday until Sunday sort of thing Greetings folks I don’t know if you can hear me here but we’re in a bit of a torrential rainstorm, the first one of the trip and we had seen it coming so we set up a good tarp and we’re sitting here in shelter my Dad is fishing because he thinks he is a gnome he’s got his waterproofs on but i’m just relaxing kettle is on, going to have a cup of tea it is all good i’ll give you a little look around this is our makeshift tarp shelter there is my Dad fishing Well then, it has been a long time since i have been online with a video so many things got in the way health problems, money problems as you know ‘life’ just gets in the way sometimes but i am so glad to be out here i couldn’t care if it is pissing with rain we’ve had some beautiful days and at this time of year it is to be expected so anyway, plenty more videos to come take it easy Insta-bangers and Youtubers ‘Weyayeman’ means many things depending on context, in this case it means “Of course we are doing this” men in the rain {more unintelligible Cockney Rhyming slang i translate is about fishing in the direction he is pointing} I’m game we have a fair bit of water in the boat i’m sure we’ll get more i agree that is the one thing we are lacking for you, waterproof footwear! i’ve got some waterproof socks if you want them when we get back I brought 3 pairs a big downed tree underwater here come on bass ….. come to Bodley nope i’ve picked up some leaf I brought 3 pairs with me with the intention of giving you a pair those other ones were just normal woolen ones these other ones are windproof and waterproof it like wearing a wellington boot made from wool I don’t want to come in

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  1. Nice, watching these helps pass the cold dreary days of Autumn/winter. Looking forward to meeting up again in the north woods.

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