Adaptive Canoeing : Canoeing for the Disabled: Balance & Control

I’m Suzie with Splore. Now that we know a
little bit more about adaptive seating and adaptive paddling for people with disabilities
while going canoeing, let’s talk about ways to make your canoe a little bit more safe
and more stabilized. What I have here is what we call canoe stabilizing floats. Basically
all it is is an aluminum frame that can adjust its size according to your canoe. It can go
wider or shorter. And then on the top here are just foam pads that rest in the water,
and they’ll help make your canoe a little bit more stabilized, meaning that your canoe,
if the weight in the canoe shifts to one side or another, these floats here will help keep
your canoe upright. That’s usually the biggest problem with canoeing, whether you’re canoeing
with friends or kids or people with disabilities is keeping the canoe stabilized. So this is
great to use for somebody that might have poor balance control and their weight might
shift in the canoe. It’ll help keep this stabilized. It’s also great for to use if you want to
go with your kids. A lot of times kids will be sitting in a canoe and they’ll lean out
to the side because they want to splash the water, but they don’t always comprehend that
shifting the weight and leaning out to the side can very easily tip a canoe. And so these
stabilizer floats will help prevent that from happening.

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