Adaptive Canoeing : Canoeing for the Disabled: Adaptive Seats

I’m Susie, with Splore. Now that we have our
Chosen Valley Canoe adaptive seat in our canoe, I’m going to talk about a few reasons why
this seat is so great. First of all, the seat’s great because it can be used for anybody.
Ideal participants would be somebody with severe cerebral palsy that needs a lot of
help with extra trunk support and balance support, or it could also be great for somebody
with a spinal cord injury, cause it can adjust to several different people. The nice thing
about this is it has very, several different adjustment points. For example, if you have
somebody that needs a little bit more trunk support, or they need to lean back in their
seat a little bit more, you can just take these pins out and raise the pitch of the
seat to adjust your participants’ needs. Again, one of the ways I assess how the seat should
be set up for participants is looking at somebody’s original wheelchair, and just see how their
wheelchair is set up. And so, I’m going to set this up right here. It’s now locked in
place. And then, another good thing about this seat is that it has lateral support,
meaning we can adjust these sides here. They just unscrew, and then if I unscrew it just
a little bit more, it’ll slide this these lateral support sides out. So, say somebody,
say you have somebody with a high level spinal cord injury, like a C5 injury, and so they’re
actually a quadriplegic and they need a lot of trunk support. This is great to help keep
them in place as mus much as possible. They can lean back; they can lean to the side without
falling out, and so it’s just really a great piece of adaptive equipment. It’s pretty durable
as well. We’ve also fashioned the seat to work on our white water rafting rafts and
frames, and we actually took it down Cataract Canyon, which is a five day rafting trip where
there’s a lot of much bigger rapids, like class four rapids, and so it’s very durable.
We did that with a participant and it worked out great, so this is our prized possession
as far as adaptive seating goes for canoeing.

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