Adaptive Canoeing : Canoeing for the Disabled: Adaptive Chair

I’m Susie, with Splore, and today I’m going
to teach you how to set up adaptive chairs for a canoeing system for people with disabilities.
So say, now that you’ve learned how to do different paddling strokes you want to go
canoeing, but maybe you have a friend with poor balance control, or somebody with a sore
back that needs a little bit more back support in the canoe. This is just a real easy adaptive
piece of equipment that you can make, just in your backyard, as you can tell. This is
just an old patio chair. We’ve cut off the legs. We’ve cut off the legs to lower the
center of gravity of somebody in a canoe. Canoeing can be a lot of fun, and it can be
really safe, but canoes are also; they can also be tippy, and so we want to lower the
center of gravity as much as possible, which is why we’ve cut off the patio chair legs.
Very easy to do; very practical and cheap as well, and it’ll really help somebody out
in a canoe, for somebody that has poor balance control; when you’re taking em’ on adaptive
recreation canoeing programs. So yes, that’s how you set up an adaptive chair.

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