Accurate Weather Forecasting: Vital to Navy Operations

hurricanes and tropical cyclones
tropical cyclones the more generic name for hurricanes are really important for
the Navy in fact one could argue that they are the most critical environmental
threat to the Navy and coastal and out at sea and the Navy needs accurate
forecasts of these because they have to make decisions about where to move their
ships when they’re in port if there’s a hurricane threatening or where to route
the ships to avoid any sort of hazardous conditions
I’m James Doyle I’m the head of the mesoscale modeling section here at NRL
Monterey the marine meteorology division and the mesoscale modeling section is
responsible for doing research on numerical weather prediction models that
operate at very high resolution or small scale so that we can really resolve
small-scale aspects of the weather so we’re working very closely with our
colleagues and other divisions at NRL example is the oceanography division
where we’re coupling our mesoscale modeling system which is called COAMPS
to ocean models including the NCOM ocean model which has been developed by
our ocean colleagues ocean expert colleagues at NRL Stennis and also wave
models as well and we want to be able to properly account for the interactions
that occur between the processes involving waves the ocean circulation
and the lower part of the atmosphere and these are all tightly coupled in nature
but in our models previously have not been tightly coupled
so they haven’t been exchanging information about you know changes in
temperature and the upper part of the ocean and how that might impact the
atmosphere so we think having that sort of tight coupling will help us improve
our weather forecasts in our ocean forecasts for Navy operations it’s
really benefited us greatly here at NRL to have an expertise across the spectrum
oceanography space science electronic warfare division other aspects of the
problem remote sensing we’ve been able to benefit greatly through interactions
with them and I think they’ve greatly benefited through interactions with us
as well so it’s really been a mutual benefit to have that capability within
an organization to be able to work with such excellent scientists in this

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