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Hello and welcome to OBK. We are Canada’s premier homebrew supply here’s how we receive and ship your order to you there are three main steps in our
warehouse process; picking, packing, and shipping. First we
receive your orders via computer the orders are then printed and sorted
by shipping method The orders are scanned into scan guns by the
pickers The pickers then grab a cart and set off to pick an order. The scan gun leads the pickers around the warehouse alpha-numerically Almost all orders are picked and shipped
within the same day We fill orders with up to ninety-nine percent accuracy After the order has been picked it is placed for the packers to pack and ship The packers pick a box size and, tightly and securely pack your order. The box is
taped, and is ready to be shipped The orders are then picked up daily and shipped
nationwide With over 2500 products we are ready to
fill any homebrewing needs you may have.

3 thoughts on “About Us: How we ship orders | OntarioBeerkegs.com

  1. Just plain excellent service, and have never had a problem with any order. This is on top of an amazing range of product.

  2. Yes, it's all true. I just got an order in less that 24 hours (Mitchell to Montreal). Faster than Amazon with more choice and fresher ingredients. Simply Awesome.

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