A Prophetic Word To The Church – The Ship Is Going Down – Lack Of The Gospel And Discernment

Hey, welcome to this video.
My name is Torben Sondergaard and I’m the founder of the movement
“The Last Reformation”. Maybe you have seen some of our
movies, “The Last Reformation: The Life”,
“The Last Reformation: The Beginning” or “Seven Days Adventure With God”. I want to do a video here
I think that is very, very important, where I’m going to say something
I haven’t said before. And I know that this video is going
to shock many of you out there, is going to come as a surprise. In this video I want to talk a little about
Todd Bentley and how he acutally came to Denmark many years ago. 17 years ago I invited him to Denmark and that meeting with Todd was actually
one of the reasons I left the Prophetic or Charismatic movement. I also want to share in this video an experience I had 10 years ago where a prophet came to me and prophesied
over me or came with a word and actually prophesied over what is
happening right now in these days. I hope you will listen to this video.
I hope you will receive what I’m saying, even it will come as a surprise
for many of you and come as a shock, and I hope you also will feel
my heart in this. I am going to say some names
because I’m going to tell my story. And when I say those names
I’m going to say in this video, it’s not because… let’s say like that, I don’t want to criticize
where they are today, because some of those people
I’m going to say the names on, it’s ten years ago, and I don’t know
where they are today. And they have changed.
I have changed. I know I’ve changed a lot
in last ten years. So, it’s not to point fingers. It’s not to just
criticize every person by the names I’m saying of those persons,
but it’s more to just give you an idea of the journey I have been on. So I hope you are ready to receive
what I have to say here. A little update first for you who maybe
don’t know of what is happening. The last weeks there have been a lot of
talks online about an evangelist called Todd Bentley. He has a ministry
called “Fresh Fire”. He was a part of a big revival in Lakeland
ten years ago and there have been a lot of talk about
him the last weeks, because it has come out that
he has had different sexual sins and a lot of things have happened. So, when I start now, I want to say
again… when I say the names it’s not to just
point fingers. We are all on a journey,
we are all learning, and I have learned a lot myself
the last years. The reason I say the names is,
if I don’t say any names people will start to think:
Oh, I’m speaking about this person and this person, and this person.
I just want to be honest and say it as it is. Okay, let us start. I want to take you on a journey. When I got saved in 1995,
it’s many years ago, I got saved in the Faith Movement
church, a church called “Word of Faith”.
And I got saved there in Denmark and because I got saved in that church
i got introduced to the Faith Movement, into the Charismatic Movement
very, very fast and to the Prophetic Movement. And I listened to that.
That was what I got in as a new believer. And as a new believer
you don’t ask questions. You don’t ask questions
in the beginning and think: Is there something wrong there?
Is there something wrong there? And the Word is saying this instead,
because I was new. So, as a new believer I just received
everything that came in. But, that was my background
and I was part of this. And because I was part of this,
one of the guys I actually started to listen to
was Todd Bentley. I listened to a lot of things
with Todd Bentley at that time, back in 2001 and 2002 and 2003.
I listened to Todd Bentley and Rick Joyner and “Morning Star”.
And I was listening to the music. And it was my background.
It was where I came from. At that time in 2000 and 2001
I personally was fasting 40 days and I was seeking God
and I experienced a breakthrough and started to see people
get healed and set free, and God put me into kind of ministry
as an evangelist. In the beginning I looked up to Todd,
because Todd Bentley is the same age as me,
we are the same age, but he was so much further
ahead than I was at that time. And I was listening to him. Some of the stories he told,
some of the testimonies he told about his spiritual experience… I have many experiences
which I experienced myself, but not like him. I was really drawn to him in the beginning
and some of the things he said. I remember one testimony he shared
was in one of his visitations to Heaven. He came to Heaven and God put him
on an operation table. God came down with a kind of a knife
and cut him up. And in the vision God took out
all uncleanness, all sin and bad character and He took all of this out of Todd
and then God put holiness in him, He put character in Him,
He put a lot of good things in him and then put him together again. Because God told Todd that
what He wants to do in Todd’s life was so big that he needs character,
he needs holiness, but God did not have the time
to do it any other way in Todd’s life, so He did it that way. And of course today, when I hear that,
I’m shaking my head. I don’t see God works like that. God has good time to wait for us
to build character, to build holiness, to go through a desert, to learn,
to really stand firm on the Word of God. But again, I was more new in the faith
at that time, so I listened to that, and I listened to some of his visitations
to Heaven and all the things. We invited Todd Bentley to Denmark. And we were with Todd a few days. I was very, very excited about it. We had like a big, big campaign
or a crusade. It was big in Denmark
and people came from all over. I was really looking up to this
because I was together with Todd Bentley. I had some days with him and
his wife Shonnah and Todd’s father. Different things happened at that
meeting, that actually became the beginning of the end for me, or for some of that movement. It brought me on a long, long journey.
And I want to share that. I’ve never shared it before.
Not like this. What happened? In one of the meetings…
I was leading the meeting and I was there. I was leading
the meeting, sitting down. I was sitting on a chair and Shonnah
was sitting beside me, and Todd’s father was sitting
on the other side there. Todd was talking. And at that meeting we were sitting,
we were talking while Todd Bentley was talking, and at one time he invited his wife up,
Shonnah. And he said: Shonnah, come up here,
come and tell your testimony. And she stood up and
as soon as she stood up she was like drunk in the spirit. She was walking like she was drunk,
and dancing on the stage. Everyone was clapping.
Everyone was amazed, because: Wow!
She really knew how to drink of the spirit. And at that time I did not know better,
so I was also like: Wow! What is happening there? And she was drunk on the stage
and people were clapping and so on. And then she walked down,
but as soon as she set down on the chair, she turned around and continued
speaking with Todd’s father. Like nothing has happened. Like she was not “drunk in the spirit”. And I was like: what happened there? When I saw this it was like a knife
went into my heart. Because I saw that she was acting. It was not real. She was really not “drunk in the spirit”. She was acting. And I saw that a few times during
the conference. Every time she was up on the stage
with Todd, it was like she was drunk,
and dancing around like she could not walk. And I saw that again, and again, and again. And it really hurt me. And I: Where is the fear of God here? What I know, Shonnah, his wife there,
she have been out of a car accident some years before and because of that
she had a stiffed leg. She could not bend one of the legs,
because she has metal in her leg. And therefore, when she’s walking,
she’s walking with one stiffed leg. And it’s somehow easy to see
that handicap. But every time she was up on the platform
she was “drunk in the spirit” or pretending to be drunk to hide
that she actually had that handicap. And I saw that again and again, and it really hurt me because Todd was one
I really looked up at that time, as a big ministry,
and I did not expect that. But I tried to just push it away and thought:
Okay, let’s see what will happen. And we had the campaign
and a lot of things happened. People were falling down all over
and people were laughing and rolling around on the floor,
and a lot of things happened. And I loved it. I was like: Yeah!
God is working. The Holy Spirit is here. And I didn’t ask questions about it
because it was what I grew up in, it was what I came from and I though
this is revival, this is beautiful. What happened was,
the conference was over and I was sitting together with my friends
and somehow evaluating what have happened, what is the fruit,
and we were looking at it. And then there was another friend
I had, who has joined that conference, from the Lutheran Church.
He worked as an evangelist there. And he has been a part of the conference
but suddenly he left, so I didn’t see him anymore
in the end. So I wrote an e-mail to him.
And I remember I was sitting at the computer and I wrote to him:
Hey, Lars, how are you? I didn’t see you in the end.
What do you think of the conference? And he wrote back: I didn’t like it.
It was just a big circus. And I was like: What? How does that guy
dare to say that this was a circus? Come on! And I really got offended
but what he said. And I was like:
He cannot come and say this is a circus. And the first thing that came to me:
How does he dare to blaspheme the Holy Spirit? Because that was how I grew up.
If you criticize something you are in danger of blaspheming the Holy Spirit,
and by him calling it the big circus, he was blaspheming the Holy Spirit. So I really got provoked and when he
shared that, I was like: Who does he think he is?
So I wrote back to him on my computer, like: You are not allowed to blaspheme
the Holy Spirit. How do you dare to say something like that? And I wrote back to him. He wrote back again,
and he wrote: Torben, if the Holy Spirit was there,
where was the true repentance, where was the conviction of sin,
and then he talked about some of the things that were the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I now I got really provoked, like:
He cannot come and criticize our conference. And I was sitting there and
I was jut ready to give him back. I was ready to … my flesh
and give him back and say: How do you dare, as an outsider,
to come and criticize what we have done? And I set there on the computer
and I was ready to give him back. And I couldn’t. I was sitting with my fingers
on the keyboard… and I couldn’t write…
anything. He was right. Like, he was right. We have had a campaign,
we had a lot of people in, we had a lot of manifestations,
we had a lot of things, but if I look back at it… there was not like really true repentance,
there was no talk about repentance like that. There was not really strong focus on
what sin is, that it divides us from God. And when I saw back at what happened,
I was like… Where was the fruit? And it became the beginning of
a long, long journey for me. And I was like: what is happening? And I started to look back at my first
five years, six years as a Christian, where I have been around at conferences,
and I’ve been all over, and I have also done things myself
and prayed for people, and seeing things, but I started to stop
and look back and… look at the fruit. Look at some of the manifestations.
Look at some of the… In the background I had, we had churches,
meetings where people were rolling around on the floor and manifesting
“the Holy Spirit”, and we were carrying them out
in the car, and they drove home and they came back
a week after, two weeks after, with the same problems. And I started to look at my own life,
and started to examine my own life, and started to examine my ministry
and the church. And I was just like… He was right.
Something is missing. Something is missing. And I really got hurt.
I really got hurt. And I was like: What is happening? And I started to really look into
the Word and then… I started to see other places and
started to listen to John MacArthur, listen to Paul Washer,
and later Paul Washer came and I joined there, and was part of that. And God took me on a roller coaster, where it was almost like I was in one
movement, one side, and God took me over and then I went over and I started to listen to people,
people who did not practice or believed in gifts of the Holy Spirit,
the way they did over here. But, it was like getting meat,
it was like getting the true fear of God. I just want to say that
the first six years I’ve been a Christian, I’ve heard many teachings about
some of things of the Holy Spirit, and the gifting, and anointing, but I never in my setting heard
any teaching about the fear of God. I’ve never heard about it.
And suddenly I heard about the fear of God, heard about true repentance,
I heard it and I ate it, and I took it, I drank it, and I just took it in
and in and in and in. And I’ve just took it
more and more and more. But after some time,
after a year or two in this, I had a special moment
where we had a meeting at our home… and suddenly a woman fell down
and a demon manifested. And before that I would just have like:
Come out! I would cast the demon out, like I’ve done before.
But this time with the demon manifested I ran downstairs instead in my house. And on the way down I said:
God, I don’t like it. Stop it. I cannot control this. And there it was like the Holy Spirit
just said: Torben, what have you done? You have just went from one side over, to the middle of the road,
and went to the other ditch, where you have threw it all out. Because in my whole proceed
for the Word and the truth I have all the work of the Holy Spirit,
the gifts of the Spirit… I’ve thrown that out. I’ve thrown the baby out
with the bath water. And it was, like:
But, what is happening here? And God took me through the desert period
where I was like: But what to choose? Shall I choose the spiritual manifestations
and all of tis where I personally came from,
where I feel there is a lack of the fear of God and lack of true repentance,
and lack of so many other things, of the Word, and Word, and Word, and Word, where is only about the Spirit, or shall I choose the Word
and Word, and Word, and Word, and not have the Spirit. And I felt like I needed to choose
and I was like a young boy on a roller coaster. And then I was looking for people who
were Spirit-filled, but really in the Word. I found David Wilkerson first
and I listened to David Wilkerson, who was very radical here in America, and later I found David Pawson
from England. I listened a lot to and I took everything
David Pawson, because he was like really, really solid
in the Word, but at the same time he believed in gifts,
he was Spirit-filled. I listened a lot to him, went to England,
met him many times, and also became a friend with him. And God took me on journey that,
all in all, was like five, six years. It was a journey where I learned a lot. I’m thankful for that journey.
I was thankful for what God showed me. I was thankful for everything. We started to experience how the Spirit
and the Word came together in a new way. And a lot of things happened. We continued. I started to see God working in an amazing
way I’ve never seen before around Europe. We started house fellowships,
we saw people get saved and set free, and healed, and beautiful things happened.
We started to live the Book of Acts, the life we were longing for. And God started to speak to me a lot
about different things. At that time, we came to 2008.
I’ve been following Todd a little on the side, but not so much anymore.
It was only like a few times a year I was in seeing:
Hey, what is Todd doing? And suddenly, 2008 the Lakeland came. It was all over God TV,
and Lakeland Revival. And everyone in my network in Denmark
was so excited, and they jumped into plane and they flew
to Lakeland. I know of 30, 40 people close to me
who jumped into plane and all went to Lakeland. They were very excited about Todd
and about the Revival. They were like: Wow, God can use a guy with
the background he had. God can use one with tattoos all over. And it was interesting. I was like: Okay, but Todd did not have tattoos
when he was doing ministry in Denmark, so those tattoos were something
that came later. And people did not know that. But the way they talked about it did that:
Okay, what is happening here? So, I went in from Denmark,
where I was living at that time, and I was following the Revival. And because of the five, six, seven years
I have been on, it was like God showed me a lot of things,
things I haven’t seen before. I did not see only what was happening
at the Lakeland Revival. I was seeing what was missing. How the focus on sin and true repentance, things you recognize in every other revival, how that was really missing. And then I started to follow Todd again. Todd Bentley talked about the different angels
who came to him, his visitations. Especially he talked about
one angel called Emma. It really hit me because I remember
back in the time 2003, when Todd was in Denmark, there was talk about how he has got
a prophecy and a warning that a false angel should come to him and he should be careful
and not receive them. And we know Galatians is talking about this. Paul is saying: if even an angel comes from
Heaven and preach another gospel, then don’t follow those. So, I saw suddenly Todd talk
about Emma, Emma, and because of my background
and my journey, I just like: Come on, guys,
something is off here. Can you not see it? And the whole thing… it was almost
like the discernment was just gone. Where do we find women angels
in the Bible? Where do we find angels called “Emma”? At that time I was going in and checking:
What about the Emma? Do we find more of that in the Bible? And I actually found that the only thing
I found with Emma, if you just write “Emma” on Wikipedia,
you find that that is the name of a Buddhist god,
Japanese Buddhist god called Emma, and some of the signs by that god
have to do with laughter and people falling down
and some of the signs also you see have to do with healing
and other things. And I was like:
What is happening here? Because of my background and
because of everything that happened, I felt God started to speak to me in Denmark
and said: Torben… you need to send out a warning in Denmark
about what was happening at Todd Bentley’s. Because when Todd was in Denmark,
there were articles with Todd Bentley and me together, and it was a big thing
when Todd was in Denmark. I have an article here where it’s written
about Todd Bentley and my name. Me and Todd were like put together
in Denmark. And again, we were the only one
who took Todd Bentley to Denmark. And because many people from Denmark
flew to America, to Lakeland, I felt a responsibility in it,
because I was the one who, in the first place, introduced Todd Bentley to Denmark,
because we invited him to Denmark. And God really came and said:
Torben, you need to say something, you need to say something,
you need to say something. And I want to say:
I am not a heretic hunter. I am not a guy who goes public,
I am not a guy who goes out with names, and against this, and this, and this,
and this. Like I’ve been a Christian now,
a disciple of Jesus for 24 years now, and in those 24 years there are only
two times in 24 years where I’ve gone public. And said something. And one of the times was Todd Bentley. And I actually wrote an article,
and I would say, many things also happened
with some churches in Denmark where we saw bad fruit and
it was a long journey. Many things happened in those
eight years, or seven years, that led up to this. But then I felt God said: You have a responsibility,
you have to say something. So I wrote an article in our
Christian newspaper in Denmark. Denmark is a small country
and we only have one Christian newspaper, so it was something
many, many people read. And I translated an article
and I just want to read it to you what I wrote. And that was 2008. It was in June 2008. It was a few months after
the Lakeland Revival started. I think it started about April 2008
and in June, a few months later, I wrote this. And it’s a little… Maybe I would not write it
like that today, that way. It’s many years ago, 11 years ago,
and I’ve learned, and we have all learned, but I just felt like
I should read it as it was. What I wrote there, in that article
from 2008, was this. Warning against a new movement Warning against Todd Bentley
and the so called revival That is the headline. And this is what I wrote. I would start saying that I’m 100%
for healing, deliverance, baptism with the Holy Spirit,
signs, wonders and miracles. And I am for revival and the supernatural. And I do not write this because I’m against
everything and just want to be skeptical. I do not also write this in jealousy or
for many other reasons people may think. I’m writing this in the love
to the Word of God and to the truth and I know that this will come
as a shock for many and especially that this is coming from me and this is not easy for me. But I feel a responsibility
and therefore this letter. I am one of the few in Denmark
that have been personally together with Todd, when he was in the Jesus house in Denmark. I was one of the few who got to know him
back in 2003. My personal meeting with Todd and that
I since followed him and learned a lot, due that I need to write this. I sadly believe that Todd Bentley
has another spirit, and that some of the things he practices
come from New Age which is shown by the manifestations,
the teaching and the view of angels. The Bible warns us against
receiving another spirit and says that we need to discern the spirits
because there are many false spirits/prophets that want to deceive and even misled. Personally, I believe that God has given Todd
a gift and it started good. I also believe that some of the healing
that happened are from God, but I still need to warn, especially
when I see many Christians jump with both legs, without discerning
if what is happening is from God or not. Something you need to know. Emma, which is the name of the angel
that is now following Todd, came from Japanese Buddhism
and it’s the name of the god of the underworld. Todd was in the beginning of his ministry
warned against false angels that will come to him, but he did not receive that warning, and short time after Emma came
and has followed him since. And that was, again, back in 2008.
I don’t think he talked so much about it today. The manifestations we see with
drunkenness, shaking, etc, and healing, is actually some of the same
manifestations we see inside Hinduism and Kundalini Yoga. So we should not be cheated by that. Much of what is happening in this revival
we don’t find in the Bible. Where do we find female angels
in the Bible? Where does the Bible talk about
holiness and maturity as something that can be transferred
by laying of hands? When I wrote that, that came back to
some of the things that happened in Denmark with Todd and his testimony, where God took him on an operation table
and put that in. The best way to see if something is false
is to study the real deal. With every revival we see up the age,
there has always been a strong focus on Jesus, the cross, sin, repentance
and humility in front of God, which we don’t see the same here. If you do not get cheated by
the miracles and the manifestations, but just consider what is happening
biblical, much of what have been said,
much of the revelations and the visitations is actually directly against the Word of God. So, my advice to you is – don’t be too fast
to let anyone lay hands on you, because spirits can be transferred
by laying of hands. Let’s all stop and test out of the Word of God,
so that we will not be deceived and let’s pray for true revival
and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Torben Sondergaard So, that was my article at that time.
And I would say a little different today, and so on. I know it was very strong,
but I also know God worked in Lakeland. I know there was many good things
that happened, even there were bad things. And I know it was a mix,
and I know today there was also focus on repentance, I know that sometimes
was a deep focus on that, and the cross, and all of that. So I know that the letter today
was a little out in one side, but I felt I needed to be clear
and I felt I needed to say it with what I knew at that time,
and I wrote that article. And I got problems. The week after the same Christian newspaper
gave out three big pages of the Lakeland in Florida. One big page here of how the fire from
Lakeland is now falling in Copenhagen. One page here about a guy from Norway,
a leader there, how this is happening in Norway also,
and this is a true outpour of the Holy Spirit. One critical answer to my article
a week before and how I was wrong, I was wrong, I’ve not been there,
I should have been there, and I was wrong, and then there was a picture here
of my warning the week before. So this came out the week after
and when that came out, as a young boy, or 11 years younger
than I am today, of course it was hard to read that.
I was like: Oh no, what is happening? Everyone is against me.
And I read this, and I took the newspaper and I went out praying, and I was saying:
God, what is happening? God, what is happening?
Everyone is against me. And there I just had a moment.
I experienced God smiled. I experienced He smiled and said:
You did it, my son. You spoke.
You did it. And even everyone is Denmark was
against me, I was so excited. And when I say: everyone,
people were really against me. I got phone calls: Torben, you are finished
in Denmark, you are a shame to our country, you would never do ministry again.
i had close friends who said: Torben, how can you criticize the Holy Spirit
like this? You will never do ministry again.
Your ministry will die from now on. I had a church I’ve been speaking
a few times. The pastor of the church, a woman,
she wrote to me: Torben, I’m ashamed we have
a person like you in our country, a person who is against the revival. Many doors got shut when I wrote this. But God smiled to me and said:
You did it, my son. You did it. And at the same time He said that
this revival will fall down. At that moment I knew
it’s just a question of a short time – this revival will fall down. But what happened? I wrote this – my article.
The week after this came, and the week after again,
the 23rd of June, there was a special day
in the Lakeland Revival where Bill Johnson, John Arnott,
Peter Wagner, Rick Joyner, some of the biggest leaders in America,
they stood on the stage and they laid hands on Todd
and they prophesied over him, prophesied that this revival is from God,
this is going to go all over the world, this is just the beginning… And when they prophesied over Todd
the week after, or few days later, I’ve got a lot of new e-mails
and people like: Who are you, Torben?
Are you bigger then those names? Of course, I was: Okay, am I wrong?
What is happening here? And fear came in. But I got one phone call that
really encouraged me. But I needed to just go back,
I needed to jump one year back and share something else that happened,
so you can understand why this is so special. One year before all of this,
I was back in Denmark. There was a summer camp,
a big camp in Denmark. Me and my wife felt God wanted us
to go to that camp. We were ready to go,
but we did not have any money. We did not have money to go there,
we did not have money to stay at the camp, but we felt really strong
God said that He wanted us to go there. So we packed our suitcases in faith
and were ready to go. And then, a few days before
we should go to the camp, I got a phone call. A women called me
and said: How are you, Torben? I’m fine. Are you sure?
Yes, I’m fine. Torben, do you have any problems?
I said: Always. Always problems. I’ve been thinking of you
the last days. Anything I can pray for? I don’t know. I said to the woman on the phone:
Hey, are you going to the camp? And she said: Yes. Hey, me to.
Let’s meet in the camp and we can talk more. Okay, and she put the telephone on
Five minutes later she called me back again: How are you, Torben?
And I said: I said I’m fine. No, I feel there is something.
Are you okay? I said: I am okay.
Do you have any problems? I said: Always, always problems.
She said: What is it, Torben? What can I do for you? I just feel
the Holy Spirit said I should call you. Is there anything?
I said: I don’t know. Torben, do you have any money?
Do you have money to go to the camp? No. Hallelujah! I knew there was a reason
I should call you. Torben, I will pay for your camp.
I will pay for your stay and I will give you 200 $ for the food
during the week when you come to the camp. I said: Thank you. And I put the telephone on.
I went to my wife and said: Lene, we got the money. Let’s go to the camp. So, it was very, very clear that God
opened the door and God wanted us to go to that Bible camp.
And we went to the Bible camp. I was walking around there, and one evening
I went into one of the big meetings. The meeting was finished.
I was not the part of the meeting, I did not know what the people spoke about,
and I was standing there, at the back, and I felt God said: Go up and get prayed for. But I did not know why
they called the people up. I did not know if they called them up
for altar call, who wants to give their life to Jesus,
come up here. I did not know, but I knew one thing,
I knew I needed to go up. So I went up, not knowing why
they called people up. And I stood up there and I said:
Pray for me. And a guy came and he prayed for me
and he prophesied over me. And he gave me a very, very strong word.
One of the words was: Five prophets should come to you
and five prophets will step over your doorstep, and when they step over your doorstep,
you’ll know that they are sent from God and those five prophets are going to help you
to know what direction to go. And it was a very special word,
and I was walking around and praying a few hours that night,
and came late to bed. And when I left that conference,
I left with that word. And I was thinking:
Who are those five prophets? What is it God wants to do? Who are those
people who will come and speak to me? A year later all the things happened
with Todd Bentley, all the things happened with the Lakeland,
and I felt I stood very, very alone with this is Denmark, especially with
all the things that happened here. And then one day, after all of this,
I’ve got a call. And I took the telephone, and it was a known
prophet from the Pentecostal movement in Denmark, an older man, in his 70’s. And he was very respectable.
Everyone knew him in Denmark, everyone respected him,
but I was not part of the Pentecostal movement, so I never met him face to face.
But he called me. And he said: Hey, it’s Annas (?), and so on.
And I was like: Hi! And I was like: Oh, he’s calling me.
And I felt like a big boy. That big prophet was calling me.
And he said: Torben, I want to thank you for your article. Everything you said
is the truth. God has shown me the same. And it was the first time I really got somebody
who actually supported me in this. And he was a big name in Denmark.
And I was like: Wow, thank you. And it was really god. And then I was like:
Thank you. Do you want to meet? And he said: Yes, I would love meeting you.
Nice. I can come to you. When? Wednesday next week.
Okay, I’ll come to you Wednesday next week. And I was so excited that I was going to
go to his house next week and meet him. The day went on and I was coming to Wednesday.
Wednesday morning I was sitting at my computer and just writing some e-mails and preparing
before I was going to meet that prophet. And suddenly it was like,
it came very stong, I felt God said to me:
You are not going to his house today. Yes, I am.
No, you are not. Yes, I am.
No, you are not going to his house today. And I was like: What?
But have an appointment at three o’clock. I need to go to his house.
No, you are not. And I was shocked. I was sitting there
a few minutes like: What is happening? And then I got a phone call.
And it was him again. He said: Torben, something came up today.
You cannot come and visit me any way. But next week I’m in your city speaking
in the Pentecostal church and I will come and meet you
next week, before the meeting. Can we say that?
And I said: Yes, come, come and meet me. And then I put the telephone on and then
suddenly I remembered the prophecy. Five prophets should come to me
and they should step over my doorstep, and when they step over my doorstep,
I’ll know this is from God. If I’d gone to him that day,
he would have not stepped over my doorstep. So, for me, the whole stepping over my
doorstep was a really confirmation that this is from God. The week after he came,
he stepped over my doorstep, and it was one of those moments
you just know God is speaking. And he came and we spoke.
And he said: Torben, I thank you for what you are seeing. And then he asked me: Torben, what do you
see God is doing in the church today? And I told him some of the things
I see God is doing, and what God is building, and so on.
And then he said: Torben, I’ve been waiting five years
for this day. Five years ago God showed me
that the church, as we know it, is going under. It’s like a big ship
that is on the way down. Water has came into the ship
and the ship is going down. But God is calling people out
to create lifeboats all over the place, so when the big ship is down, there are
people who can save the rest of the people. So they don’t go down with the ship. And he told me a lot of things about this ship,
what that ship was, and a lot of details. And he told me a lot of things. He also confirmed that the Lakeland will fall,
but he said that Todd was not finished and after some years he will come up again.
And when he come up again the next fall will be even more bigger
than the last fall, and that this is a kind of a sign to the church
that when Antichrist is standing on the stage, the church will not have discernment
to see what is wrong. And it’s a wake-up call for the church.
God has allowed it. And he spoke a lot of things
about what is actually happening right now. And he spoke that. I think a few weeks later
everything fell down. The Lakeland Revival was over.
It came up that Todd had an affair with one of the women who were
working there, Jessa. A lot of things came up, that he had
a problem with alcohol and drinking. And when he was there he was drunk. Not by “the spirit”, but drunk.
And a lot of things came up. And it became a big, big shock
for many people, a big talk happened about the church
at that time and about… Also, the lack of discernment at that time. How could we have big, big, big
church leaders who are standing there and prophesying over him,
just some weeks before, that this is from God, Todd is a holy man,
the way he loves his family, the way he loves his wife… And I want to say this, not to criticize
those people today, because again, I don’t know where they are today,
and I want to say: I’ve also prophesied things
that have been wrong and I’m still learning,
and we all make mistakes. But I also want to say
that more mature we are as believers, the more we can expect for each other, the less we can expect
people to do mistakes. And I think it’s a wake-up call for all of us
that when all of those leaders prophesied over Todd at that time, that the truth
was none of them, at that moment. I don’t know where they are today,
but none of them at that moment was able to hear from God.
And I think it’s a wake-up call for all of us to say:
Where are the true prophets? Where are those people?
Try to imagine if one prophet, if one guy will come there and who
could actually see what was happening, who could see behind the scenes,
the sin that was going on. But none was able to do it, and even me,
I was not able, because I had no idea that this was going on. So I’m not saying
that I knew all of this, because I did not know all of this. And it was a shock for many at that time. And it seems like: okay, it was a shock,
and it just died out. I continued doing my own thing,
doing ministry. We started The Last Reformation 2011
and it became a beautiful movement, it spread all over the world.
We came to last year, 2018. In the beginning of the last year
we went through hard time as a family. We experienced a lot of persecution
in Denmark, on national TV, and they changed laws in Denmark,
and God brought us here to America, seeking asylum.
We are now in America seeking asylum. I felt in many ways God called us to
America, but I didn’t want to go to America, but then a lot of things happened
and now we are here. And when I came to America
and stepped on the American ground here, I started to look up what is happening here. And when I came, in the beginning of 2018,
here, it was 10 years day from the fall of Lakeland, and at that time
Todd Bentley actually stepped up again, with a big, big stadium meeting in America.
And there were many people who endorsed him at that time,
big, big, big names. I don’t want to say the names here,
because now we came a little closer, but they were big, big names who
lifted Todd up and said: Now he’s there. This is going to happen.
It’s going to be beautiful. And I saw some of those videos with
some of those people who said: This is this. God is giving a new chance.
It’s going to be a big revival again. When I saw some of those videos,
I just need to be honest – it really hit me, very, very hard. Because when they set that video
God brought me ten years back to the prophet in my living-room
ten years ago. Because what he prophesied ten years ago,
that Todd will come up again, but that there will be a new fall
and the new fall will be much worse than the last fall, and it’s going to shake
the church in America, and it’s a sign how far away
we have come from the truth. And there is many more things
that were said at that time, I cannot say now.
I need to say it when the time is. And I saw all of this happen. And I was like:
Wow. It’s happening in front of me right now. This is what was prophesied ten years ago. And what happened?
It happened like it’s prophesied. Todd Bentley was out again,
he was doing things, and now it will fall down even worse.
The sin is so much worse. Affair, lot of things have happened. And that is why I do this video because I feel
God is saying something to the church here. I believe there is something that is much,
much deeper than what I’ve seen in some of the videos, where people are
addressing Todd and addressing some of the issues. If I want to take four things and address
four things that I believe are the problem in all of this. And one of the things
I learned since I left the Prophetic Movement the last years. If we look at Todd Bentley,
for me, it is very, very clear, when he had an affair with Jessica 2008,
he should never have been allowed to ministry again. A leader in a church
should be a man of one wife. What is repentance? Todd Bentley had an affair while he was
married. He went in. Rick Joyner took him in and started to
counsel him, and he got married with Jessica. But I cannot see how we can twist the Word
and say that that is a marriage made in the Lord. I cannot say that. You cannot have an affair with another woman
and then, just because you get married and sign the paper, that means that
that marriage have been done in front of God. We need to look at what repentance is.
If you have an affair, and you sincere and truly repent for that affair,
you’d stop living with that person and you’d run away,
and you’d run back to your wife. And I would just say that I know here,
many people would maybe think that is too radical, but I think there was
where everything went wrong. People should have helped to restore
Todd back to his wife, back to his kids. People should have helped him
to understand what true repentance is. And I think that is a thing
that was wrong already there. And that was the reason
I was just done with it and I know many, many, many other
people was done with it when they saw that. Second thing – lack of discernment. We really need to test things. In this article I have here where one of the
leaders wrote how the fire has fallen in Copenhagen, he wrote there in the end that what we
experienced in Denmark is the same as Florida now, and this is all over the world. And I believe we are standing in front of
the biggest revival the church has ever seen. But then he also says that the Holy Spirit
is like a dove and it’s so easy to fright the Holy Spirit away and we should stop
pointing fingers and speak against this revival. In other words, stop discerning,
stop asking questions, stop going in and say:
Hey, maybe this is not from God. And there is a fear in the church right now,
a fear to grieve the Holy Spirit, to talk against the Holy Spirit in a way that we
receive wrong spirit as being the Holy Spirit. My question is: What is worse? What is worse? To have wrong spirit coming in and say
that is the Holy Spirit, is that also not the kind of grieving
the Holy Spirit? We need discernment.
The Bible says: Test every spirit. See what is from God.
We need to have discernment. Now I’m not talking to those people out here,
because yes, I agree that there are people out here who will test it, and try it,
and are against everything, where they also throw the Holy Spirit away. I’m not talking about this side here. Now I’m
talking to this side – the Prophetic Movement. We need discernment. We need to be better to test things. I know it’s difficult sometimes to test.
There was a prophecy that was just given over Denmark just a few months ago,
here in America. And the Danish newspaper wrote about it.
I was so excited: Wow! Big prophecy! Revival, revival, revival. The next four years
there will be revival in Denmark. And people love it. Why?
Because it’s tickling people’s ears. Of course you love it. But that guy who prophesied over Denmark
few months ago, he was all over Christian newspaper in Denmark,
everyone loved him and he get a big ministry because everyone loved that word. But in
four years, when that revival has not come, people have forgotten about that word
and who he was. But he got a few good months
and people loved it. Woe unto you, when everyone speaks good
about you. Those they did about false prophets. Where are those prophets who can not only
speak about revival, revival and revival, because I know Denmark, I left Denmark,
I lived in Denmark for years. And I know what God is saying to Denmark.
He says: Repent Denmark. Stand up. Don’t adjust to the world.
Stand up and be bold and don’t be like the world. And get sin out of the midst of you. Come back to the true gospel.
This is what God is saying. God is not saying: Just continue like this
and there’s going to be revival. And we need more discernment.
We need to come back. And I know it’s… A few years ago my journey
in the Prophetic Movement, and when I went through that journey,
at one time I listened to a New Year speach, where somebody was prophesying
over this year, what God wanted to do. And when I heard that prophecy
I was so excited, I thought: Next year. This is going to be the year
of the breakthrough. This is going to be the year of the harvest.
This is going to be the year of the flood. This is going to be the year of the fire
that’s going to come down. This is going to be this year we have all
longed for. And I heard that sermon, and I was so excited.
I was so excited for that sermon. Until the sermon was over and I took the tape
and I saw it. And I saw it was five years old. I’ve just listened to a five years old sermon,
prophecy. Did it happen? No. And every year is the same. I believe in the prophetic, but I believe
that we need to be stronger in discernment, we need to test it and we need
true prophet out there, who can prophesy and who can also discern. Third thing.
That is actually the most important thing. That is the gospel. When we look at the gospel,
we need to examine the gospel. And that was the thing, what the gospel is,
that were some of the things God took us on a journey. I don’t see the sinner’s prayer any place
in the Bible. In the Bible, Acts 2:38, it was repentance.
We need to understand what repentance is. And then it’s the baptism in the name of Jesus,
for the forgiveness of your sins. And you shall receive the Holy Spirit. Baptism is not just the symbol.
Baptism is the forgiveness of sins. Baptism is washing away sins. Baptism is burring that body
that is slave to sin. You die with Christ and
you rise up with Christ. Baptism is where you really cut off
the old man, where you can walk in freedom
Christ has for you, where you are no longer slave to sin,
but a slave to righteousness. Baptism is where the true freedom is, together with repentance and faith in God, and then you will receive the Holy Spirit. There was a leader who fell in Denmark,
big, big leader. It’s public, so I can say it. A big leader in Denmark who fell in sin,
just a year ago. And I woman contacted me,
who has been having an affair with that guy, and asked if I will help them.
I was not sure if it was real what that woman has experienced,
we need two and three testimonies to verify it,
because it’s against the leader in the church. So I said, before I needed to go into this,
I needed some proof. She sent me all the text messages
between those two. There were naked photos,
everything was there. Manipulations, lies. When I read those
text messages, it hit me, it hit me, it hit me, and I was crying and I was shocked.
Can this go on in the church? Can this really happen? And I went to other leaders in the church
in Denmark from another movement and said: This is what happened.
You need to do something. But everyone was afraid to do something
and that guy is still doing ministry today. But, in one of the things he wrote,
that really hit me, was, he wrote to her, the woman he had an affair with:
I have shown you a side of myself only a few people know,
a side I have learned to live with. When he wrote that,
God just showed me something. That guy I believe truly, truly, truly,
he is so sincere in his love for Jesus. I believe he is so sincere in his repentance
in the beginning. I believe he loves Jesus by his whole life. But I also believe that the lack of the gospel
we see in the church today, where baptism has been transformed
to just a symbol. Look in the Bible. Everyone in the Book of Acts
got baptized right away. And don’t say:
What about the robber on the cross? It was before the cross.
Robber on the cross did not get baptized. Like the woman at the well,
like everyone before the cross. No one got baptized before the cross. But after the cross
everyone got baptized right away. Even in the middle of the night. The response to the gospel at that time
was not: Ask Jesus into your heart or repent and have faith in God. The response was: One who believes and
get baptized shall be saved. They got baptized right away. And in baptism you bury the old life. And I have seen again, and again, and again
the last years, that because of the lack of the gospel
in that ministry’s life and in Todd Bentley’s life,
and in other people’s lives, people start to walk in sincere faith,
they start the walk loving Jesus, hey start the walk, even speak in tongues,
they start the walk with healing, miracles, signs and wonders,
but because they don’t understand the baptism and the true freedom, that Jesus did not come
to save us in our sins but He came to save us from our sins, they have had a side
they have learned to live with. They’ve had a hidden side where
they do ministry and look at Paul. They do a ministry and have
alcohol problem. They do ministry and have other issues
they have not dealt with. And they have that hidden side. And one day it will come to be open. What happened in hidden places
will be shouted from rooftops. And they fall.
Whey do they fall? Because they need the gospel. And I would say, it took me six years
to understand that. I was preaching the gospel,
I was healing the sick, I was casting out demons but I was not walking in the freedom
in the beginning. But when the true gospel came in,
hallelujah! When I experienced that freedom
from that sin, it changed my life, and I’ve been free the last 20 years,
or 18 years. So, I want to say to people out there, in the whole talk that has been… Okay, I want to say, with Patricia King,
I’ve never met you personal, Dr. Michael Brown, I met him,
but all the things the way some of you have handled this,
I think that is really beautiful. And I have got a deep, deep respect,
again, for the Prophetic Movement, because of what have happened
in the last weeks, a month, with Todd Bentley. I would say, deep, deep respect
and I have been wrong. There are people who really love Jesus,
there are people who have the fear of God, there are people who really, really, really
love God. I don’t know all of them.
I don’t know what they are preaching. I’ve never seen a teaching
from some of those guys, so I’m only talking about how
they have handled this case with Todd Bentley, but in that case, deep respect, honor,
and there’s people there who fear God, who love Jesus and want holiness,
deep, deep respect. But in all the talk that have been,
I’ve never heard anyone talk about what I believe is the true issue here,
and that is the lack of the gospel. I think Todd and many other people need
more than submission and good counseling. I believe they need the gospel. I believe they need true freedom. And we have seen hundreds,
even thousands of people, church people, get truly born again in the last years, when they understood
what the true gospel is. And I hope that all the things that are
happening with the church now, with Todd and everything,
will give us a time to go back and see what is the true gospel,
where do baptism fit in, not what our tradition is saying,
not what our movement is saying, but what the Bible is saying. The last thing I want to say is deliverance.
Very short. The true gospel is needed,
but we also need to cast out demons. How can we have manifestations
at our meetings without casting out demons? Because many of those manifestations
we see, and we saw in Lakeland and many other places, I truly believe
you saw that manifestations because the Holy Spirit was working.
But I saw those manifestations as demonic manifestations, and those
manifestations needed to be cast out. And that are some of the things God
showed me last years. Years ago, when I saw manifestations,
on my meetings, and other places, I would stand and say:
More Lord, more Lord, more Lord. Now when I see the same manifestation,
I would sit down and say: Come out in the name of Jesus!
And I would cast those demons out. And I don’t want to go deep in that.
We have already done a whole video where we talked about that,
with false spirit in the church and all of that. I will just put a link in,
together with this video, where you can go in and look at those
manifestations and the lack of deliverance. And that was what I wanted to say. I want to end up and say… Those names I have said,
many of them are from years ago. I don’t know where they are today. And it’s not just to point fingers,
It’s just to say: Let’s wake up. I believe that we need to go back to the gospel,
and that is where things are. I believe we need to just say:
Okay, we need to discern it. Todd’s experience with Heaven,
God took sin out and put holiness in him, was that from God?
No, it’s not. Why?
Look at what have been happening. It’s easy to discern – by the fruit. But it’s not only that. Much of what have been
prophesied, we need to go back and say: Have it happened?
If not, then it’s not from God. And I really hope that my video to you
will give you freedom to step out, freedom you who are in the Prophetic
and in the Charismatic Movements to step out, because me as somebody
who comes from outside, into America, who have not been part
of those movements, I have nothing to lose, because
I’m not invited so many places, or I’m not part of it,
I have nothing to lose. But I see there is a lot of fear
in some of those movements where people are afraid to step up. People are afraid to talk about
what the true gospel is, afraid to go in and say
what baptism really is. And I got somebody write to me
just a few weeks ago. Torben, what is your view on baptism?
We are afraid, because you don’t fit into the box. No, I don’t fit into the box.
But I’ve seen the freedom. And I’ve seen this is the Word of God.
And I want to send this video to you, to say: Stand up. You who are true prophets
out there, you who see things – stand up. You who left one side of the movement,
I also want to say to you: Don’t get discouraged and go to the other side
and throw the baby out with the bath water. We need the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is real. But it’s not everything that is from God. So don’t go from the one side to the other,
as I did, where I almost throw the baby out
with the bath water. God bless you all out there.
If you haven’t seen our moves, see our movies, “Seven Days Adventure With God”,
“The Last Reformation: The Beginning” or “The Life”. I know it was very, very, very
long video, but I hope that it will speak to you. Take some tome in praying and fasting.
And maybe start with the gospel also. Look at the Book of Acts.
Look how they were sharing the gospel. You don’t see the sinner’s prayer, you don’t
see people just ask Jesus into your heart. Look at the signs of true believers.
John is saying: You cannot continue in sin, because the seed of God is in,
but it’s not enough. You need to bury the old life
in the baptism. God bless you all out there.
Love Jesus, make disciples. Have a good day!
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100 thoughts on “A Prophetic Word To The Church – The Ship Is Going Down – Lack Of The Gospel And Discernment

  1. Thank you Torben. That has been the best, balanced take on all this that I have seen. So many reject any move of the Holy Spirit because Todd and that movement have distorted it. In our hearts we know that The Holy Spirit does manifest himself, and tongues are real, deliverance is real, so it's heartbreaking when they move way to far to the other side, and reject true things of God. We really need the discernment in this season!

  2. I saw Todd on GodTV some years ago when he announced that he and his wife decided not to be together anymore in their marriage because of pursuing the relationship that he had with his mistress – a co-worker in his ministry. As if things would be right by marrying her. His explanation; justification came across to me as an insult considering the heart of God regarding marriage as a Covenant. He was with Wendy Alec as a guest on that episode. Perhaps, he was given a chance to explain himself after the so-called disciplinary action. That was before Wendy's story of her marriage. I said to myself then that even if he appeared with so much anointing, I would not listen to him as he had no deep understanding of what a marriage to God was. That was the time when I intently took the time to listen to him. I would actually just watch him in passing on GodTV during those days when I was a viewer of GodTV programs. That was how I filtered him with his Biblical conviction aside from the fact that I did not like his preaching style (or most probably my spirit would not agree with him). And then recently I read about him though Ron Cantor on FB. News about him confirmed the feeling that I had – something was not right with him. And I think his physical appearance now really reflects that. May he have the fear of God.

    Dear Torben,

    I viewed your movie: "The Last Reformation" for the second time around (on You Tube) after listening to David Pawson's teaching in which he mentioned you. The first time that I watched it was on GodTV. David did not actually mention your name. He said that a friend of mine…He related your experience when God wrote in the sky the exact word that you kept repeating when you were doing baptism. It was David's teaching on "The Kingdom of God". He was expounding on the original plan of God that His Kingdom had to be demonstrated first.

    That was the time when I came to know that you were having a pressing time in your country – when you had to flee.

    I think you also listen to the teaching of David Pawson – a great Bible Teacher (aside from Derek Prince). You teach the same things – sound Biblical Teaching.

    God bless you and your family. Keep strong in the Lord and true to His Word.

  3. STAY SOBER AND DESCERN THE SPIRITS. GOD BLESS: Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

    1 Timothy 4:1‭-‬2 KJV


  4. What experiences, Torben… and i love how deep thinking you are. I am also like that. But now God gave me a disease i am seemingly dieing of, but a couple godly people prophesied a good future to me

  5. BIG thank you brother Torben! This video is most appreciated. Praise God you have the guts to speak the truth! I am 53 years old and was in the church all my life – I am a born again believer was baptized and I have a wonderful relationship with Jesus – I am from Durban-South Africa. I saw so many things in the charismatic movement which reflects New Age practices – thank God because of a spirit of discenment in me I refused to believe it or accept it. Also this prophetic movement has become like fortune telling and once again my spirit refuses it! Waves like the Toronto Wave in the 90s initiated by Rodney Howard Brown – in his meetings under the spirit people barked like dogs meowed like cats did the laughing stint and had crying episodes etc – so much of this drama/entertainment in the church and so many Christians were gullible in believing these lies and falseness staged by satan using his henchmen that come in sheeps clothing. These fake ministers of the gospel are to be avoided at all costs! The bowels of hell are spewing them out and they are deceiving the church! Rick Joyner Bill Johnson Peter Wagner and others who endorse Todd Bentley who have layed hands on him and prophesied over his so -called ministry and endorse his circus/magic acts are also to be strongly avoided, These men pass a lot of money between them this is why they are so strong in their support for each other – all of them are of the enemy and false prophets – I strongly advise the true believers to stay away from the charsimatic and prophetic movements – these movements are rooted in New Age and there is a lot of play acting magic tricks anti bible conduct and practices=witchcraft in the church!!!! …..strange how many false prophets coming from Canada – Rodney Howard Brown (Toronto) , Todd Bentley (from Canada) Todd White (Canada) – seems like Canada is sending many false/fake ministers to the nations!!! BEWARE BELIEVERS!!!! The end is near – guard your hearts and minds – stay close to the Word and to God!

  6. Pastor Torbin, Please look up honest prophet saying repent, seek God, fill up your heart with His word, learn God’s ways, be holy – from India & one church he visits yearly who preach same on West Coast …
    Sadhu Sundar Selvarage and Shekinah Worship Center. Both are on YouTube and live through Angel TV in some areas around the world and some areas USA.
    God bless you for speaking truth.

  7. I have enjoyed this video and your testimony Brother, I have seen a lot of what your describing, the lack of discernment and true repentance. Many people don’t know what repentance is, they think they ask for forgiveness of sins and it’s all done, but they need to repent, confess and turn 180 degrees and leave that sin behind. Our Lord and God is faithful to forgive but, he tells us to repent. I know I am preaching to the choir, lol, I just needed to say this. God Bless all

  8. Dear brother Torban,
    Thank the Lord, persecution came to you in your country, so you had to come to America. You are spot on. They will listen to you because you are God sent.
    I have been listening to you for a long time. You are a true man of God. I had to leave America and found my true place. I was sent on same journey, and also into the so called Hebrew roots movement. My eyes kept being opened and now I am in the middle east where I am happy and praying. I ran from all of it, I believe what you teach. God bless you and will pray for you and family.

  9. I took the time to read first what you wrote here, and then listened to you for a few minutes. Then I wrote my first comment. I had realised you actually mentioned David Pawson, learned from him, mentioned that you’re friends…I am proud of you. And I can say your teaching is safe and sound Biblically considering David Pawson in your life. I wish I also had the chance to meet him in person. He is part of my learning well from the Bible. And still has a lot to learn from God through him. His teaching is a treasure. I often say to myself: I wish church leaders, many believers listen to his teaching. He also expounded on Revival and Reformation which I intend to review…God bless, brother.

  10. This video can be summarize by saying this, mix extreme pentacostal with extreme old school holiness = Extreme disciple of Jesus.

  11. Thank you for sharing this. A few years ago God began to open my eyes to the deception I was partnered with in the Charismatic Movement for many years. I have since left the movement and I am in the middle of a 'desert season' almost exactly like the one you have gone through. So thank you for your boldness and passion for Jesus and the truth of the Gospel.

  12. HI Torben! After watching this video I was reading the Bible this morning and read this verse: Colossians 2:18 let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshiping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind. This sounds like a warning against what he was spreading in his ministry. This is a confirmation for your discernment . may God bless you and your family today!

  13. You shall know them by their fruit.Jesus said if you love me you will keep my word. We do make mistakes and fall but we don't want to continue in it and ask The Lord to help

  14. Love this- God will bless you & has blessed you Torbin, THIS is the disgression spoken of in the Bible. Thank you Torbin, you actually pointed out what truely needed to be exposed.

  15. I think that if your ministry contacted pastor Dean Odle in Auburn, Alabama a real born again, spirit filled, revival would spread like fire across the southern United States

  16. We all must be bold and stand for true holiness, to not be deceived. To stand up and speak out about sin when moved by the Holy Spirit. We are so close to the end, we must stand up and be God's plumbline in the earth, like the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel in Zechariah 4:10. We must continue to encourage each other and remind eachother that our Lord and God sees everything we do & every thought we think. Every good action or thought, every bad action or thought. He is not only with us, He is IN us, observing us continually. And there is a book being written about each of our lives as we live it, by an angel that also observes us and records all we do and say in the book. God said: "Be ye holy, for I am holy". He is coming for a Bride without spot or blemish.

  17. It’s amazing how Holyghost will put a prick in your spirit God showed me the falseness sounds we must pray for them !!!

  18. Baptism in water and Cast out demons means something different the most think.

    Cast out demons: it means fight your own doubts and fears in your active thoughts (left side of the brains) by going into meditation and finding God in yourself in the temple not built by human hands. This is the way that Jesus is trying to tell us. But if you read the Bible literally, you deprive yourself of the key. Nothing more and nothing less. But meditation in not easy it requires practice and patience. Very healthy lifestyle is also needed.

    Baptism in water:

    Johns baptism of water is when you reach the 2nd stage of consciousness in meditation.
    Jesus baptism of fire is when you reach the 4th stage of consciousness in meditation.

    KJV Hebrews 6:1-2

    1. Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ,
    let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation
    of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God,

    2. Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands,
    and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment


    So here is the scripture telling us to go on to perfection which can only be achieved in the meditative state when one separates from the thoughts of the mind.

    Here is the scripture telling us to move away from the principles which include that of Baptism.


    In other words the Bible itself is telling us not to focus on the symbol but to understand it and go on to perfection by
    allowing the inner you to be raised to the Christ mind.

    Would God rather that your mind be renewed or your head be wet?

  19. Thank you so very much for sharing your story it's close to my own , there's been times that I have been very alone and very rejected by the religious people of church leadership and higher up people of churches. The Holy Spirit has sent out of the church building . He has said that if I will just walk and pray he's going to do the rest. I pray God will richly bless you

  20. Todd Bentley has no fear of God. To say that he heard God tell him to kick a woman in the face with his motorcycle boot is beyond infuriating to me!! Almost as infuriating as the folks that have no discernment and follow him after his adulterous affairs

  21. Brother, these ppl have been leaving their wives in droves without biblical cause, getting another wife and putting Gods name on it. Whatever!! Sin is sin. There currently is a popular prophet out of England, i was listening to him until i saw how his wife was dressed with her cleavage showing- using her hsbs platform to formulate a freshly channel on FB. Again, whatever! I stopped watching him bc he is not a man of integrity bc his wife was not dressed as a woman that professes in holiness.

  22. If a saint is not in the middle of God's will but wandering in own ways due to the past unhandled history before Christ, it opens up a door to the enemy to harass even in the broader sense.
    That's why the holiness and obedience are important because the enemy doesn't have authority in the spiritual world where Jesus rules.
    And I'm talking about myself.

    As for the Todd Bentley, he released a video at the end of last year worth watching.

    Who are we to judge anyone? Before the Lord we walk and fall. "You follow me".

  23. Adam here.
    Having tried to be apart of TLR for thr last 2 1/2 years the Pionner school and saints that lived it are really the only thing that remains helpful within TLR. This video really is late and seems to come at a time when TLR is sinking too. ( From all the Bethel and Brownsville fans that fill the TLR map, kickstarts and leadership…..)

    Torbin teaches that all disciples of Jesus that repent are baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit are able to do the work Jesus sent us to do. And yet, Torbin has switched almost his entire staff and lost most of the key players. When talking with people close to Torbin they are nervous about this. It seems Torbin is headed the same place folks like Brownsville and Toronto have gone… yes men that have a professional money ministry to fund.

    Torbin has surrounded himself with young people that say and act like him. Until this is changed and real Bible based safeguards like elders are put in place to prevent lack of gospel and no discernment yes men, Torbin will be exactly like he is talking about in this video.

    Watch David Pawsons 2 videos about Evangelical and Charismatics. Fantastic example of how the Bible is neglected by Charamatics and how evangelicals avoid the Holy Spirit. Then read 1 and 2 Timothy and see how all that Torbin talks about is addressed. A Body of Believers.
    Torbin, if your serious about being lead by the same Spirit that wrote the Bible, please join a Body of believers that aren't yes men, dont care about your funding, and like John Wesley's groups make it mandatory to allow others to speak into your life, willingly and proactively.

    Many reading this need to follow His Word and His Kingdom, not Torbins or mine or yours for that matter. If you take Jesus commands seriously you'll find others that do too and you'll be fruitful if you have an ear to hear and obey what the Spirit says to the churches.

    Cheers to the Lamb who has conquered ALL, where He leads we will follow.
    From Alaska Adam Porter.

  24. Faithful Jesus….You echoed my heart and experience.
    Torben, I have been blessed to have "found you." What you articulate in this echoes my heart and experience. It is humbling when He "rewards" His kids with confirmation…and confirmation from someone I am coming to respect and look forward to more teaching. Thank you for your honest, transparentness. I am so blessed, only He will be able to show you the extent of it and I am CERTAIN He will. Blessings upon you and ALL that concerns you.

  25. Help this brother in Korea preaching and singing for the glory of God.

    Subcribe to:

  26. When people looking for a god for themselves, it so easily to be deceived, when people constantly dying for self, Holy Spirit leads and guides them to all Truth. Keep the Simplicity in Christ, I believe with the Word of God, Holy Spirit, and without me, He lives.

  27. Let Us Who Labor with Christ, Be Careful Not to Over Analyse the Working of the Holy Spirit. Jeremiah 31: 31-34 reads, "Behold the days come, saith the Lord…" and now has been fulfilled as we look toward Hebrews 10 :16, "And this is the covenant I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them. And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more." and "Now where the remission of these is, there is no more offering for sins." William Tyndales puts it succinctly in his 1517 version of the new testament, "There is no damnation to them which are in Christ Jesus (Romans Ch 8 verse 1)." See, we are now under the law of the Spirit of life. Jesus Christ fulfilled, or did away with (however one wants to express this) the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2). We see damnation ie., being damned to eternal hell and torment has lost its power because Jesus Christ dammed sin in the flesh through his blood. Now the new law, "The law of the Spirit of life" (Romans 8:2), brought into effect by the blood of Jesus Christ is offered to all who believe. Circumcision of the heart occurs and our flesh is cut away when we enter into this new covenant. "A new heart also will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a new heart ( Ezekiel 36: 26)," then referred to in Hebrews 8:10. The author of Hebrews refers to this work resulting in everyone personally knowing God (Hebrews 8:11), from the least to the greatest as a result of this new birth, by entering into this new covenant through God's work of circumcising our hearts at salvation.This is the miracle of salvation! This is why we preach the Gospel! Once this circumcision of our heart occurs, we follow God's command to walk after the Spirit so that we will not once again fulfill the lusts of the flesh (Romans 8:9), from which we were delivered. Now, we can only do this because we are a new creation and the Spirit of God lives within us, "…if any man have not the Spirit of Christ he is none of his."(Romans 8:9-11). How does this miracle of circumcision of the heart occur? Well, we read, "With the heart man believeth unto righteousness: and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." (Romans 10: 11) In our example of Philip with the eunuch in the book of Acts we read, "And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, you may." referring to the Eunuch's request to be baptised as he was approaching a body of water. The word heart is cited over 800 times in the Bible but I was unable to obtain clarification as to how many times the word heart was referred to in the new testament. Clearly with some good study into the new testament be see the reference to man's heart as being at the center of repentance, baptism and not departing from Jesus Christ (with an "…evil heart of unbelief,…" Hebrews 3:12). This we know—the heart is at the center of man's relationship with God; "And God saw that the wickedness of man [was] great in the earth, and that every imaginations of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." (Genesis 6:5). We we God referring to his own heart when he in Genesis 6:6 he says "And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his HEART." The Bible refers to man's heart, which is at the center of God addressing sin, repentance the hope of eternal life and the warning of an eternal hell. There are many conclusions that we Christians can make regarding believing, repentance, baptism, being filled with the Holy Spirit and tongues in the new believer's experience and in their order of events. Let us remind ourselves what God says, "…man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart." (1st Samuel 16:7) By their fruits we will see if there has been a circumcision of the heart: a true repentance. If we get too fixated on the order of the miracle of Salvation where God creates a new heart, where there is a cutting away of the flesh, and the equipping us for ministry we will lose sight of the reality that the Holy Spirit is in control and its him that directs God's working on earth. One way or another, for over 40 years I have watched congregations lose their way as they attempt to create a recipe based on their certain conviction on the order of things. Inevitably it turns into works, that turns into pride, that then turns into a powerless gospel at best and at worst apostasy. We must be careful to focus on the preaching of the Gospel. Yes, in the highways and in the byways. Yes, accompanied by baptism, healing, deliverance, tongues and meeting the physical needs of the people; as our Apostle Paul agreed with when he went up to Jeruselam to ensure he had not been running the race in vain, in Galatians Chapter 2. PS. The afore mentioned note is in no way is addressing the Aposasy in the Church, it is for us who love our savior the Lord Jesus Christ.

  28. Shalom!
    Beloved sisters and brothers, in YAHUSHUA, Jesus. I just want to warn you. Have you noticed, there are not anymore RUACH HA KODESH, Holy Spirit inside churches. These Sunday churches will be in near future to leading people to antichrist. It will be spiritual mark of the beast. RFID-ship will be physical mark of the beast. So don't go, don't take. Please people, wake up, it is high time! Wake up!! Look around! Seek the truth! People, Sunday is NOT a Holy day, it is not! Shabbat is from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. That is biblical. The catholic church changed that. Study history, see what catholic church has made and what it is gonna make. Through ecumenic you are part of catholic church.
    There is true Prophet, Prophet Elisheva. If you have spiritual ears to hear, you hear. I pray, you have. Please, visit in Amightywind pages. There are so many prophecies from Heaven and real sacred Hebrew Names of God. Please people, visit there. May YAH lead you.

  29. Todd Bently was not Word of Faith. Real Faith is simply believing what God says in His Word above all that you see, feel, hear, or think. It is so simply because He says it is so.

  30. Thank you for this strong message. Thanks for not being afraid to tell the truth! I'm one on those who came out of the charismatic movement, experienced true baptism & got free for the first time in 50 years of serving Jesus.

  31. They’re Satanists Torben. All of those high profile ‘ministers’ are. And many of them are trans as that’s a big part of it. We’ve all been deceived by them.

  32. This person is sincere I can tell by his word. Only The Lord can judge. Let Him be The Judge. Pray for what your heart is convicted right now. Jesus Christis is amazing and be with us until the end of times.
    I am outside of the box, so was Jesus Christ. We are the followers of The Christ, not the followers of religions nor men.
    Peace and grace to you.

  33. Torben! This is why you needed to come to America! Many of us have no church and have to go it alone because we saw the falseness with the Lakeland deal & we see the phoneyness and love of money & false prophets and lack of discernment and divorce and remarriage same as world and the spiritual advisor to Trump admitted her & her husband watch pornography together!
    I'm not so sure it's lack of the Gospel although there is a huge lack of Gospel. I think it's Idolatry. God & mammon & wanting ppl to like you and being a big shot & having your own jet, etc. I think America is in bad bad trouble & I don't see the repentance. Most never mention repentance is needed, no it's all about the economy! I tell everybody that I can America needs to repent. But no one listens. Sometimes maybe one person. I see the signs of going into captivity and God backing away. I am hoping you can help bring true repentance to America because without America, which was the light of freedom in the world and all because of God's grace and blessings…without America to help & rescue …the world will go very dark. Who will give to the nations as USA has done? Who will care! It's very scarey. Thank Torben that you are compelled to tell the truth and you obey the Spirit of Truth! Love you!💖💖💖

  34. I am in such agreement with everything you say…..except with the way you cast out demons and impart the tongues. The laying on of hands and shouting to cast out demons….without binding the Demons first, sends them out to enter others. —— which a woman at one of your schools experienced, you said so, yourself in a video. There is no need to shout, as the power is not in volume…God is in the still small voice! It scares people. Also, one lays hands on to heal and GIVE the Holy Spirit. No where in the Bible does anyone do anything other than speak, to cast out demons. And tongues…why does everyone you baptize speak the same “personal tongues” that you do? And no one speaks other languages which are understood by others? Which happened in the book of acts. Paul is the only one who mentions the “personal” tongues in one verse in a letter. So, isn’t this building theology on one verse? Nothing seems to be more off putting to people than this one gift…

  35. Thank you for your honesty Torben. We need to hear these things. I know you bring this message in love and only because our Father gave you the words to say through the Holy Spirit. There are many Tod Bentleys out there and unfortunately our youth are drawn to that. Satan is very clever in deceiving the new born believers and those who are older who dont have discernment. We need to ask the Father for discernment. We have to know Him, the Holy Spirit. God bless you and your family. I am so happy for what God is doing at the new Jesus Center and your ministry.

  36. God is good!…I'm watching this and just this morning I wrote and posted on line a message about lacking or having no fear in God. It's what the Lord led me to write about. Glory to God!

  37. YHWH (יהוה), our ABBA, and HIS "only begotten Son", Yahushua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ Of Nazareth) speak about the Holy Spirit, truthfully. We set our spirit in life at a sometimes early age, and at a sometimes elder age. We need to recognize that we need to choose our ways all the time.

    I hear what you say, here. We need to sometimes take a deep breath and pray deeply. We need to pray a lot.

    HE and HIS "only begotten Son" work together with angels. For my spirit cried out once and two people appeared without me speaking a word. When I talked, I realized something much greater than I brought these two ladies to me. They both died before I met them. In other words, YHWH and or HIS Son blessed me.

    I tried to reach out to others. Supposedly Holy people, when I needed help. YHWH, said, "Trust not those people that pretend. Stay open to helping the poor and those in need."

    I want to meet you sometime this year.


  38. Many folks here mentioned listening to Paul Washer. FYI He believes in the supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit, but he just doesn't believe 90% of the manifestations in the body of Christ is really from thw Holy Spirit.

  39. Thank you brother Torben. It is so refreshing and a blessing to see such a sincere heart for God and the condition of people today. I myself, came from an opposite background than you! Where you were able to see an abuse of the gifts and deceiving of spirits…..my family and I never once saw anything even so remotely resembling any gifts of the spirit. Baptism was taught strictly as only an outward symbol of obedience that Christians did when they felt like it and when they wanted to get dunked. God showed me both extreme sides and when you take the time to actually read the Holy bible and ask for guidance, you realize that it's not exactly what you "thought" it was. I cannot blame those I first learned from, as I also had a responsibility to discern if what I was being taught was true or not and to compare it to the word of God.

    Balance knowing that either extreme is not good and then comparing it to the word of God is key I think.Also living a life of holiness is vital. Your not perfect, otherwise you would NOT be here in the first place, but God is perfecting us and because of the precious blood of Jesus, we no longer HAVE to live in sin….we have a choice. Repentance is good for us, because it let's us know we need God, we are in the world but not of it, and we hopefully grow and mature into what God wants us to be.

    God is good all the time and He helps those who are truly seeking Him, to find Him through this puzzle we call life and he teaches us to learn to discern along the way. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you and family. May the Lord let His light to shine upon you and give you peace. May your feet continue to walk in the way, the truth and life that is in Christ Jesus. Lord willing, we hope to meet you in Austin this month! My husband and I are so excited!

  40. I feel like I know you so much better, after seeing that video. Thank you, Torben, for sharing so much more about where you're coming from, and for sharing your heart. Thanks for promoting the Gospel. God bless you abundantly!!

  41. Your testimony in the beginning is good. Gives the hearers the knowledge that you aren't just babbling but have been through a process.

  42. Torben , the bible says men have itchy ears…

    but you haven't a commission from God to scratch them…

    If you have raced with men on foot
        and they have worn you out,
        how can you compete with horses?
    If you stumble[a] in safe country,
        how will you manage in the thickets by[b] the Jordan?
    6 Your relatives, members of your own family—
        even they have betrayed you;
        they have raised a loud cry against you.
    Do not trust them,
        though they speak well of you.

  43. The Todd Bentley thing broke a friendship of 30 years..for they believed in him… I saw straight through Him …I only saw the darkness… I have struggled with church for years… I was once a pastors wife… I saw so much deception..so much darkness… I was a battered wife..I went to a meeting… Invited by the lady who was running it… I didn't want to go… I was among pastors wives, 50 of them from all denominations, …. …. … Then we were asked to be honest and raise our hand if we were battered wives… EVERY LADY RAISED HER HAND… I was really really really shoooked… It didn't help me to know that it shook my core beliefs… But I knew it wasn't God who beat us… But it showed me the depth of corruption in the church h..I left the church and haven't been back since… Not in this country… I did have good churches in America, but even there I saw so much darkness in the church… It's a very lonely road but I know I am on the right road… I don't easily trust the leaders of the church… Too many aren't even born again… Too many are plants from hell… The prophetic is a mess… We need to stop and wait on the Lord, and be led of The Lord… I envy you being the USA… It's my heart ❤.
    We need to be humble before The Lord….

  44. I forgive you Torben for ignoring me and my family when we came to seek you for prayer for my ailing mother. I noticed you cared more about being in front of the camera so I started to think negatively of you. I admit my first impression of you was pretty bad, but I realized it’s not about you…it’s about my relationship with God. Just wanted to get that off my shoulder. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  45. I left the so called 'church ' in my country too. It was hard! The narrow road is a very lonely one. When I discovered The last Reformation it comforted me. And now I see so many like minded people, Christians who truly want to serve the Lord!💖
    It's obvious to me now that the Lord is doing something New!!! And I'm very happy that I'm part of this new movement of the Holy Spirit. If that movement is The last Reformation or any other Christian group in search of the true Christian life!!!💖🙏🏼💞

  46. I agree with much of what you have said, although I would say that the manifestation of shaking was a common manifestation at the Azusa Street revival and I believe that was a genuine revival.

  47. Thank you for this Torben. May God continue to bless you and your Ministry and continue giving you discernment to help His Church. God bless you brother!!

  48. When persecution comes to the American church then you will get to see the true church come alive remember the Bible verse judgment must begin with the house of God first

  49. I'm a christian, been baptised but my flesh loves my sin. Keeps falling away and falling back… I know I need to repent and I try to but once I am tempted, it's not difficult to make me fall away again. I'm really afraid to test gods patience and longsuffering, I've willingly given in and continued in sin ..is there hope for me to truly repent and be forgiven? (God bless you if you read and reply…it will really help a fellow brother in christ)

  50. Be aware of
    Wladimir Wladimiro Witsch 666
    William Wales Windsor
    (Wound of Sword)…
    Check urself. Maybe I am wrong.

  51. Thank you Brother this has been a true Blessing for me,I Live in Ireland,Dublin hope you can recommend a True gospel teaching Church.Amen,Selahxx

  52. Torben when will you come to VENEZUELA i hope God allow you to visit my country? there will be a revival here the most revival ever.

  53. Please continue to question everything you've been taught, not only by the world system but by the religious system.  If you are a truth seeker & I believe you are, reread the gospels & the letters of the disciples & remember to use exegesis, NOT eisegesis!  (While exegesis is the process of drawing out the meaning from a text in accordance with the context and discover-able meaning of its author, eisegesis occurs when a reader imposes his or her interpretation into and onto the text.) Who was Jesus speaking TO?  What was the time frame & then you will find out that there is NO GREAT TRIBULATION coming & we are NOT in the end times.  After you ask the Lord for the truth & you overcome your cognitive dissonance, you will discover yet another deception!!!  Check w/ a real bible scholar by the name of DON K. PRESTON.  Also there's a great book entitled Essays on Eschatology by Samuel G. Dawson that would be worth your read.  God bless you on your search.

  54. I remember many many years ago going to a Benny Hinn crusade just 10 minutes from my home, at that time. But, I wouldnt now. We can identify with what you are talking about. Ive been a born again pentecostal for over 40 yrs. Ive seen a lot. But I thank God that He has kept me from following into deception, and showed me that its SO important to know the Word.

  55. I want to raise two points

    1) Todds ministry Morningstar has pretty obvious Illuminati connections. The devil has infiltrated the church. I think Todd is aware of what he is doing. Rick Joyner is a knight o malta.
    These illuminati connections is what links bethel church, Morningstar ministries and Hillsong etc.
    In one video with Todd at an outside stadium arena he has put up owls in the corners making the audience stand in a pentagram, the occult connection is clear.

    2) The churches that sprang up in the 80s in Scandinavian had clear influences from the Jesus people or hippie revival. The cavalry chapel followers divided early in a berean bible believing church and on the other side a charismatic new age church…it is the later that took root in Scandinavia.

    As a swede myself I am amazed at how many good bible believing churches there is in the U.S. while in Sweden we are left with weak goofy churches planted by the new age charismatic line.
    However, there are still good churches left…..and good scriptural correct pastors left….so lets not forget that…..they are few but still there.

  56. Brothers and sisters, please stay away from the NAR, Word faith, and dominion teaching. All teach falsely. I do believe in the gifts of the Spirit. I do speak in tongues. But according to what the scriptures teach.We use decernment, but test all things by His Word. I love David Wilkersons ministry. He was Spirit filled.

  57. For some time now, I feel like the Lord is laying on me to be careful who I let lay their hands on me and pray for me. I know there is a reason for it. Not much, but I have had someone lay hands on me before and I was very uncomfortable when they did. Sometimes, I hesitate to even go up front of church to pray. Everyone lay hands on each other when we pray for someone. I kind of hesitate, but go up to pray for everyone. Just not sure Im trustful of everyone to lay hands on me.

  58. would baptism in your view start after the resurrection or after the death of Jesus on the cross? Since technically Jesus died before the thieves on the cross since their legs had to be broken to make them die but Jesus was already dead at that time. So if it is at the death of Jesus then the thief on the cross believed before Jesus died but died after Jesus died. This is confusing to me really since there are passages that strongly say like Romans 4:5 that belief results in righteousness. There are fewer passages that talk about the need for baptism than passages that expressly state belief by itself.

  59. The devil's advocates crept into destroy these people! Satan sends in witches/warlocks to pull people down but they don't KNOW who they really are IN MESSIAH so the devil pulls them down by "vices" .

    We must pray for you Saint Torben & pray for all the true Saints, Disciples of The real Son of God for the devil has NOTHING IN CHRIST!!! He has NOTHING IN HIS REAL MEMBERS OF HIS PHYSICAL BODY!

    We are instructed to be "sober & vigilant "! We KNOW when there is a temptation in our path & we must DRIVE IT AWAY FROM US BY THE POWER OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT WHO INDWELLS US WHO ARE TRULY IN MESSIAH!!! 💦💦😇💦💦

  60. 100% in agreement with you about repent from the Adultery & remain with 1st wife! Otherwise the 2nd marriage is an adulteress marriage!

  61. Just throw down some feathers and fake gold dust, and most of them will listen to anything you say. Get back to truth. What overcomes the false, truth. What is truth, the Holy Bible. Stop lifting up people and their so called ministries, only lift up Jesus and the Word. Repent of our own personal sins, and the sins of this nation.

  62. Thank You Torben for this video, the warning is taken to heart in all seriousness. I believe you have helped many open their eyes to what is going on more circumspectly in the Holy Spirit; including myself. My spiritual journey has been much like yours with the different views of christianity. I also went from one side of the road to the other over the years. I Thank The LORD that I didn’t stay in one ditch or the other. Most of all I am so thankful I was lead to your ministry last fall. I have not stopped watching your videos since. Also read most if not all of your books. I'm a work in progress but I want more than anything in this world to follow and do this sort of ministry for the rest of my life. I am retired and live and travel in a motorhome much of the time and plan on using for this ministry in some way on my own or with others; The LORD leading me… I plan on, if The LORD wills to come out to NC to visit this year. Hope to see and meet you if at all possible. I know I have a lot of work to do and need much prayer. GOD help me, and bless your ministry, in Jesus Christ Name, Amen.

  63. 🔥🕊😭 I don't know who Tom Bently is, I just believe so much is off w/system & So much deception in His Name. So many wounded God is not playing & Jesus warned about it. 😭☝🏼🔥🕊👑🛐🛐🛐

  64. Good word. I tracked with Todd from the beginning like you and observed that there was no mention of sin and repentance
    I would suggest a little change to your conclusions as to the remedy for the ship going down
    This must be addressed from two fronts to be consistent with YOUR own testimony
    First, for the unbeliever coming to Faith the first time, our approach must be as you teach that baptism In water and deliverance (if necessary) and the baptism in the Spirit follow immediately after genuine repentance and sorrow for sin
    Second, there is the huge number of Christians who came to Faith, were baptized in water and were even filled with the Spirit but never fully repented of their sin and remain in bondage to one sin or another to this day. This was the state you found yourself in many years ago….I heard your testimony…. You were convicted of your sin and got the revelation that you could be free from bondage to sin, repented and then you experienced freedom
    This post- conversion repentance is the answer for the Christian who has never cleaned out his or her closet…completely!
    (There is no real applicable scripture for this because biblical salvation always followed true repentance, however …James 4:8b. … “cleanse your hands you sinners and purify your hearts you double minded”)
    Re-baptism could follow this post-conversion repentance but it will be of no use without it.
    I can personally testify to this. Saved in my early teens, I never truly repented of my sin and remained in bondage to sin in one form or another FOR MANY DECADES until a crisis of conviction and season of repentance this past year following a cancer scare.
    I am NOW walking in freedom for the first time in my life. NOW I think I am ready to be baptized…again!!

  65. We hate everyone who doesn't look as holy as we are, remember to never say you did anything wrong and if you do say that "even you can sometimes fail" lol – the modern Christianity fueled by charismatic abuse

  66. Peter, John, Paul and Jude all made it a primary focus and reason for writing their letters to the church. The Bible says in the last days, many will be led away from the faith by deceiving demons, and false doctrines. That means we need to be watching and testing the spirits. And most importantly, if anyone saves a backslidden Christian from sins, he saves his soul from death and covers a multitude of sins.
    Torben, your heart of love and desire shows clearly in this. Thank you for your honesty and sincerity. We are always praying for you and your family! God bless you and every brother and sister in the faith.


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