A Navy SEAL Sniper Trigger Trick to Help Hit Your Target Every Time

Hey guys what’s going on I’m retired
Navy SEAL sniper instructor Chris Sajnog founder of the new rules of
marksmanship training system and in this video I want to teach you a sniper trick
that’s going to help you hit your target every single time now let’s go ahead and
get started I just wanted to share a super easy
trick that is going to blow your mind away on how easy it is and how helpful
it is and you being able to hit your target and that is simply this I want
you to keep this second knuckle right here of your trigger finger pointed
directly at the target when you shoot and I’ll show you how that’s gonna work
with your pistol and it also works with rifle with a carbine and then I’m gonna
show you another example of me using a pencil now first off let me show you
what I mean by keeping this second knuckle straight when you are pulling
the trigger so if you look right here my knuckle is straight and if I press
straight back and keep this knuckle straight you can see the gun is not
moving for the gun to move because of my trigger finger I’m actually gonna need
to move this knuckle so if I want the gun to go to the right that knuckle has
to move to the right if I want to push it to the left which is a very common
shooting error people shooting low and left like that that knuckle has to move
the way to keep that straight is to one practice it but also make sure that you
have a good grip on the gun and then let your finger land wherever it fits your
hand in that gun and now I’m just gonna concentrate when I shoot at keeping the
tip of that finger pointed straight forward as I press back on the trigger
so here’s another example you can practice this obviously anywhere you can
use a pencil I’ve used this paint pen just because it’s a little heavier and
it’s a little easier if you watch this knuckle and watch the pen you’ll see
that as I keep this knuckle pointed straight forward the pen is going to
move straight up and down if I move this knuckle left or right it’s going to
change where this goes so if I was pressing back on the trigger and moving
it you’re gonna see that I would be shooting to the left on that or if I’m
pulling the trigger this way that knuckle has to move for me to pull the
shots to the right okay so this is just pure mechanics but it’s also pure magic
use this sniper trick every time you shoot and hopefully it helps make you a
better shooter now until next time keep paving your path to perfection hey I
really hope you enjoyed watching that video and if you did I put together my
top three videos for learning to shoot at home and I want to give those to you
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25 thoughts on “A Navy SEAL Sniper Trigger Trick to Help Hit Your Target Every Time

  1. Kinda reminds me of a good golf stance. Your feet alignment determines the line of the shot. Thank you, Sir for the video and your service! Without warriors such as yourself, this country would be lost forever. God Bless!

  2. For those of you Sajnogsters that haven't already you NEED to download the SEAL TRAINING APP. Here's the link! Check out this awesome new app! https://iax8.app.link/i3zPvdfJfO

  3. Hey. It worked like a champ. I was pulling my shots about an inch and a half left at 10 yards and this put me back on target. Two thumbs up! 👍👍

  4. Good explanation Chris. When I'm in my car I use the parking brake between the front seats to practice moving my trigger finger at the second knuckle and pressing straight back with the tip of the finger.

  5. What kind of idiot dislikes this information? Thank you very much for the video, I can't wait to try it at the range. Already found my pen to start practicing at home. Thank you for your service.

  6. Wow, now I know why I've been struggling with the "longer" trigger pulls. My crisp, no take-up, Timney has cheated me. lol

  7. Super, I wish somebody had teached me that 25 years ago when I startet bulls-eye-shooting… thank you!

  8. Thanks Chris for another rare diamond of information, I have your books and heard this tip before but never gave it any serious attention but your video expanded on the tip and I immediately realized after practicing it how important it was to accuracy now this is part of my dry fire practices.
    Thanks for the info friend.

  9. I remember being in Boot Camp back in 1973. I kept missing everything to the right. Drill Instructor kept telling me that I was pulling my shots. He never told me how to fix this. I tried this technique that you advise today and yes it was like Magic. I'm thinking that maybe I should re-up. Thank you for the advice.

  10. I am watching your videos , and in civil Makramanship programme is going.hope for best , thanks for your lessons.I am trying to remember it every time when in shooting or when free.

  11. In 2009, I came home from a deployment and my oldest son, who was 3 or 4 at the time, wouldn’t eat for almost 2 weeks… Being a father I was obviously concerned, so I asked him about it and his answer really hit me hard… He said, “Dad, if I eat I’ll grow up and if I grow up I’ll become a daddy. And if I become a daddy, I’ll have to leave my family.” My boys barely knew who I was and I couldn’t let them grow up without a father…

    I realized at that moment my family needed me a lot more than the Navy needed another SEAL. So I put in for retirement the next day…

    Back then I knew I wanted to be with my family more than anything, so I made changes in my life that allowed me to be at home.

    We all want more time to spend with the people we love or doing the things we love. That’s why I’m here to help!

    Once you read my New Rules of Marksmanship you will learn how you can stay at home, and save time and money while you improve your shooting! I promise this works… try it now: https://chrissajnog.com/newrules/ http://snip.ly/vqtwv4

  12. Hi Chris, the information you give here has helped me improve my shooting. i would like to improve by dry firing at home, and i noticed in your videos you are able to pull the trigger and without racking the slide to reset, pull the trigger again. Is that some kind of device installed in the pistol, or is that a specific training pistol your using. your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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