A Navy SEAL Reveals How To Survive An Active Shooter

100 thoughts on “A Navy SEAL Reveals How To Survive An Active Shooter

  1. All these comments about school shooting…maybe you people should take a look at the environment which deliberately breeds such folk, it should say something about your assumptions.
    This isnt the 19th century.

  2. Or if your old enough get a concealed carry permit get proficient with your weapon and just be aware of your surroundings.

  3. Wear a full suit with ceramic plate armor and helmet with at least an m4, there u go, thats how u survive, pretty soon thats gonna be the school uniform

  4. I wonder what microscopic percentage of this videos viewers will ever find themselves in an active shooter situation let alone how many would recall any of these tips

  5. This is Great. A keeper. In fact☝️😌…..

    However🤔 I think I've seen this before… An forgot everything🙄…? Or DID I…😳…

  6. SHOOT BACK and drop the fool ! Thats how you servive…..
    Its not rocket science..
    Gun Free Zones are Kill Zones……..PERIOD.

  7. Great tips here! You should consider mentioning how incredibly hot the barrel/slide of the gun will be if there’s already been multiple shots, that can shock people if they aren’t expecting it and they go after it the wrong way. Really great video tho!

  8. I mean after watching Terminator 1 the MC dude with Sun glasses killed a lot of Cops so the Cops really didn’t take a very good cover from the gun shots

  9. But if you run in a continuous zig-zag pattern can't the shooter just pick up on the pattern, predict which turn you will make, aim his weapon correctly, and fire the moment you make that turn?

  10. Abolish assault weapons. You can defend yourself with a handgun if you must, and it'll hold your sacrosanct right to have guns, murder your spouse, kill yourself of have your toddler have a nice accident, the same. But, assault weapons, you only need them for a mass shooting.
    Forget about defending yourself against a shooter, unless you carry the thing day and night, loaded and ready, and keep totally aware of your surroundings so you can react instantly (without hitting anyone in the crossfire). Forget defending yourself against the evil government; it has tanks, bazookas, planes and nukes.
    So, as long as your legal system about guns doesn't become sensible, watch these videos and believe you can do this, amidst a shooting. Believe this is normal school stuff.

  11. Americans: I NEED THIS AAAAA
    me: laughs in to purchase a handgun or other restricted firearm, a person must have a restricted possession and acquisition licence (RPAL) for restricted firearms. Canada's federal laws severely restrict the ability of civilians to transport restricted or prohibited (grandfathered) firearms in public. / Canadian

  12. Good advice, but do NOT use the weapon AGAINST the shooter once retrieved from him IF YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE he has been 100% dis-armed. If he is 100% dis-armed after you have removed his weapon, **accompanied with** the fact that you had knowledge of this prior to shooting him, its murder and you MAY be prosecuted or sued. I know you're probably thinking "well good riddance", but, depending on what state this takes place in, the law won't see it that way.

  13. But what if you don't follow the group and wait to see where the gunshots are coming from in a hallway, and then the shooter turns into the hallway from the direction they were running away? Now you're alone in the hallway and will get shot.

  14. I feel like these descriptions and instructions fit snakes capabilities. Luckily my school is full of lying and deceptive snakes.

  15. I’ve learned a few new things like I’ve added grabbing a fire extinguisher and smacking the shooter in the head to my list

  16. Nbs after all those mass shooter that started happening ever since Vegas I’ve been even more paranoid everywhere I go I stare down people and my surroundings and check exits

  17. The advice for improvised weaponry also works well for when you are also faced with other dangerous situations like an attacker with a knife

  18. How to survive an active shooter go buy a airplane ticket somewhere out the states and it will be a thing of the past.

  19. instead of having to taking advice from navy seals, why dont they just NOT let people get guns so easily..? idk just maybe thats an option..

  20. I'm glad I learned about Ancient Rome and not how to defend myself in a life-threatening situation. Thanks, school! 👍

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