A Navy SEAL Reveals Home Invasion Survival Tips

100 thoughts on “A Navy SEAL Reveals Home Invasion Survival Tips

  1. Pro Tip: Whatever you do, don't be a young girl or an old man. That's almost a guarantee that some insane Seal wingnut will put a sniper round in you.

    On the positive side, Trump will pardon him and your surviving family members will have the opportunity to run him over in a Walmart parking lot.

  2. * I’M ON THE COUCH*


    ROBBER: oh my, perfect house

    ME: wait a sec


    COULD YOU GET ME A CUP OF WATER, and the bag of chips on the counter


    iIiIiMMmMm freaking BROKE I don’t even have enough money to buy chicken nuggets😪


  3. I’m getting Robbed RIGHT NOW AND WATCHING THIS PLS PRAY FOR ME !!!!! And I’m Also hiding under my bed😭😭😭

  4. I’m only 12 and I have a bat-like flashlight and a big loaded nerf gun by my bed. And we have lots of baseball/softball bats and basketballs in my house

  5. I’ve gone threw a class to carry a hand gun a cpl or ccw for self defense for when my life is on the line and I fell like my life is on the line
    And I keep a wooden and a softball bat for guys in different corners of my room for emergencies like if I have to get out of my room threw my window if there’s a fire or someone comes threw my window they’ll get a headache for going threw my window

  6. I planted claymores at strategic points of entry around the house but my dog stepped on the one next to the doggy door and now half of my house is gone.

  7. Telling your neighbours your comings and goings is more likely to inform a criminal that you’re not home. ‘Loose lips dinks ships’.

  8. we have 2 big family living together and more than (ma sha Allah) 30 people in the house and there are 14 rooms
    how will we plan🤔

  9. Shotgun shell filled with lead, nice weight and makes you knuckles align and be flat nicely, at least for me with fairly big hands.
    But i live in Sweden where we have no rights to carry any weapons, heck that shell is probably illegal, and if i punch someone with it in my hand i would not be surprised if i get charged with assault because i use to much force.

  10. Good video and I do not disagree with any of the points you make. However, I feel you missed one of the most common mistakes people make that results in their home being invaded. They open their door to strangers. The strongest door in the world is useless if the resident voluntarily opens their front door to see who is ringing the bell. That fatal error is likely the #1 way for bad guys to gain access to your home. NEVER open your door to strangers. It's not worth the risk. Talk with the door closed. Get some sort of intercom device.

    Thank you for your service and keeping us safe. It is greatly appreciated.

  11. “Your neighbours will be able to see what’s going on around your home” Well my neighbour is always on the couch sooo not much help

  12. Clint, if the burglars were smart, they would not be burglars… they would be bankers instead… you're overthinking all of this.

  13. I have 3 dogs that bark at everything!
    But I have a secret weapon….

    A Guinea pig that oinks at everything that passes her cage hoping they’ll feed her 😂

  14. 3000 home invasions a day. This is why Islam teaches to cut the hands off thieves. Cut just a few and it’ll all stop. Enjoy your home invasions.

  15. Nobody on this video:

    Me: Goes on Amazon to find bullet proof films for my windows… Are they Prime?

    Like if you are going to do this now. Subscribe if you enjoyed this comment. Don't forget to drop a comment and support me on Patreon lol

  16. 120 lb pitbull/mastiff for my alarm system and avid pissed off door greeter. Hidden weapons all over the house. I been good so far

  17. I had three pit bulls when I was about 7 and I lived in a pretty shady town so when someone was thinking about robing our house they would see three giant dogs waiting for them to come over.

  18. The guys said you can have a sap, a roll of quarters, a taser, baseball bat.
    Hispanic family explaining what to do : "GRAB THE CHANCLA AND THE CINCHO !"
    I don't think the robber would want to mess with the Hispanic family….

  19. Something I would add to the tactical nightstand is GLASSES. my wife has a habit of leaving her glasses in the bathroom. I keep mine next to where I sleep.

  20. I heard that putting a security/alarm sign in your yard is actually bad because it gives robbers information they need to disrupt the alarm signal. Does anyone know if this is a myth?

  21. People in the rich areas of my town will break into cars get the clicker and wait till no one is home and use the clicker. Best part is no sign of forced entry.

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