A Green Beret and a Navy SEAL Talk CQC High Port VS Low Port

All right so we’re about here on the
range and we’re gonna give a couple of demos first so Mike why don’t you just
if you can just walk us through what a lo port room entry comes looks like and
you know we’re not going to do staff we’re clear and safe with double checked
but Mike’s just kind of like talk us through what a basic low port entry
looks like we’re not worried about sectors of fire right now we’re just
worried about getting through this getting through the threshold all right
guys so if I’m coming over here and I’m on obviously I’m inside of this room and
this is the threshold and the doorway and I’m coming into another room this is
considered a center fed room because I have a point of domination here and a
point of domination here we typically call this the cut this is the place that
more than likely you’re you get shot from outside of the threshold of another
doorway because I can see all this open space so it’s here or here so if I’m
going in low low ready which is you know it’s very typical to see an army guy
doing movements from the lure already in the stack I’d have a guy in front of me
and that guy might go right what I would do is I would hug my gun butted up
against him with my gun oriented obviously down to the ground and as soon
as I clear open space to see my point of domination or to get around this wall I
take the gun up in the street to that point of domination that’s a basic of a
low ready and then coming up into my point of domination remember that the
point of CQB especially with the center fed room is
to come in with a simultaneous clear of each point of domination the idea is
there’s a bad guy here right and if I’m coming in I would have the hugged up on
that number one guy just to get that into that point of domination at the
same time he’s clearing his corner a lot of time in a briefs well but it doesn’t
execute as well make sure I get a question what I’ve never done little
port entries I’ve only right port so when we’re in the stack
then get the camera to come around here say we’re heading this way and you’re
the number one man my gun is like this yeah up here yeah so it’s a little ready
am i down like this just like that yeah okay you got to be really cognizant that
my barrel is not a Beretta your fucking cab yeah okay all right yeah and the one
of the things that’s been articulated I talked about this years ago in a podcast
was the fact that in the G wat when we were doing joint operations with a navy
we thought that what you guys were doing was Hollywood that’s what Hollywood guys
do until we started getting into small contained buildings where you know you
don’t have a room for an assaulter and you have to squeeze two big dudes in kit
through a threshold simultaneously again that briefs real well in training but
doesn’t execute well in real life in combat and so you should understand that
army catwalks observe and control from the top down meaning there’s a catwalk
where a controller is standing on top an instructor is standing on top of
observing down and if I have the gun here at the high port pointed at the
instructor up on the catwalk that’s not safe
and so institutionally they didn’t allow us to do a lot of that and so we had to
start doing a lot of this from the from the low carry or they or the low ready
but obviously war has changed a lot of things and we’ve adapted to that I used
to do did you sorry to cut you off so did you guys actually switch like mid
deployment or we did we did I I believe the big switches came in oh
six oh seven no way we do with you but then eventually we get to a live
fire and when you’re doing a live fire if there’s guys on the catwalk we’d have
to change our tactics and we might be like this for UTM source imps would if
we’d eventually have to get our guns down out of the catwalk or clear the
catwalk to be able to do that notion Isis tinkly remember doing ops with East
Coast teams in O six we’re doing joint ops and then I remember making fun of
the dudes and going hey this is that’s kind of crazy they’re doing that until I
realized that was more advantageous and it works yeah
especially when you’re I think the biggest point like people articulate in
different ways but the biggest point is if you’re in front of me and you’re my
number one man I have a barrel here but and so I am so close up on this operator
that when we go through that into single doorway and I give him the squeeze and
he goes into his port of domination I am on his ass to drop this Barrel in to
that point of domination there’s a couple other benefits but
that’s one of the most advantageous for me I guess I mean we’re a little short
on time so I’m not gonna dance around words but nobody take any offense of
what I’m saying but so I’ve never done already and you’re saying the only
reason was training yeah well the biggest reason was the way our CQB shoot
houses were built and you know I remember doing tape drills in the
infantry and the 90s doing it this way like even was with hands doing
rehearsals on engineer tape and then going to counterterrorism units and
operating that way we still did it that way
it wasn’t until like I said Oh 607 it’s done until we started realizing that
that was just a better alternative yeah and then we started building the
infrastructure a little bit different now there are different takes look I’m a
SIF guy I grew up in commanders in extremis force grew up in
Special Operations doing counterterrorism I know there’s gonna be
outliers cephalic Florida committee I got it
your your individual deployment but from my perspective for my eyes that’s what I
was seeing all right I was just curious we never trained a little floor so it
never really I mean eventually safar Tech which is our CQB shoot house school
eventually adapted to that and I remember distinctly going to range 37
and seeing different variations and they were definitely teaching high carrier
high port but that took a little bit of G watt to get that engrained I think
another consideration is the reason the Navy did that is because you you do
maritime ops and you’re on a boat you don’t want to shoot a round through the
bottom of the boat and so high port was a consideration to keep the gun up and
out of the deck but for us we don’t operate on boats or that we don’t roll
that way so it was a consideration for us interesting well I’ll just run
through a demo of one more in the stack we’re always if I can get you to be a
number one man just for a sec but when you’re coming in the stack you always
have your gun kind of rolled promised barrels higher than the tallest guys
head and then my other hands on his shoulder so when I’m ready I squeeze
them she feels goes in I’ve go to retract it and then I’m punching back
out so I’ve always found just some like some benefits I’m gonna run by myself benefits and is I can personally get on
my sites faster coming from a high port I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve
been doing it for so fucking long but I tested it we’ve proven it’s faster than
coming up from the already yeah I mean if you a lot of guys anchor I think a
bad habit is anchoring a pivot point off your buttstock and doing this because no
lull in latency I think this is more effective mm-hmm but from it from coming
to this movement snapping it down from this movement where typically you’re not
out of 45 you’re coming from like a 90 and riving the gun up stopping the gun
up is slower obviously than the minimal movement of dropping the barrel down a
couple degrees yeah I’m I think it’s a lot more aggressive to at least I feel
like coming from a high pork is a lot more aggressive and it’s a ton more
energy I mean I don’t know if you guys were doing strikes or anything and but
holy shit I mean you can really fuck somebody up like snap it out like that
so I can get the camera right around let’s say you can’t see this side of the
doorway you know and you’re entering one thing that I’ve always wondered is and
there’s a fucking bad guy right here they need to be shot maybe they don’t
but I’m already right here so technically I can engage here all the
way up to extended and let’s run through that real quick just so you guys can see
what it would look like I snap out immediately I give it that
aggressive aggressive snap out so that I can
anything that’s in my way is fucking going down no matter what I mean there’s
just it’s gonna be hard to stop that but so I’m gonna ground my I just like coming through the doors at
a low ready so obviously you know there’s an advantage it is the reason
why I adopted and evolve my tactics to go into a high carrier because the the
one of the biggest advantage advantages and what I teach is that when you have
two points of control with both your hands on the weapon system you could
manipulate this in space this idea that you’re a tank and you’re a turret
swinging around a gun off one pivot point is a bad idea especially in
dynamic fluid situations where you have to move around obstacles constantly and
you know if this wasn’t a guy this would be furniture or some other obstacle so
you have to have a tactic in which to take this off your shoulder and
manipulate this gun in space when I teach people is when you take this gun
and you put it out of the line of fire meaning you reduce your ability to react
to an immediate threat or an imminent threat then you’re putting the gun to
sleep so if I have the gun here and I see a threat but I can’t manage the
threat because I can’t break a shot and in that person his life or at least get
a physical reaction by shooting him in the knee the groin the stomach and the
chest then I’m at a huge advantage this defeats that so if I step them here the
idea is when I clear this space I need to be snapping that gun to that position
which again you’re moving from this dancing around the guy’s legs hopefully
understands footwork in CQB and hopefully getting that spot to where you
can clear it simultaneously but you think about the delay in the latency
from coming from here to where the guns present that’s a lot of time so if I if
I came here and this is just regressing to old tactics and I stepped in here and
he was here I understand retraction would retract the gun take
shots and then try for the target but again I’ve adapted myself and evolve
and so I wouldn’t be doing that that’s why I that’s why I do like the high port
where if I come through here before I clear this space my muzzle is breaking
that corner even if I’m offset and then as I Drive
I’m bringing the gun out so if I had to run into this dude I give you some Tony
Blair tactics I can muzzle strike them or if I can put them in the dirt if I
had to the answer is I digressed and tap-dance around out because I’ve never
do it no not anymore okay I was just curious you know what I
mean tempted cuz you know if we’re good made fun of by every fucking branch for
a long time and and I just always wondered you know well I mean not that
that scenario happens that often but yeah so coming in kind of slow down right
here or wait for my train to catch up or if their heads up enough then I’m just
fucking rolling through but that’s the exact same thing I push mine I move mine
in space right here I tuck it into my elbow and then oh shit and I think
another big advantage is if he’s standing right here and you’re doing
cross coverage if I look if you’re on a door especially a center fed door doing
cross coverage is how you use two eyes two sets of eyes and two sets of eyes is
better than one because we can clear sections of this entire room and then
have to have opposing we have opposing threats obviously because we have the
two different things but we’re covering those opposing threats and we’re
entering this room with cross coverage so a huge advantage of high port again
is if I’m here with high port and he’s got that covered and he makes the
commitment to come in and then he goes into his point of domination so move
slow and he comes in I could snap the gun up over his head and as he breaks in
simultaneously clearly that point of domination with low port listen I’ll
just demonstrate remember there is some guys you know oh that’s not low carry
well low port or low carry to me is the same thing because this is not getting
out of the way of anything right this is getting over people’s heads so the
difference is if I’m here on this guy I could be butted up against him here but
if I try to do the same thing with a gun here it’s in his back and there’s
nowhere to go so where does this gun go it goes down in the dirt because that’s
what I got so there is no difference to me so as he’s come in here I’ll show you
with low fourth imagine he’s coming slowly right go then my guns down and
now I have to wait for this wall time I just flagged my leg because that
the only option I have in steps stepping right into a center fed room is clearing
this way if he inefficient to do it this way so I already just swept my leg now
I’m stepping out here and then I’m trying to fit the gun into the space
there’s no advantage to that from the head down is where everybody’s bodies
are and if I’m trying to swing my barrel around people’s bodies friendly then
that’s not a good advantage right here in this space nobody’s heads above the
neckline so we’re all here my barrel can
manipulate around that space be safe and then snap into position what I need to do you feel having done both do you feel
there are any advantages to look it’s it’s minimal at best but the only
there’s some some benefits to low port depending on the situation there are
instances where you’ll have obstacles that are overhead you could be in a in
low rooms you could be in containers you could be in confined spaces where you
have no other option but at that point it’s not a consideration to do low carry
it’s just a consideration to manipulate your barrel around space obstacles etc
so I don’t think I honestly don’t think that tactically especially in a
collective task like CQB it’s necessary or advantageous at all to carry out low
carry do I get an honorary Trident because I backed the Navy up in this one
like I get like a hat that has a trident or something that’s above my pay grade
okay Jocko what somebody’s got to have that knowledge yeah well let’s uh let’s
end it with like some live demos and cool you know some bullets these airsoft
guns shoot live bullets they do sometimes sometimes so I’m going
old-school today shot this thing and I like that I’m
building one of those right now you have I just can’t find that m-68 I think
that’s a copy it’s not a comment – or old am 68 it looks like yeah all right going to go first or you want
me to go first yeah to a couple quick demos so get a
couple ex rang a couple angles and these fucking live fire and gonna just stand right about here
give me from coming from this side of the doorway you be do some low yeah if you don’t
mind do some low you want you want me to move it back a little bit yeah all right oh I gotta remember I got a number one
man so the number of wham man’s in front of me so I’m just gonna simulate so you
guys sweet with hi Kari coming in that corner looks like yeah I see your number
one name already I had to wait for him to get his dance out of the way through
the space make sure I don’t flag my own leg admit to ride that girl up and you
can tell good cqb between the latency of the number one man entering in a time it
takes for the second person to either clear as Porter domination or actually
engage a threat big latency just for the record I would never
buttonhook a rogue like that we’re just doing that for range constraints let’s
do just one more with the high carry on you as a number one man button hooking
so you can see the difference in speed do some steel fired up the time it takes to break the shot from
high versus low hi ciao that’s one of the drills I do I challenge myself all
the time from the low ready and the high ready and I honestly as much as I’d love
it to say like it’s big yeah it’s like a major fucking difference yeah it’s like faster and that’s why I said you know
like for me personally if my just because might just be because I’m so
used to acquiring it from all from a high port yeah but I don’t think you
know although I’m coming from here – I’m not coming from all the way down like we
were just doing coming through the doorway yeah and I think that’s the real
assessment – is like people forget like a lot of people train this well that’s
good as an individual skill set but when are you ever going to be standing like
this if I’m moving to contact my guns up right and I’m moving over my optic or
maybe even in my optic if I’m moving like this like what what’s the posture
where you’ll be in an amber phase we’re on that green I’m not red but I’m
somehow amber like that doesn’t make any sense I don’t get that either I mean the
only time I could think of that this baby like coming off a bird on doing
else yeah but inside a house yeah I don’t
really I just don’t see the point yeah so well I think that about covers
it how’s it good yeah you know what you
can’t wait to watch it from slow-mo it felt good for once to see an AV soo in
front of me usually they’re behind me so this is the
first time I’ve actually been behind one of it felt right it just felt good you
know that’s got to be a good view for you yeah yeah my GoPro is attached to my
belt that’s where I keep it just so I can get the POV perspective
all right thanks for having me on your channel

24 thoughts on “A Green Beret and a Navy SEAL Talk CQC High Port VS Low Port

  1. It was a real pleasure working with a true professional again. Thank you making the trip over to TN brother. Hope to see you in AZ next time. Cheers 🍻

  2. When I was running Urban ops, they always told us enter in the building with your muzzle up. The first man has his rifle ready to engage his threat before entering the building and in the low ready before entering the building but in a way you can still get a critical shot off. The obvious danger is the muzzle flagging your entrance a millisecond before you enter. But unless there is a combatant on the other side ready for you, you should be fine. If he is ready, you are going to have a bad day, every day.

  3. Thousands of hours of training went in for these two professionals to provide this content, free. Amazing work. Also, anyone know what kind of jacket Shawn is wearing?

  4. Personally coming down from a high port might not be the best! As you enter and drop the barrel the target could collapse to the floor and now your tracking down to the floor for a hit! Where as coming up from a low ready allows you to rake through the legs pelvis Center mass and through! If the target drops they are putting them selves into the barrel faster!

  5. Gain angles with your barrel up and ready, not sight of threat and then acquisition from a low point unless maybe your concerned about your barrel getting grabbed on a corner, in which cases your AR is typically going to be short enough to hold at a far point on the hand-guard like the host with the brown jacket did at one point when pushing the angle.

    Another point here to be examined is, if you stacking up on your teammates ass and going in from one side, I'd say this is normally a bad idea, because if someone has an angle on the doorways PO Entry, he can essentially shoot both of you at once, being a blind angle assuming you haven't yet sliced the pie as it is referred to I believe, or you don't have a lot of info on the interior of the room.

    But usually you'll flashbang or break up the angle beforehand maybe even with a Shield entry man and entry on different spacing so maybe my opinion here is a bit irrelevant, if not it is the danger of spacing and lack of info on a potential angle that may intersect two team members in succession of the POE, be it a bullet hole in a imagined cupboard on the right side of the wall on the videos POE, and someone is holding an angle there tightly, or even almost onto the POE when the team members are stacked tight and entering on the left POE of the door/opening it is a concern surely, or even just lack of info on that point beyond the room, sufficed to say, there are even thoughts to be had when in the move on POE in said situation, such as if you don't keep in mind windows and such adjacent to your room one or two more team members flanks while they engage, and therefore your teammates POE on the side of you maybe even adjacent to him, who's to say an angle is not already claimed and your not walking into the line of sight and endangering two lives instead of one, that's when things would or could get hairy I imagine, mostly if the two in the stack get so unlucky to be ambushed on the angles of approach in such a way, but that's more militaristic situations more often than not I would imagine, however not to be lightly thought of even in civilian applications I would say, overall calm and ready attentiveness to such small details and overall perception of potential threats that maybe were not previously thought to be there could save ones life surely, though hesitance in such circumstances surely goes worse than haste and pure brute force, if not even a rendezvous or retreat at the next safely acquired space or original POE might be the only option, to be able to re-engage further without sustaining heavy fire, especially if not expected in this scenario.

    I guess what I'm getting at in a much simpler breakdown is, you enter angle on POE, and see a couch to one side, you see a mans arm, so there is confirmation of either suspect or hostile, yet who is to say there is not two suspects/hostiles behind said couch, or maybe you haven't seen the hole drilled through a portion of the couch to be able to see your approach and engage you unexpectedly.

    Just my opinion btw , I have no experience in said things like law or military training, just an interest of mine, cool video nonetheless.

  6. Some of this seems to be spurious logic. First off Hi port being faster than low port. Yes I can see that could be the case but that's assuming you are only shooting from a perfect stance and sight picture. From low port if I am raising the muzzle up and have the pivot in my shoulder already the muzzle will be in line with the targets lower body very quickly. If need be I can start blasting before I get the rifle all the way up into cheek weld and get hits from crotch to chest. Negotiating obstacles and fellow team members makes plenty of sense and I think that makes that case to train it, but I see advantages to both. I think it would be advantageous to train both techniques and to use what is needed for specific situations.

  7. Was a paratrooper in 03-07,and we used high/low carry interchangeably as needed. I was a SAW gunner and high carry was so much easier for clearing.

  8. Dude thinks his tacts were considered comical for years and he accepted it ? Craft a better fighter. Dont be afraid to ask questions and develop.

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