A Day in the Life of a JetPens Videographer | JetPens IRL

A Day in the Life of a Videographer At JetPens Starting the day with some tea. Storyboarding today’s video. Shooting outside. Lunch time! Back to work! Staging some desk shots. Recording voiceovers. Time to edit! Mmm… Time to go home! Bye! [Sound of bicycle tires clicking] [Sound of door shutting] [Laughter]

70 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a JetPens Videographer | JetPens IRL

  1. Omgsh she’s the one who does those voiceovers?? Even though the audio wasnt provided here, I CAN HEAR HER LOL i watch so many jetpens vid🥺

  2. I love how you are branching out more on your videos. Especially with how they aren't just random, but they have something that correlates with the channels videos. I hope to see more! They are truly amazing to see as well as pleasing! 😊

  3. Absolutely wonderful video! It's so nice to see behind the scenes of such a beautiful and talented display of stationery! Please keep up the amazing work! ❤️

  4. My dream life. Loved the content.

    With the last scene of her laughing, I bet she felt weird of transitioning from being behind the camera to being in front. 🤭

  5. It's good to see the real people behind the videos, thanks a lot !

    Me in 1984 : "When I'll be a grown-up I want to work in a place with computers everywhere"
    Me in 2020 (working with computers everywhere for over 20 years) : "I want to work in a place with books and pens everywhere"… And watching this video =D

    Meanwhile, I'm cheating… I work with computers, with the remaining desk space filled with pencil pots full of pens and pencils.

  6. I love to watch your videos!!! Ya doing pretty well, and I have to congrats you! Thank you for bringing us such quality videos! 🙂 Greetings from Brazil!

  7. Man that looks like a really fun lifestyle im so jealous but also that makes a lot of sense. I can always tell this videos are made with love! and she is clearly having fun and loving what she does. Gah good vibes man

  8. I love this! She’s so cute and it looks like she’s having fun. It’s a meticulous job, I bet. Well done!

  9. I love seeing what goes into making the quality videos that you produce. More like this, please. It may sound weird, but I find your videos calming.

  10. Thank you for making those delightfuly relaxing videos. Is nice to put a face to all that wonderful work we see on video. They are amazing, great work! 🙋‍♀️🥰❤👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  11. It must have been weird be in front of a camara and not behind, the laught at the end seems she was shy 😁. Nice video

  12. Thanks for making this cool video showcasing your talented employees! Everything you sell is awesome but you all do such an amazing job of curating and presenting the products you carry!

  13. Thank you verymuch for bring us so many relaxing, aesthetic videos and also inspiration for all our stationary needs.
    I love you guys videos so much!

  14. Love that you guys are trying something new this year! I love BTS stuff so I'm really excited for more of this type of content 🙂 May I ask- how long does it usually take for your videographer to edit a vid?

  15. I love this video!!! I love it! It's impressive how professional and accurate and precise this girl is, despite her super young age!!! More videos like this one, pleaseeeeeeee!!!! P.S. 17 people have a bad handwriting!!!

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