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I just slept and just woke up, because my shift is starting My watch was pretty uneventful Nothing except the wind died We down to about 10 knots apparent And heading down wind. As soon as the sun comes up tomorrow we will put up the ballooner And probably get additional 2 knots so we will be moving probably 7 knots again which was nice earlier but not eventful, haven’t seen any boats at all And we going thru some pretty shallow areas There’s a couple areas, you know, within maybe 2 or 3 miles from the boat that might be 1.5 meters deep But we should stay in about 10 meters of water Hello! My shift is starting. It’s midnight And I will be hanging out for 2 hours while Kenny goes to sleep First I’m gonna take the shower. Oh, OK. You gonna take the shower now? Yep so it’s quite shallow here. but looks like we are OK We just need to avoid the 1.5m area See ya! Ola, my shift is over we went about I don’t know maybe 7(?) 14 miles in 2 hours Speed is 7 to 8 knots. Sometimes over 8 which is awesome So I’ve been sleeping, just woke up And found your wife running the engine, huh? Well you started it as soon as you took over. Yeah, pretty much So we are still in shallow area We are in 12 to 16 meters. It’s still better than 10 or 9 or 7 We still have shallow spots in front of us But so we lost wind, it was 10 knots and we don’t have proper set up, sail set up for 10 knots so I had to start the engine Nothing more exciting No boats at all and I’m going to sleep now What amazes me is how many AIS signals we are picking up and the range goes all the way up to over a 100 nautical miles We actually picking up some of the signals So the furthest one right now is out a 157 nautical miles so I’m really tired what time is it? 4 am. On an AIS we could see out a 153 NM at one point and we passed the barge a little while ago but now it’s my turn to go sleep and sleep and sleep so next time I’m up at 6am. Goodnight Good morning it’s 5 am. I have another hour to go while Ken is sleeping, it’s all good nothing much, still no wind, still good depth and some boats, one is on our port; one is still upfront but nothing more than that see you later Good morning Good morning are you gonna turn off your alarm? Is it mine? I thought it’s yours how did you sleep? Actually I slept OK. We are putting up the ballooner OK you can start to take in a little bit good? Good. Good job Mr. we can shut the engine off now OK we are flying the ballooner, the engine is off and the speed is about 6 knots we are happy about that what’s the true wind? true wind is 12.5 So we get just about half the true wind going downwind a and that’s about normal Oh, for my lunch? oh, thank you! For your breakfast. Breakfast, oh, man that’s a great breakfast we are running out of cinnamon I just took a shower, feel like a new person! Very happy and we just gonna chill out, maybe listen to the book now or I still want to watch a video I made and uploaded I did it so quickly and in the middle of the night to upload it on time because now we don’t have internet So i wanna look at it and maybe Ken will look at it too so and just relax, because there’s not much to do. Just enjoy the ocean and it’s so nice to be sailing Captain Ken, how are you? I am good. Put up ballooner this morning, now we are moving right now about 5 knots, which is good enough We could do 6.5 with an engine, but it’s nice not running it we watched the video that I made while in Kumai we just got back from the river cruise and we knew we leaving next morning, because our visa is expiring and we have no more time and I needed to finish it and upload it, while we have internet so it was pretty much in a rush and when we saw the video today it’s actually bad sound. And sound is by far the biggest challenge for me while making videos. So we talked over the lunch and we decided that we gonna fix the video, take about 20 nautical miles kind of a little bit off way towards the other island hoping to internet where I can re-upload the edited, fixed video so that’s how it is the life on the boat… Chill, huh? making water. First we make drinking water into those cans and then we gonna just put it into the tank for showers and dishwashing but right away I need to do some dish washing and then I’m gonna make lunch What’s for lunch? I’m gonna make a salmon with avocado because we have to eat it I don’t want it to go bad just to get some juice on It is 2 o’clock something and I just finished working on a video we are still on the way towards the island where we hope to find internet to re-upload the video. See you there so we are steering away from this boat, because it just cut our way this barge the video is being cooked it’s another 15 minutes to complete it Mr. Powers? Yes
What are you up to? This barge just popped up so have to make a little turn around it I think he’s trying to talk to me, but I can’t understand. And we were listening to the book, but since I’m filming with iPhone and iPhone is streaming the audiobook every time I start video, it stops the audiobook so we have been listening to this same book “Sugar, salt and fat” see you later and we are taking in the ballooner Ken is running the mouse – will be running the mouse up to unhook it when it’s unhooked I will twist it a little bit so it keeps holding it on the mast this is a new way we came up with unhooking ballooner Easier way Now he’s he already unhooked the ballooner it’s still holding on there because of the pressure as you can see mouse came down and now I will OK roll it in a little bit a little more, little more. Hold it ! OK, I rolled in, so it keeps holding on there then we will put the ballooner on same side as Genoa and will lower it down What are you doing?
we are taking down the ballooner Ok, roll it in and I’m rolling in! and then in couple of minutes I will unfurl it with the ballooner same side as Genoa All right, stop so now Ken is taking the pole down I try to help him out OK, came in I’m videoing and also taking in the lines Ken is just taking out the lines out of the water, putting them away so they are not in the way and Ken is taking balooners line since ballooner will be going over Genoa OK, slow it down some more you don’t want hardly any speed at all. We just want… What’s All right, give it 20 – 30 more degrees. Yeah, 20 more degrees minus? Minus Now you gonna start pulling out the Genoa.
Are you ready? Yeah. You don’t have a ballooner sheet. Yeah, start pulling it out OK, hold it Get it in! You got to do both! Got to pull More? No! Don’t pull it out anymore just pull it back a little bit more How about now? That should be good. Now just hold on, I got to get up there How much wind do we got? All right, we need to turn… so do we get that thing shielded see right now we are going way up too far come down 30 degrees OK, when I tell you, just unravel OK so I unfurled and it’s clear on the mast the Genoa is not taking, not holding it in anymore so Ken is taking it down this end is tied to the boat of the ballooner the top is free but the bottom is still attached to Genoa mast Ken always does this job, I don’t sorry for the dirty window, we had to close it because of this line He’s gonna untie that end of ballooner that’s why I turned that light off so everything else is good? Looks like it we thought our starter battery is dying. We have problem with alternator. It stopped working we can’t get it here in Indonesia… So.. You wanna tell the solution what you did? well we have battery charger hooked up to it, but then battery was getting below 12 volts and it’s because of the line that comes up to that battery meter up here are really small so when you turn the lights on the battery looks like it’s a lot lower, but I just noticed that Zivile turned the lights back on last night so it’s not so bad And it’s so bloody hot! Insane! Insane! yeah, it is hot Is it almost ready? no, not yet ’cause I need to take a shower OK the dinner is simmering and I’m gonna leave it for another probably 30 minutes, because curry is very hot for me most of the time it’s too hot. I like it a little bit less hot and it looks like it’s another 3 hours or 2.5 hours to go to the island and then to the city What are you making? it’s already made, I’m just adding salt you processing our food?
Processing our food didn’t add any sugar, I’m sorry and for the fats it’s only olive oil how do you like that? I’m sure I’m gonna like it Ok Mr. time to eat?
Time to eat Ready for video oh, book Yeah, go We are heading into Belington and it’s night and there’s fishing boats around us and it’s a little bit hectic right now but we trying to get the internet to upload that video and we found internet, we already uploaded 22% of the video I think we should be done in an hour And then we gonna just take off and keep sailing to our next destination which is about 1.5 day away non stop so that’s the update for now just sitting in a spot, running the engine, trying to upload the video and it says it about 2 hours and 20 more minutes to go… that sucks An update: we have 49 minutes remaining to upload the video and it’s 11:37 pm. LOL – that’s our day at crossing ha ha weird… well, but now can see what it takes to have and work on the videos and upload them It’s not so easy OK, check in with you later So here we a fairly decent quality video,
but no sound you can see – I’m not making it up – we do really struggle with all the sound equipment and also sound settings in a videos Anyways – here we are giving the update that we finally uploaded the video and it will be released on time as this dramatically affects our ratings and we already being punished by YouTube for not posting regularly on schedule We have another day and a half to our anchorage and it’s been quite difficult and extremely hot day. But at least that is done and we are off! Next on Sailing Aquarius: we visit places where ships are built we gonna be entering a lake in the middle of the extinct volcano Join us If you like this video, give us a like down below And click here to subscribe that really helps us. and if you wanna watch more of us click one of those

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