A day at Thekkady, Kerala | Sightseeing, Food, kalaripayattu,, Jeep safari Episode 6

100 thoughts on “A day at Thekkady, Kerala | Sightseeing, Food, kalaripayattu,, Jeep safari Episode 6

  1. sir
    Aap hamare area goom kar aya hai. Thattu dosa aur masala dosa aur plane dosa me mixture dal aur chawal ka same hai. masala dosa me mixture ko filakar karari karte hai. aur ek side se sakte hai.

    lekin thattu dosa ne mixture thoda motta thawa me dalkar jyada filata nahi aur uppar bubbles kafi ayenge ache medium rekh na . jab bubbles bhar jayenge to use opposite side me paladtkar low flame karke sekhna . thattu dosa ready. thanks for your video.

  2. Hi Harish, I’m a big fan of yours. Really like the simplicity in your videos. But please never do any animal ride as it damages their backbones.
    For the tourist purpose they are trained in a very brutal way.
    Rest everything is awesome. 🙂
    Keep it up.

  3. Kerala Jana toh tha pehle se..but after watching this video ..I can't wait to go to kerala..

    I like all your videos..what I like the most is your innocence/excitement like a kid..

  4. Excellent presentation.Harish Bali is adventurous. Very open to local taste. I am hooked to his foods travel show reliving my past in India right from the backstreets of Delhi to Tamilnadu , Kerala , Mumbai , Ahmedabad, Amritsar and other places. Thank u Harish I enjoy your Hindi commentary. Nathan Sekhar Sydney Australia.

  5. Harish sir you visit every state's of India but u never came to Jharkhand please visit Jharkhand soon I will be waiting for your reply

  6. Harish ji you should not ride such animal om back because it is encourage animal cruelty please sir it my humble appeal and best wishes

  7. Kalari 3rd century B.C The oldest Marital Arts ( TAMIL Martial arts) from which Karate evolved ….. During 3rd century B.C there was only Tamilagam (present day Tamil Nadu+Kerala) and was ruled by Chera Dynasty…currently we could see that the Nairs and menons are claiming it as if it is they who have discovered and developed it.

  8. Bali sir,

    This is the best video of ur Kerala series and I ranked this video among top 5 videos of ur all videos

    U adjusted everything in a single video ( boating, elephant ride and bath, kalaripattu, kathakali, Ayurvedic massage, spice your Jeep Safari )

    Seen so much in a single video

  9. Please don’t support or show animal rides in travel shows. It encourages others to do the same who watch your travel show.

  10. Super super video. Your food exploring idea's is too good. Keep it up brother 👌👌👌👌👌👌💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  11. Sir am ur new subscriber. Only one request from my side. Never go for elephant ride. Its animal abuse. Pls sir

  12. Tattu means plate . So it's called plate dosa. It's also called set dosa. He will give 2 tattu dosa in one plate. Enjoy the food in kl. Pls do visit Tamil nadu also . Kodai. Ooty

  13. Excellent video.. Can you please tell me which month were you traveling in ? I am planning to travel kochi- thekkady-munnar in July but have no idea whether its a good time or not.. Please suggest

  14. Excellent programme. Many thanks for showing many places in "Kerala" which we were not aware. Many thanks for the entire team members.

  15. Wah maza aagaya…. aurveda massage toh jarurr karani hai…av idea lag Gaya ki kaise aur Kaha Kaha janah hai…thank you sirji.

  16. Hats off to the way you've showed this city! This video is exactly what i wanted to watch before planning my trip!

  17. Harish Ji mujhe Aapka program achcha lagta he Kabhi nainital bhi visit kariye Suman Kumar verma nainital 8433056991/8006869009

  18. Nice one. The whole spices in the fish molly are not meant to be eaten, feel free to keep it aside. So could you do with the curry leaves.

  19. हरीश जी आपके हर वीडियोज मे बहुत कुछ देखने को मिलता है।खासकर जब आप किसी होटलज मे साधारण जगह पर बैठकर चम्मच से ना खाते हुए, हाथ से खाना बडा अच्छा लगता है।देखकर

  20. हरीश जी आपका हाथी पर बैठकर बच्चों की तरह चिल्लाना, हसंना देखकर बडा अच्छा लगा।दिल करता है।आपसे आकर दिल्ली मिलू।

  21. One thing that I liked in this video is vegetable Awarkai, this grows in abundance in Garhwal Himalayas too; and in our Garhwali dialect it is called Chhimi. This is a variety of beans which is rich in minerals and good for health. Though Thakkedy is a small town but it is beautiful. One thing that Bali has ignored is that people can purchase Masalas from there and can have massage in Ayurvedic massage parlours.

  22. This is my first video of you. Loving your energy a lot!! I don't easily subscribe to channels. But you deserve it. Subbed and now looking forward for more amazing content.

  23. There’s a not a single sec I would skip in your videos! Almost like we are also visiting the places with you! Very exhaustive and informative video and full of energy!

  24. Hello Harish. How r u . Where r u right now. I use to think before that ur prentation is boring when u use to visit Delhi places. But now u r really amazing. Going strong and like a professional presenter
    Keep it up. Your reaction is like a common man. Which is appritiable

  25. Kerala travellers big trouble is only coconut oil …95% tourist ignore…but not any other choices there…10/10 for sight seen and state beauty but for food 3/10 that's big fect and experience of my travel

  26. Hi Harish….I like the way you present….real & honest ….thanks
    I would request you to please share the driver name of your Kerala trip…thanks 🙂

  27. Bali Saab, your's foodie and travel show is just great and authentic so far as INDIAN values of food culture is concern , looking forward specially for you to feed you the most delicious cuisine of my self made preparation of multicultural and multi-national cuisines and to be frank I just loves your's food and travel show.

  28. Wow what a phenomenal way of explaination and details about the entire trip ..
    I'm feeling that I have traveled with you by the way you have presented this trip details..
    Anyway I'm traveling thekkady this 10th to 13th .. Definitely your video will be more helpful for me ..

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful video

  29. Very intersting . Made me also go on a holiday trip Kerela. But one big essential difference from upcountry states you have not highlighted at all is the general cleanliness and hygiene standards of people and places in Kerala , the law abiding and civil attitudes, the safety and respect of women ( a true indicator of a civilized society) that i noticed so starkly, so distinctly in Kerala!! It is amazing. And pleasantly shocking after having lived for decades in UP, Delhi regions. It is like we are in some refreshing civilized foreign place but within India.

  30. हरीश जी कृपया बताएँ केरला टूर सीरीज़ में देखने के लिए क्या करना होगा

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