60 Seconds With LCdr Erjon Baboci

So, we do it: “We’re here to
take the 60 seconds challenge!” Okay, alright. ♪ “What advice would you give
to someone thinking of joining the military?” Hey, guys, you want to see
the world? Join the Navy. Work with great people,
interesting places, serve your country,
make the world a better place. “What is it like being deployed with members
from different countries?” The best part of working with
people from different countries, you get to meet exciting people, learn about countries
you’ve never even visited before and have a lot of good laughs. The best thing, of course,
is knowing a lot of people. So, that is the best thing
of this job and I like it. “What does being a part
of NATO mean to you?” Yeah, it means interoperability. Being part of
a huge organization making the world a better place. “What is one key thing
you learned about NATO on this deployment?” Well, friendship and as I said
before, interoperability. It can be a challenge
every single day, but it’s rewarding working
with so many great countries. ♪

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