6 Degrees of Separation (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 120

Are you by yourself yes! me too Good morning everyone obviously we’d prefer to spend all of our time on anchor, but sometimes you’ve got to come into a marina and There are two good things about marinas the first is looking at all of the boats And the other one is a nice long cold shower. He’s coming this camera is going to scare the **** outta him Yeah, I forgot the key well you took it, what do they look like? what the showers?
yea pretty basic Last time you saw us we were hear in greece on the island of Nisos Serifos where we had an awful time tangling anchors and drifting out to sea We left in light winds for an easy sail around the corner to a place called Kalamata a little fishing port where I’d be living for my single-handed sail to Malta So what’s happening? I’m gonna do a single-handed sail to Malta I’ve wanted to do another one for a while now test out the new boat and myself Also, Elayna’s very very good friend Kayla, flew over at see here and because of the Meltemi Which is the north blowing wind in Greece you would have seen in one of the previous episodes We got tangled up and blew off out of the bay And it was a little bit of a nightmare so I said you girls go off and enjoy yourself I wanted to do one of these sails anyway, so it’s going to work out perfectly From Kalamata to Malta is about 380 nautical miles But there’s a few problems Mainly the weather I’m heading into a prevailing wind so the wind is coming from Here, I want to go that way So I’m waiting for it to swing up there so I can have it on on a beam And if I time it wrong there’s quite a serious gust coming down Right when I will arrive. So there’s all these things that I’ve got to consider How long how long exactly is it going to take me how much can I push it? I’m not going to be able to sail flat out all the time I’m going to be tired So I’ve got all these different things to think about and then decide when I’m gonna leave also need food and there’s a there’s a bunch of other things I need to organise but food and when to leave are very much the Predominant things on my mind at the moment Getting pretty close to having everything I need here got to go and get some rope and fill up with diesel so So Ive been for, I Went for a bit of a walk around town, and I tried to find a local to interview About Kalamata to try and tell me exactly what it is that goes on here? But I couldn’t find anyone so I’ve resorted to Rodney Hicles Greek Water Pilot he never lets me down Rodney and in here it says kalamata was once the principal port in the area
But now it’s commercial traffic is much diminished the harbor and town are more undistinguished and unattractive the earthquake in 1968 caused much damage and consequently parts of the town have abandoned appearance whilst the rest is undergoing reconstruction He goes on to talk about the park in the middle there with the trains And if you’re a bit of a buff to head there the center of town is pretty much. Just like the center of Any other town so that wasn’t particularly interesting But Rodney himself and I agree He points out that despite all of this Kalamata is the place that I really like a great place supported by the agricultural hinterland Especially the production of fat black kalamata olives, so it does sort of grow on you a little bit Are you by yourself? yes! Me too no way.. yeah At that time I was building my boat. this one? No it’s in Panama its a catamaran oh okay It’s a sailboat. I think we should have dinner or a beer or something tonight.
Oh my treat. I’m inviting you Me mate and I got chatting quite a bit on the first day We spoke about religion on the second politics and on the third I invited him to Malta the single-handed sail would have to wait He’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met, and he’s pretty funny It was just one of those things which very occasionally happened when you’re travelling and it really does make a trip So the idea came okay? What is the name of your other vessel In Bonaire you don’t want to know that Hemade built his own catamaran in Dubai where he shipped it to Turkey to start his journey Since then He sailed out of the Med across the Atlantic and over to the Caribbean the name Patin was made up by him from the first few letters of the words Pacific, Atlantic Indian When we reach there in the Caribbean and they looked at the registration in the boat called patin And they were just laughing and me and my crew I’m just looking around what’s going on here are they laughing? And it seems to mean something else what is it? I’ve been a strong man No it may it means ‘penis’..
you’re not going to put that yeah yeah i have to put that in its the best part The Latest with the weather we need to get our skates on we need to get out of here There’s a big blow coming from the north and we need to be about a hundred and fifty miles from where we are now in order to avoid that and it’s Pretty serious so we need to get out of here And then we need to get to Malta before the we get blocked by a bunch of headwinds So we’ve got a little window and we’re leaving straightaway Don the Don the GoPro mate You ready to go It’s off here and I drop it yea down, down! They’re good here Not too much not too much Riley ah we’re good Hemade has put a big pot of rice on down there, and I’m making some I’ve got some cabbage and onions and tomatoes on the go Hemade made this ridiculous claim that he could out fish me using only McDonald’s drinking straws as bait Hemade what have you done? You’ve created a longline? I think I think that’s cheating Good guilty your honor
you’ve got five hook. How many hooks have you got
4 hooks Seems a little bit unfair to me mate so are you conceding? No no no Hemade and I had a very interesting discussion him being the captain of his own sailboat about the ups and downs of it all I Like something he said about how you have to be able to enjoy the very small things whilst you’re doing what we’re doing Because you’re paying so much attention to your boat and things are always changing or going wrong You have to be able to slow down and notice and then appreciate a sunset or even just a reflection in the water It was the simple things we agreed upon The six degrees of separation is an idea that Everyone in the world is six, or less steps away from anyone else on planet earth It was originally laid out by Fredyes Corinthe

in 1929 and led to the small world experiments by none other than Stanley Milgram So if you’d be within your rights to be wondering what on earth all this is about Well my first video that I’ve ever entered and I used a song by the Brian Jonestown Massacre So I was wondering if anyone out there Could get hold of Anton and let him know that I’m terribly sorry I sent him at least ten emails but got no reply I’m now in the middle of the ocean and I made the call I was like I’m gonna keep editing this video and I’m going to use that song anyway Yeah, I was wondering if someone out there might actually know him that watches our show And if so, I would love to be able to use their music Yeah, I might use this idea to we’ll see how I go, maybe I’ll do this again in the future Thanks for watching if you liked that video give it a like if you haven’t subscribed do that and click the Notifications bell to be informed of all of our videos as soon as they drop. Thank you very much everyone Hey guys, just a bit of housekeeping from me while I’m waiting patiently for Riley’s arrival here in Malta I wanted to let you guys know that we are doing another patreon meet up early to mid next year in Florida Which we’re really excited about it’s our way of saying. Thank you to you guys for supporting what it is that we do So over the next few months. We’re going to be calling out anywhere You know from 50 to 100 names until we can fill all the spots and we have ten spots available You guys can also bring a friend or family member It’s gonna be a bunch of sailing obviously adventuring Diving oh yeah, divings going to be good in Florida ive heard Guitar playing, maybe a bit of wine drinking the last one was a total blast so we’re yeah we excited to be doing the same thing again I’ve already f9’d and I have a name for you today congratulations to Erin O’Herlihy I’m not sure if that’s how you pronounce your last name Erin. O’HERLIHY Congratulations. Thanks so much for the support. Please send us an email and yes stay tuned everyone. Thank you very much. That’s all from me

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  1. I have been following Sailing La Vagabonde channel for three years at least, while i was preparing for my own adventures at sea . Riley is an amazing man with great self learnt captain skills; he is a pure , humble, and honest person with a clear mind of what he wants to do and he does it ! He felt like an old lost friend to me . Running into him in Kalamata was dream come true, i was hoping to just say hello and congratulate him on this great channel . To go onboard SLV and sail to Malta with him was one of those moments , a memorable moment not to be missed .The story is what has been shown, not planned , not a business, no favors. Thank you very much Riley and Elayna ! All the best and Happy Holidays Everyone !

  2. ok seriously the music is excellent, as a guitar player and a wine drinker and a wahoo eater this is my new favorite you tube channel. its just extremely relaxing to watch!!!

  3. In the US I feel like we have lost track of how things like this can happen, that people we are supposed to meet cross our path at just the right time. We get so worried about people wanting something from us, this was just beautiful to see. Thank you for all you do!

  4. I have bought many music downloads after hearing it first on your channel: Joshy Willo, and Jon & Roy are two of my current favorites.

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