[50] Passeio de Canoa Havaiana junto de Golfinhos + Mergulho: Dia flat em Fernando de Noronha

Aloha guys, Ela No Mar ready for action! What to do in Noronha on a day without waves? Stay tuned! ♬ Song ♬ Today I’m here with Bárbara, Canoe Canoe Clube instructor, sailor. And we will talk a little about the Polynesian outrigger canoe before leaving for this adventure. Polynesian outrigger canoe is an ancient form of exploration. It was used by the Polynesian people in the Polynesian triangle to explore new lands. They got to know all the islands through the Polynesian canoe. They discovered more space, more villages. So until today it is also used as a transportation, but it has gained a lot of space as a sport. In Brazil, Polynesia canoe has grown a lot. We have seen more and more Polynesia canoe clubs in Brazil and it really became a sport. Our tours usually take place in the morning. We have three hours in the morning. There is a tour at dawn for us to contemplate the rising sun. There is other tour at 8:30 am. The shortest tourk takes place at 10:30. And it is shorter because the Sun is already stronger. And there is a tour in the afternoon (16:10) in the sunset. Two hour of tours. We always leave here from Porto and we row until on some beaches like Biboca, Cachorro and Meio. We stop for snorkeling in Conceição beach and after we return to Porto beach. This would be the route of the tours. And who can paddle in a Polynesian canoe? Is there a prerequisite. Do people need to know how to swim? No, it is not necessary to know how to swim. We always take the tour with everybody, regardless of knowing how to swim or not. We follow the rules and recommendations of the Brazilian Navy. We are always on board with the life jacket. So everyone is safe. It is a super peaceful tour, we even say that it is a tour much more than practicing a sport. It is a contemplative tour, you know. It is to be pleasant, peaceful. We have used this sport as a form of awareness. So our main objective is within this contact with nature to create a conscious tourism. I mean, making people have contact with nature and feel part of it. And perhaps they think that it is necessary to take care of nature in order to remains nature alive for the next generations. The sport here is a tool and not an end. There are other places like sports clubs that do Polynesian canoe crossing. They use canoes to make crossings, competitions. But we aim to provide this experience because it is importante people being in contact with sea, nature and understand that there can be a closeness, an intimacy with nature. And perhaps with this experience they reconnect with themselves and with nature as well. Show. And it is very interesting because you guys are not concerned with selling the tour. You and Danilo want the person to have an incredible experience. That’s it. Transform sport as an environmental education tool. For example, dolphins are very close to us. And people cannot put the camera in the water. You encourage people not to do that. You encourage that when you tell people to live in the moment. I think it is very cool. And all the time making those posts on Instagram showing the beauties of the island. But always trying to sensitize people. I have a question. How could the practice of Polynesian canoe help people who bodysurfing? I mean when the person is here in Noronha in the season that has no wave. Nice. I think that paddling with Polynesian canoe can help a lot in surfing and bodysurfing. Because it totally works the upper limbs. So the row is a good workout for surfing or bodysurfing. So when the waves are very small or when there are no waves, it’s time to practice Polynesia canoe, gain resistance, improve the physical conditioning that the paddle provides and then charging the waves. Hey guys, it was awesome! Incredible experience! I recommend to everyone who comes to Noronha. Whether the person already likes the Polynesian canoe or has never done it. Or the person who is learning and wants to know more about this amazing sport. It is something I highly recommend because it is not just a tour. It is a truly experience. An experience that you can be very close contact with marine life here. You saw here… So many turtles close to me, fishes and dolphins jumping. Wow, it was too beautiful! So I super, super, super recommend for anyone who wants to have a different chapter here in Noronha. If you don’t just want to hike, if you’re looking for something that will bring some emotion, some real memory you need to do this tour. I highly recommend Bárbara and Danilo, two people who are really passionate about the ocean. They have a whole tradition involved, a respect for the ocean that is something admirable in my opinion. So if you wanna come for a Polynesia canoe tour send a message on Noronha Canoe’s Clube Instagram. Talk to them because they have several tour options and also talk about the sea conditions. This way you will have security, fun and good memories. If you enjoy this video, remember to subscribe to the channel, follow us on Instagram, and leave comments or any questions here, ok? Aloha, see you guys on the next video!

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  1. 5000 for swimming with the dolphins and more 5000 for doing it inside a conservation unity. This trip turned out to be very expensive.

  2. Canoa havaiana: o melhor transporte pra conhecer à Ilha e ainda deixa vc consciente na preservação e com o condicionamento físico preparado para o próximo swell . PARABÉNS LETÍCIA . ALOHA !!!!

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