5 BEST GALACTIC REPUBLIC ships in Empire at War: Fall of the Republic

27 thoughts on “5 BEST GALACTIC REPUBLIC ships in Empire at War: Fall of the Republic

  1. Hi guys, did you agree with the list? What are YOUR favourite Galactic Republic ships in FotR? Would you like more of these top 5 videos?
    Please let me know in the comments below, I read all your comments!
    – Charlie

  2. broo i did everything about how to create a map but at the of run the custom map .. there are not units and i do not know what´s happends

  3. Hey guys, we'll be executing Order 66 in FotR LIVE for the first time! We'll be going live at 8PM EST / 1AM GMT
    🔹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpnJaQUBboI 🔹

  4. It’s nice to see something that goes over the tactics, adaptability and logistics rather than just how many guns and armor plates it has.

  5. Great vid Charlie. You should definitely do another one for the CIS, also you should also do two vids for GC at the different era stages.

  6. Is there something wrong with my game? The praetors, venators, and arquintens don't have the power to weapons ability. Or is that only for the skirmish mode or something?

  7. Hey Charlie and how are you man? I hope your doing well! Loving watching these videos at reasonable times again, I just finished up all my mid year finals and they went fairly well! As for the list in the video I do mainly agree as well! I find it very odd and funny too that it seems that as we go through the line, besides the jump from the acclamator to the venator the better ship is generally smaller than its predecessor. I suppose this is kind of reflected in real life too, people love the big old battleships of the past, and the cruisers and carriers of now. But when push comes to shove and it’s getting real tedious in there, then your not seeing those big boys, your small, cheaper, but significantly more numerous and effective at a tactical level corvettes and frigates truly get the job done! So yeah, really loved the video it was very interesting to watch, especially as a naval history buff, I am happy when Star Wars space combat embodies true principles of naval warfare lol. As for a next top 5 list, yes! Please keep doing these! My idea for one of them was though, as ground battles are always neglected in this game, what if you did a top 5 ground units that are not heroes for republic at war? I feel like that would be an interesting video because it would look at the side of Empire at war we don’t normally see cause well, it’s not as enjoyable as the space battles usually. So yeah, whatever you do though man, I’m sure it will be a great video and I’ll watch it, keep it up Charlie! For the Empire!

  8. This is a balance issue, and it's already in Thrawn's Revenge. AI is spamming giant fleets of Corellian Gunships and Marauders, and now Star Destroyers can't even target a corvetter without a tractor beam. Even the smaller scale destroyers, like Gladiator and Victory 1 get smashed by Gunship swarms. The dev said to use Strikes against them, but factions like Zsinj don't have that. After losing ISDs to these little fucks I just switched to making hordes of Nebulons of my own.

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