5 BEST CONFEDERACY ships in Empire at War: Fall of the Republic

27 thoughts on “5 BEST CONFEDERACY ships in Empire at War: Fall of the Republic

  1. Do you agree with this list? If not, what ships would you recommend? *Let us know what ships should have made the list in the comments.* We'll read through them all!
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    – Charlie

  2. I feel the lucrehulk should have had 3 variants prewar, super carrier, battleship. Just to give it even more fighters on it and become the ultimate carrier.

  3. I love how 11 minutes in there was a weird ding that scared the crap out of me, I spent 5 minutes looking for notifications and error messages and in the end decided to rewind to watch what I had missed to notice it in the video xD

  4. Awesome video Charlie. Seeing your face for the first time on camera was a good surprise for me. You should do more vids with the face cam. Keep up the good work brother

  5. WOW Charlie face, amazing definitely not as ugly as I thought would be… Still in Bad shape though!! LMAO, No serious though really enjoy what you have brought to the Channel!! You Crack me up ya rancid little incel!! The comedy of you and Eck, just classic. Then when you add Corey in with his dead pan personal jabs great. Honestly believe the 3 of you could do this live on stage in Comedy Clubs!! The 3 of you with a computer each on stage headsets hooked to P.A system and just play skirmish for like 30-45min once usually comedy crowds got over the gaming as the platform for the comedy it be great. The 3 of you say some of the funniest random stuff and bounce off each other well. Also have 3 screens at back of stage each of your perspective of the game on each. 1st it's true comedy 2nd then people can how the comedy pertains to the game!!!

  6. At first I was unsure but you definitely talked a good argument as to what you've ranked where. I maybe put the lukerhulk up a place, I definitely see why you have that top 3 mainly based on good price and good ships for early game, at first was like come on Charlie boy providence over recusant any day then I thought actually price 2 prov's or 7 rec's ok maybe your right. I think it's fair you didn't put subjugator on list obviously it's "the best ship" but it's so much better it doesn't even need comparing so yeah leave it off. All in All I don't if I 100% agree but I see why you've ranked them that way!! Cheers Charlie

  7. Did you do it? Did you killed Ardus Kaine on board the Reaper?
    Me: Yes!
    What did it cost?
    Me: One Dountless cruiser!

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