360° Lifeboat Tour

hey guys welcome to another 360 tour this time we’re going to check out the light bulb if you haven’t yet I highly recommend watching a non 360 video first so you have a much better orientation to start off we are darkly unreliable to the right side we have the winds and wire drums that control the David you notice there are two wires one thick and one pin the thick one runs along the light bulbs cradle and holds the bolts wait while the thin one is a remote-control wire connected to the brake governor the brake governor is the square shaped counterweight that when lifted up releases the brakes for the lifeboat so that it can be lowered there is a hydrostatic pressure plate on the bottom delightful it’s there so that the operator can only release the lifeboat once is in contact with the water that way we can prevent the boat from being dangerously release airborne and smash into the sea there is a manual variety for this which will check out later once we are inside both moving to the bow we can see more of light ball and David there is a limit switch for the cradle to avoid winding up too much and break itself turnbuckles for securing a bolt in place they are designed in such a way that it will automatically be released when lowering the Black Bolt painter line is tied to hold the boat steady now we add the light rock there is not much to see other than the securing pin which when polled lowers Durant so you can toss the life raft into the sea for those unfamiliar the LifeLock has an air bottle inside that when submerged will automatically inflate itself unfortunately I can’t open one up to show you because if a one-time use only moving to the above deck we can see the foreign spy hack the foreign ops securing pin on the cradle lever arms out of two other pins that need to be pulled out in addition to the break governor pin once the cradle lever arm are released the data is then free to move and be lowered aft point of view of the top hatch opened here we have a better angle on the release hook it’s a complicated mechanism and different companies uses a different one so be sure to check your manual and now we enter through the eye patch the camera is sitting on the coning seat or in simple terms the driver’s seat underneath the seat is the compartment for lifeboat diesel engine in front is the control panel on it the engine ignition steering wheel throttle manic compass life hydrostatic release and painter relief if I can just grab your attention on to me you see a student wire it’s the things then remote control wire that runs down to the brake governor which means we pull on this the lights will Davis will start lowering moving to the port side of the boat you can tell it’s not exactly spacious are comfortable it makes sense since it’s only for emergencies the center is locked off by structural reinforcements we do have paddings and cushions around but I still bought myself a few times moving around in such a cramped space delightful equipments are mostly stored under the seat in compartment now at the bow looking back at apt here we get clear angle on both sides receipt are painted in black spots so that even when under panic and stress the clues can quickly find a spot the boat is designed for 30 people the structure might seem all plastic ease but it’s actually glass-reinforced plastic or grp a very strong material able to extend crashing ways similar to 5 replies lastly we have to solve it slide not much different from the port side except we have thus I hatch which you saw earlier from outside there are total of four hatches it can function as a lookout spot air ventilation fishing or a repair work or just anything that requires a person to pop out hope you enjoyed it let me know if you got any suggestion to make my 360 videos more engaging as always if you got any questions we’ve done the comments below join the discussion and I’ll see you next time

51 thoughts on “360° Lifeboat Tour

  1. its really nice jeff
    thnq so much for sharing this
    i learning ryt now marine engg & this is so helpful to me.
    thank you.

  2. This is awaome. Just a idea, maybe you can make a vid treating us like a trainee on the bridge. Just the basics. If it is possible. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  3. I greatly enjoy your videos of life at sea. I haven't looked at all of them yet but will do so in the near future – a few each day. They are great You obviously spend a lot of time editing and inserting other interesting video clips from movies.

    We took a cargo voyage in 2013 on the CMA CGM Jamaica from the US to western Europe (28 days) and are planning another from the US to the western Mediterrainian (49 days) this winter, on the MSC Ilona, I think (if it doesn't change course on us).

    Okeerief – Okeechobee, Florida, US

  4. bro in Australia.. from which college u have graduated…. Becoz I ( Indian) also wanted to join their…… and also explaine me the way… of entering into that college

  5. Awesome video ! Love it ! 360 o view is superb ! never knew there are so many life support items in a life boat. Eager to know the ' range ' the lifeboat can cover in full tank of diesel. Also is there a rest room also, for the crew ?

  6. hey there.I just want to know is it possible to lower your lifeboat when the ship is blackout? How do you lower the lifeboat when the ship is total blackout with all the crew in it?

  7. its a great video and help the sailors and future sailors to know the lifeboat, some its provisions and procedures in case to use it. that the video be in 360 form is a great tool for known more the lifeboats. i hope more videos with this format

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