25 Most AMAZING Pirate Ships To Ever Sail The Seas

Today, few pirate ships sail the seven seas,
but once upon a time, many amazing pirate ships did, and they left plenty of destruction
in their wake. During the Golden Age of Piracy from the 17th
and early 18th century, pirates had access to some amazing ships. From sloops to man-of-wars, their massive
arsenals were capable of going toe-to-toe with the most powerful nations’ naval fleets. Often, pirates would raid even powerful ships,
capture them, fix them up, change their names, and make them their new flagship to increase
their power. Ready to find out which ships among them were
the most impressive? I’m Mike with List25 and Here are 25 Most
Amazing Pirate Ships To Ever Sail The Seas. 25. Ranger
Charles Vane was an infamous pirate that terrorized French and English ships, pillaging for gold
and treasure, torturing sailors for information, and generally taking any ship that was better
than his. Each time he took a ship, he named it the
Ranger. The first Ranger, however, was a Spanish brig
he captured in 1718. 24. Royal Fortune
Like Vane, Bartholomew Roberts loved to name all his captured ships the same name; in his
case, the Royal Fortune. First, in 1720, he renamed a French brigantine
the Good Fortune and armed it with 26 cannons before going to the Caribbean. There, he had it repaired and renamed the
Royal Fortune. He captured two more ships after that and
renamed each the Royal Fortune. The last he captured in West Africa; it eventually
sank on February 10, 1722 due to an attack by the British ship HMS Swallow. 23. Rising Sun
Captained by William Moody, this pirate ship was originally named the Resolution before
it was changed to Rising Sun. It was primarily active in the Caribbean with
36 guns and 150 men aboard. Typically, they burned, stranded, and looted
the ships they captured. 22. Speaker
In 1699, Captain George Booth captured a 45-ton Indian slave ship with 50 guns named the Speaker. It was his most precious prize and ended up
having a long career as a pirate ship, later under the command of John Bowen. It ran aground in 1701 near the coast of Madagascar. 21. Happy Delivery
Though a smaller ship, Captain Henry Fowler was able to use it to his advantage and gain
several other ships in his command. This ship particularly had a modest 16 cannons
and 50 men aboard. Fowler was known, however, for using the tactic
of ramming his ships against others while his men invaded. 20. Revenge
Originally named The Caroline, its name quickly changed after John Gow and others staged a
mutiny and murdered anyone who got in their way, including the captain. Gow took over as captain and renamed the ship
the Revenge. Using it up and down the European coast, he,
his crew, and the ship were famed for their many acts of piracy. 19. Bachelor’s Delight
A 40 cannon ship captained by both John Cook and Edward Davis in 1684, this pirate ship
was captured by them in West Africa and raided plenty of Spanish towns and ships across South
America. 18. Fame’s Revenge
Originally named the Elizabeth, it turned into the notorious pirate ship Fame’s Revenge
after William Fly convinced the other sailors to mutiny and kill the Captain and First Mate. Things didn’t last too long. Authorities hunted them down, and they were
captured after three months. 17. Flying Dragon
After Christopher Condent became a pirate and wreaked havoc across the Atlantic, he
came upon a Dutch ship, captured it, and named it the The Flying Dragon. This ship brought Condent even more success,
allowing him to capture other ships and treasure along the way. 16. Sloop William
A small but fast twelve-ton sloop, it carried only four-guns and carried around thirteen
crewmen. It was captured and captained by the infamous
pirate Anne Bonny, also known as “Toothless Annie.” At the helm of the William, Toothless Annie
was a true terror in the Caribbean. 15. Whydah
Built in 1715 as a 300-ton slave ship, it eventually was captured by the pirate Samuel
“Black Sam†Belamy. He used it to pirate other ships up and down
America’s eastern coast. In 1717, when he sailed up to Massachusetts
to meet his lover, Maria Hallet, he never reached his destination. Legend states that the sailors were drunk
and they, unfortunately, hit a storm with winds up to 70 miles-per-hour. Only two of the 146 men survived and it wasn’t
seen again until 1984 when explorer Barry Clifford found it 30 feet deep. 14. CSS Alabama
Calling the CSS Alabama a “pirate” ship might be stretching it depending on who you ask,
but its importance and impact can’t be overstated. Secretly built by Great Britain during the
American Civil War and given to the Confederates, it caused a deep rift between Great Britain
and the United States. The CSS Alabama did a great deal of damage
and pillaged and plundered the United States’ trade ships. 13. Kingston
John “Calico Jack” Rackham was a crew member on the Ranger under Captain Vane until he
took control of the Ranger and eventually got his hands on the very large Jamaican vessel
called the Kingston. Using this as his flagship, he and his crew
were able to avoid capture for some time. 12. Satisfaction
At the helm of this ship was Captain Morgan, the same pirate we know today on bottles of
Captain Morgan rum. The Satisfaction was his flagship. In the 17th century, he was a privateer for
England. With the Satisfaction, he was very successful
staving off and defeating Spanish fleets. However, ultimately, it was no match against
powerful storms and shallow reefs. 11. Rebecca
Captained by the ruthless Edward Low, this 6-gun Libertine ship was given to him by Captain
George Lowther. With the Rebecca, Low was able to expand his
piracy expeditions and have significant success across the seas before he eventually swapped
out the Rebecca for a larger fishing ship. 10. The Golden Hind
Famously sailed by Sir Francis Drake, the English pirate, this ship was originally named
the Pelican. Drake renamed it The Golden Hind while on
his voyage circumnavigating the globe. He was knighted on board the ship in 1581
in front of Queen Elizabeth I. (She wanted to keep a relative distance from
a man seen as a pirate.) This ship was fast, highly maneuverable in
battle and capable of docking at small ports. 9. Ganj-i-Sawai
Captured by the ruthless and bloody pirate Henry Every, this ship was the prize of the
Indian fleet. Not only the biggest ship in India, it had
dozens of cannons and 400 riflemen to defend it. Still, Every’s bold and lucky plan allowed
him and his men to capture, pillage, and plunder the ship. The gold on the ship was worth about 600,000
British pounds, roughly tens of millions today. 8. Adventure Galley
Built in 1695 and captained by William Kidd, this vessel could go up to 14 knots with the
sails full and was armed with 32 guns. It initially was used as a privateer vessel
to hunt down pirates until Kidd became a pirate himself. 7. Soldado
After infamous pirate Dirk Chivers signed on to the 28-gun ship called the Resolution,
he eventually took it over, renamed it Soldado and made it a pirate ship. Both Chivers and the Soldado saw a significant
amount of success, capturing many high-value ships, including two East India Trading Company
ships. 6. Sudden Death
A Russian Man of War with 70 men, it was captured by the pirate John Derdrake on the coast of
Norway. Derdrake, at the time, had a much smaller
ship, but he somehow found a way to capture the Man of War. He renamed it Sudden Death. 5. Fancy
Starting out as Charles II, the notorious pirate Henry Every captured it and changed
the name to the Fancy in 1694. It was armed with 46 guns, which made it quite
a looting ship at the time. Every improved on the ship, making it faster
and more notorious across the Indian Ocean. 4. Royal James
Captained by Edward England, this ship was originally called the Pearl, but after England
had it refitted he also renamed it. On board, he and his crew set sail for West
Africa. There, they inflicted a tremendous amount
of damage and secured pirating success by looting ten ships. 3. The Pride
This was the favorite vessel of Jean Laffite, a notorious Louisana war hero, pirate, privateer,
spy, and governor. He did most of his business on the Pride and
also made it his home. When the United States government started
catching on to his pirating ways, he burned down his colony and headed south with his
favorite vessel, pirating along the South American cost. 2. Saint James
Captured by the pirate Captain Howell Davis, this 26-gun ship was the feather in his cap
after he raided Maio Island. This ship was a turning point in his pirating
career; he became an admiral over two other pirate captains and captured four large English
and Dutch ships loaded with ivory and gold. 1. Queen Anne’s Revenge
Captained by the notorious and infamous pirate Blackbeard, this vessel is almost as famous
as its captain. It was originally a French slave ship Blackbeard
transformed into his own pirate vessel, armed to the teeth with 40 guns and plenty of men
to raid and plunder on the high seas. Rather than engaging in costly battles, Blackbeard
intimidated his prey, and it often worked. It sank in 1718 and was rediscovered off the
coast of North Carolina in 1996. So, would you want to captain a pirate ship? If so which one? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet
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  1. If I were a successful pirate captain, I'd call my ship the Lame Duck, just to add a little more humiliation to my victories.
    – "What happened to your ship?"
    – "It was attacked and destroyed by the Lame Duck."

  2. 6:07 “Sir Francis Drake the English pirate” umm nope he was a privater he was doing what Britain wanted and the government approved of the practices, the queen has no issue at all him raiding Spanish ships while navigating the globe, England was at war with the Spanish empire after all. He was a close advisor and she fucking knighted him you don’t knight somebody you’re attempting to keep distance from or somebody you disapprove of. He was also an admiral in the British navy and second in command during the battle with the Spanish Armada, you could find literally any of this info in about 30 seconds so I don’t know why you attempted to portray a different story

  3. Mike- I'm not saying you don't look good, but don't you know tanning your hide isn't good for you? Oh, also knew someone whose family tree traced back to Drake. She however; was not a pirate.

  4. "Hello, hello. Anybody home? Think William Fly, think. Do you know what would happen if I turned in a stolen ship in your handwritten? I'd lose one of my pieces or 8. You wouldn't want that Will Fly? Would you? Would you?!?!?!" =D

  5. I'd take a CVN-78 aircraft carrier and rename it "The Last View", along with four M80 Stiletto Stealth Ships renamed: Mirage, Phantom, Spectre, and Ghost to round out my attack fleet. Hey, If I'm going to be a Pirate I'm doing it in style.

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    crap list: 24 is number 1,he plundered more ships than the top 10 together,ABH;AMH;EVEN MIGHTY ENGLAND WAS IN PANIC! you hear that? even amazing rihanna may be a product of this time,who knows? 2 more ships? 470 total…please don´ t write a pirate book please.

  8. So many English pirates, guess it makes sense so many of em would have come out of England. The English are a seafaring nation after all.

  9. I assume nations like Spain used convoys with 10 ships and 2-4 warships to sink pirates but for lone sailing slow private merchant ships it must have been a true nightmare. It might be fun in a movie but imagine yourself on the ship. If pirates want the cargo, want the ship and the only thing they surely don't want is you. In shark infested waters that was the worst nightmare. Possibly the only chance was to try to join them. Crews must come from somewhere.

  10. I would love to captain a pirate ship. I would likely name it "Rain of Fire" or "The Dragon's Maw." And I likely would end up with an ever changing crew as, in the case of Blackbeard, my crewmen would end up in constant fear of me and the absolute brutality and ruthlessness by which I would raid and plunder and still have plenty left over for the crew

  11. Totally had a dream I was sailing in a schooner with Mike from List25 last night because of this video. LMAO

  12. Great video, guys!! If it wasn’t for pirates like Black Beard then, the US colonies might have failed. They payed gold for a lot of materials like: wood, pitch, & turpentine from NC; canvas & ropes from Massachusetts, the list goes on. In turn, the colonies used the gold to buy stuff they needed from England & a few other European countries. Unfortunately, most pirates sold slaves from captured slave ships. Surprisingly, Black Beard, & other pirates, offer the slaves a chance to serve on their crews. Some freed slaves went on to become successful pirates in the Caribbean.

  13. The ship is a galleon name the hms jordy and if i was a pirate who only a has a shooner and captured the ship and added 50 guns each deck and painted the sails black and renamed the the dark abist .

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  16. 1:35 the resolution was not captained by Moody, but stolen by Edmund Du Chastel of lilie France. Who was a friend of William Penn and for whom New Castle(Casteel) was named for. His reward for helping Penn was land in Delaware. https://edmondcasteel.wordpress.com/edmond-duchastel/
    Queen Annes revenge has been found is in Honolulu and was NOT called the Carolina, but a slave ship with a French name.

  17. If I were to captian a pirate ship, it would be a adventure galley.
    Fast, highly manuverable, has up to 40+ cannons, and has oars in addition to sails.
    She would be named The Young Man's Dream.

  18. Ummmm Anne Bonny was never a Captain. Anne Bonny along with Mary Read sailed under "Calico" Jack Rakham, Rackham had a ship called Kingston which he lost and then gained a sloop for a short time before getting captured. There are NO records of Anne Bonny ever being called "Toothless" Annie

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    1. Flying Dutchmend
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