24 HOURS ON THE QUEEN MARY SHIP | EP 2 | We Are The Davises

(suspenseful music) – Oh my gosh! Kayla! Did you see — – I was the first one in
there, of course, I saw! (laughs) I warned you! – [Connie] Okay, I keep
seeing orbs. (gasps) – It’s dust. – [Connie] No! I just saw! I just (gasps) it just
flew in front of you again! John, are you with us? – His name is John. – If you guys don’t know
where we are right now, we’re at the bottom of the ship. It’s where the engines are and one of the guys, what was his name? – John Pedder – John Pedder. He actually passed away down
here while he was working so they think John Pedder is here. (foreboding music) – Oh my gosh. That felt so weird. It feels like someone’s pulling it. – [Connie] Oh my gosh. – It’s so weird. – [Connie] Chicken. Chicken. – I’m chicken. – [Connie] Bye. – No! (both laugh) Alright, come here. You do it. – Okay, I’ll try one more time. (foreboding music) (gasps) (pounding) (upbeat music) – [Kayla] I thought
you got stuck in there! – Just kidding! Everything’s good. Oh my gosh. – I thought you got stuck. I was like (gasps). – Almost got caught by the ghosty. You know what? It’s really late. We’re gonna go to bed. We’ll see you guys in the morning. – Peace. – Which is gonna be in a few seconds. Morning, guys. – Morning, everybody. We made it, phew! It was so sketchy last night. I actually woke up and I have like, I don’t know if you can see that. – He’s saying he got beat up by a ghost. – I don’t know if you
can see it very clearly, it is a scratch mark that I did not have when I went to sleep last night and it was there when I woke up. – Okay. – Coincidence? I don’t know. – Literally just woke up. One of the two rooms we have, we had to check out of because
tonight the second room that we’re getting is the
scariest room ever on the ship. It’s called the B-340 and they
took it out of circulation years ago which I think
I mentioned earlier but they just released it again. So we’re in transition on that room. So the boys are back in
this room with me and Kayla. Kayla is still trying to
figure out if she wants to be awake or not. It is 11:30 in the morning at this point. Tyler is over here ’cause
he wanted to get cleaned up. Yeah, Tyler’s going through his audio from our investigation last night. We were supposed to be
at breakfast by 11:30 and obviously that is
not happening so I hope we can still get to go
’cause we’re all starving. – We got three minutes, you guys. Hurry! Come on, let’s go, go, go. – Okay, that tour last night. That went on forever. – [Shawn] It was like
four and a half hours. – Oh my goodness, did not know that that
was supposed to happen. – They said two hours is what, he’s like, “I know it said two. “It’s more likely gonna be three.” It ended up being four
and a half. (laughs) – That was crazy. – [Shawn] It was so long. – So we lost a lot of sleep. We’re gonna go have
breakfast, get cleaned up, and then there are some
other tours on the ship. I actually booked us for
a different ghost tour. Let us do this. (slow music) Okay guys, just real quick, I wanna let you know that
we are in the grand ballroom right now. That’s why it’s so loud
and everybody’s in here with their Sunday brunch. So they’re getting
their morning breakfast. – Even the ghosts. Woooo! – There might be one right
behind me, I don’t know. (slow music) (upbeat jazz music) – [Tyler] It’s cold down this hallway. – Room B-340 is not ready yet. – They can’t get the ghosts out. That’s what it is, they’re
trying to evict them but they won’t leave. They don’t realize it’s 11
A.M. check out for ghosts. – Yes, so we’re gonna
go check it out anyways. – [Kayla] It’s so cold down here. – We still wanna see if we can get a peek. It did get real cold all of a sudden. – (whispering) I thought
I heard footsteps. – Okay, let’s go. Bye. (all laugh) – [Kayla] The ghost poked him. – Shawn’s trying to
scare everybody to death. (slow music) – [Connie] This is really creepy, guys. – [Kayla] I don’t like
it, I don’t like it, I don’t like it, I don’t like it. – [Connie] Kayla’s scared already. – Maybe the ghosts will be nice in B-340. They won’t be mean. – They won’t be mean? – Oh my. – There’s a contract we have to sign? – [Woman] No, I’m just kidding! – We’re being escorted to
the B-340 room right now. – Apparently, there’s special instructions that they have to make us aware of because of all the
stuff that happens here. So now I’m actually getting
kind of nervous now. – The kids are in our other room. So I guess we’re gonna check it out first. – They said they’ve got
all kinds of paperwork and contracts we have to sign. (foreboding piano music) – They just dropped us off in here. – They just dropped us off. They like literally said a little prayer, did like the whole
cross on the chest thing and said good luck. (both laugh) – Yeah, so we’ve gotta go get some luggage from the other room and bring it over and then we’ll have the kids come in too and that way we can show
you guys altogether. They did say there’s a
little girl named Jackie that plays in this room
so we’ll see what happens. What is that? – [Shawn] Looks like a butt
print from a little person. – [Connie] Jackie, are
you in here right now? We don’t have anyway to test it. – Jackie, can you move a tissue from that box right there? Can you go over there and
grab it for me right now? I feel like I need to sneeze. It would be really cool if you
could help me out with that. (foreboding music) – [Connie] Well, maybe Jackie’ll
come out and play later. Okay, let’s go get the kids. Alright you guys, what do you think? We’re in the most haunted
room possible on the ship. – I think it looks slanted. (laughs) – [Connie] It is. – [Kayla] Look it, like the doors. – [Connie] Oh my gosh, the
doors are even slanted. How is that possible? – Guys, me and Dad caught a ghost. – [Shawn] Okay, you
have to be really quiet. – [Tyler] Did you have an enjoyable life? – It happens after I ask the question. What’s your favorite toy, Jackie? – [Male] I’m not Jackie. – [Kayla] Oh, I heard
Jackie but I didn’t hear anything else. – If you listen to it a few times it says, I think it says, “It’s not Jackie.” – [Connie] It’s not Jackie. – [Male] It’s not Jackie. Jackie. Jackie. – [Connie] Now that we’re in this room, there’s a huge concert going on. We can’t hear everything
because there’s music playing right next door. – You know what, and it’s still light out so it’s not even like the best time yet. So let’s go eat some dinner. We’ll come back — – [Connie] Yes. – And then we’ll talk to some ghosts. – And we have one more ghost tour. The girls are going back to the room. We just finished dinner. Boys went back to the really haunted room and we are going to get
ready to go on a ghost tour. – Yes, I’m gonna dress comfy
because those things are long! – I know, the ghost tour last night lasted over four hours. We didn’t get to bed
until like four o’clock in the morning and you
guys saw, you saw — – It was super creepy. – I showed you guys the
clock and it was after three. – It was super creepy too. He made us sing Ring Around
the Rosie in pitch dark. It was really bad. – Yeah. – And he was like,
“Sing it really calmly.” So it sounded like, ♪ Ring around the rosie ♪ – And Kayla’s plugging her ears. I couldn’t see that
because it was in the dark. – No, I totally plugged my ears. – I gotta get my key so
we can get in this room. We’re freezing. It’s so cold right now. Okay, back to the scary room. (knocking) The room with no name. – It’s weird how that works like that. – Ah! – [Connie] Oh, it’s just Tyler. – Ah! – [Shawn] It’s a goblin! – [Connie] It’s so bright in here. How could you feel scared? – [Shawn] Well, that’s why
we left it so bright in here. – [Mom] Look at this nice big closet. Jackie, are you in here? Maybe later. It’s still early. We gotta go on our ghost tour. (slow music) – [Connie] It’s the tour guide. Let’s scare ’em. We get to scare people. Should we open this and see what happens? It smells weird in here. There’s nothing going on. I just hear Tyler. – Ah! – Alright guys, let’s
go on the ghost tour! (foreboding music) (fast suspenseful music) – If there is a spirit nearby, please acknowledge that you’re here by crossing the rods. – [Connie] Oh, that scared me! – [Kayla] What was that? – What happened? What happened? – [Female] I don’t know but like — – [Male] It was a hand dryer, surely. – [Female] No, I don’t know what it was — – [Male] We can ride it out. – [Female] No, you’re just like, oh, can you please move towards
the device that I’m holding and it was like (grinding sound), something just like — (nervous laughter) – [Connie] Okay, let’s go there. – [Shawn] Yeah, let’s go check that out. – Apparently, it’s really
spooky in this section. – Is this Henry? If it’s Henry can you
please uncross the rods? If you are a male, can you
please uncross the rods? – [Kayla] Is it John? – Cross the rods if you
were in the military. That’s pretty weird. I can totally feel it
tugging, it’s so weird. – Is there someone in this room. If there is, cross the rods. It’s like tugging. Where are you standing
in this room right now? Point to where you are with the rods. – [Shawn] Over there. Oh it feels cold right here. I can feel it. – It’s standing like right there. – [Shawn] Standing right there? If you like to party, cross the rods. – It’s doing something. – [Shawn] Oh, we got a party ghost! – It likes to party. – [Shawn] Woo hoo! Okay, so party ghost — (whirring noise) – [Tyler] Strange. – [Shawn] That was crazy, dude! – That’s what happened to them! (slow toy piano music) – We’re heading into the isolation ward. (slow toy piano music) That’s the isolation ward right in there. – [Shawn] Was it’s name John? – [Kayla] John Pedder. – [Connie] Pedder. There it is, John Pedder. He was alive until July 10, 1966. – [Tyler] He was the second to last death. – [Connie] He was a fireman. – [Tyler] Someone accidentally
drank tetrachloride. (foreboding music) (suspenseful music) – [Connie] Where are we right now? – I’m in the very tip of the ship. – [Connie] So this is where
the ship actually crashed. – I just heard something. I don’t know but it’s scary. I’m leaving. – We finished the ghost tour! The ghosts here seem like meanies. They seem to hate big butts. – Big butts (laughs) (both laugh) – The ones in St. Augustine are nice. The ones out here are meanies. They said that they push you
and they’ll make it sound like the boat is sinking, they said. – I think it’s just one ghost. His name’s Henry. – He’s a big butt. I hope he’s not listening
because then he’ll push me. – But there’s also a cute little girl. Her name’s Jackie and
she’s on the ship, too. Okay, we are now entering
the suite, B-340, and if we haven’t told
you about this before, it was actually restricted from people to be able to stay the night in here for the past 30 years
and they just started allowing people to use this room again and I think it was April that they started so we are one of the originals
since they shut it down. – I opened up the door to let us in and it felt like once I opened up the door a certain distance like
something pulled it open the rest of the way. So I just tried doing
it again and I did not have the same sensation. Kind of weird. – Now it’s really quiet in here. Anybody wanna go in the closet? – Okay, so I am in the closet
of the most haunted room of this boat right now and it is scary. I don’t know what to do. So this is what it looks like. Yeah, it’s pretty good. (nervous laughter) So I’m gonna see if one
of the ghosts is in here named Jackie. So, Jackie, are you here? I heard something but I
don’t know if it was Jackie. I don’t know. Okay. – [Connie] So how’d it feel? – It felt heavy. – [Connie] Heavy? – Like something was in there with me. Maybe Jackie. – [Connie] Or maybe not. – [Shawn] Did you hear any voices? – I heard something. – My turn for the closet log? I’m gonna do some EMP
while I’m in there, too, so we can listen to it afterwards. – [Connie] Okay. – [Shawn] Let me see if
I can try to reach out to somebody here. If there’s somebody in
here with me right now, (slow piano music) is it, Jackie? Jackie, are you with me right now? Is there somebody other than Jackie in here with me right now? I’m getting chills. I can feel like a coldness
on my leg right now. I think there’s somebody in
here with me or something. Can you tell me your name? Do you want me to leave
this closet area right now? Alright, well, let’s see
if we can get anything. – [Connie] I don’t know
if this is real or not but apparently there’s an app on the phone and I downloaded it and
it’s supposed to be able to see ghosts. So right now it’s on the detector. There’s a detector right there
and it’s scanning the room. Let’s go see if it finds
anything in the closet. (gasps) It’s something! There’s something. Okay, so what do I do? Do I turn it? – [Shawn] It looks like it’s behind you. – [Connie] It’s behind me. Where is it? Do you see it? – [Kayla] Do you see anything? – [Connie] It’s up there! There it is! – [Shawn] Do you see it? – [Connie] Entity detected! Ask it a question. – Tyler, ask a question! – [Connie] Oh, it disappeared! – [Shawn] It just disappeared. – I wonder if there’s
anything in the bathroom. Oh, it’s coming! Every time I get near this door. There it is! It’s by that door again! – [Shawn] Get it, there it is! Oh my gosh! – [Connie] Can you see it, you guys? – [Shawn] Okay, is there a ghost present in our room right now? – [Connie] Are you Jackie? Oh! – [Shawn] They left. I wonder if they answered. – [Connie] I don’t know. – [Shawn] We’ll have to
listen to the recording ’cause sometimes it’ll show up. – Let’s see, I’m gonna go
back over here one more time. Maybe it passed through into this room. – [Shawn] It’s dark in here. I’m scared. – [Connie] There’s nothing. There’s nothing. Okay, oh, there is something! It’s right there! It’s the girl! Look, it’s a little girl! – [Shawn] No way, it is! – [Kayla] For real? – [Shawn] Yeah. – [Connie] Yeah, standing right there. – [Shawn] Is that Jackie? Is your name Jackie? – [Connie] Jackie, do
you wanna play a game? Oh. – [Shawn] That was crazy, dude! Connie the ghost detector. – It seemed pretty legit! – [Shawn] She’s like a
big fan of the Davises. So she like, she wanted to take her
picture with you and Tyler. – She just missed us. – [Shawn] She just missed you? – [Connie] So, let’s give
you guys a tour of the room. There was a concert
outside the ship tonight and there’s tons and tons of people that are leaving right now. It was really noisy earlier. It looks like it’s super crowded. Here’s the king sized bed. It’s the only bed in this room. You’re not gonna see
all of us here tonight, spending the night in this room
because there’s only one bed and then I don’t know why this is here. It’s just gotta be structural but right in the center of the room is this great big column. So they wrote a bunch of stories on it, ghost stories that people wanted to share. They just renovated this room. So it’s really, really cool, I think, and then the restroom. There’s the shower. Nothing too fancy or weird or anything and then there’s this closet. So there’s really nothing in here and that’s about it! – [Kayla] Then there’s us. – [Connie] So right above Kayla’s head is the room number. – Oh, I thought you
were gonna say a ghost! (all laugh) – [Shawn] Not again! – Ahh, did it get you? – We aren’t really here to
conjure up any ghostly objects or anything. We just thought we’d check
it out and see, you know, what the ship’s all about really. It’s just got a lot of history. It’s been around for how long? Almost 100 years? – Yeah, almost. – Really? – So it’s been through a war. – World War II. – It was meant for rich
people to be on and sail and do all this cool stuff
and go to Scotland apparently. – It was a cruise ship. – Yeah and it’s twice
as big as the Titanic. – And it didn’t sink. (laughs) – And it didn’t sink! – It was built by the
same people that built the Titanic though. – Wow! I think I missed that fact. Very smart. – I didn’t. (all chuckle) – And we were told we weren’t
gonna get to see the pool ’cause apparently there is a
pool on one of the lower decks and it was only meant for the first class. It’s empty. They don’t have water in it. They’re trying to figure out a way to see if they can remodel
but we did get to look at it through windows and just kind of peeked. So that’s all we get for
now ’cause I guess tiles are falling off. It’s kind of dangerous
but if you do get a chance to see the pool and you
can look it up in pictures. It is kind of creepy
looking because it’s empty. All you see is a slide
and they did tell us someone actually did
sneak into that pool — – And someone slid down
on the slide and broke both their legs. – Yeah, do you think
it was a girl or a guy? Comment below. (laughs) – I’m just saying. – I don’t know. Look it up. Who broke their legs. I don’t know. Comment below. Who was it? So apparently it’s really
fun to be on this ship. One guy on our tour said
that they asked if the person that they saw would rather be
home instead of on the ship and they said no. Not a place to fear but it is kind of fun. – [Tyler] Yeah! – I’m tired. It’s like midnight. – It is getting close to our bedtime but we really wanted to
see if there was something because this room was
shut off for so many years from the general public. We finally got to hang out and see really what this was about. – And there’s nothing! What the heck? – Well, again, we’ve been
educated and, apparently, apparitions or sounds or things like that, they just don’t happen all the time. – Or apparently ever when I’m around. – Well, he has a scary face so — – Maybe I am the apparition. Booo! – We’re gonna have to
play this out tonight and let you know tomorrow
if we heard anything or saw anything or felt
anything because apparently those are the types of
senses you should feel when you are encountering
something that is not normal. – Something’s touching me now! Oh, it’s Tyler. – Kayla’s already going
through something right now if you can’t tell. Lots of interesting stories
if you ever get a chance to go on the Queen Mary, I highly recommend it because it’s an excellent
history lesson if nothing else but also it’s a cool way to get on a ship and if you’re afraid of getting seasick, you don’t have to be because this ship’s not sailing anymore. – Who wants to smell my dirty socks? – Eww! That’s way worse than a ghost. So, did you see, feel or
anything, hear anything? – I may have heard a cat but that’s it. Like a little, it was a like a little yelp and then that was it. The whole thing. – [Connie] And it was during
our tour the other night. – Yes. – [Connie] But we didn’t video it because we were trying to
see if the cat would come and the cat is apparently a ghost. So everyone was trying to call — – That was the only one
that I wasn’t scared of. – [Shawn] ‘Cause it
was an animal. (laughs) – [Connie] ‘Cause cats are cute. – [Tyler] His name’s like Mumbo, right? – Yeah. – [Shawn] Or Bonzo or Bosco. – [All] Bosco! – [Connie] I think if I was
by myself walking through that room, any of those rooms, boiler
rooms, anything under the ship, I would’ve been very freaked out. – Yeah, it’d be kind of nerve wracking because it’s a big empty
space and it’s dark. – [Connie] And there’s weird
noises and you don’t know what’s going on, like what
parts of the ship do what, so you don’t know why
they’re making noises. So you’re wondering is that a real noise? – Are we sinking? – Is that a ghost noise? Is that, what? – We’re like not even in the ocean. – I’d like to see
something move like a glass or a picture frame. – Oh, we could’ve played Sardines. – We still can. They said that there’s like
so many ways to get down into the bowels of the ship without a key. Wanna go like on a — – [Connie] Tyler’s covering dad’s face. He’s like, I don’t wanna do it. – You wanna go on a mystery unguided tour? – [Connie] Sardines? Oh, Sardines! – I was scared down
there with everyone else. There’s no way I could do it by myself. – [Connie] Might be your
only chance to actually meet somebody. – And that’s a good thing, because? – [Connie] It’s that
time right here to know. – The ones in St. Augustine are nice. Like he said he liked my hair. – [Connie] Okay, well, maybe
the guy in the boiler room liked your hair too. He just didn’t know how to say it. – Henry is not nice! He scratches people’s necks
and pushes them into pits. – [Connie] We are not talking about Henry. Okay, Henry has problems. – Henry has anger issues. – [Connie] We can’t argue with Henry. But John, John Pedder — – John’s a creep! (all laugh) Tyler’ll take a nap. I’d be like — – [Connie] Is it time
for the girls to go back to the girl room and the
boys to do the boy thing? – Yep. – [Connie] Sounds like
someone needs some girly time. – I want my nap! – [Connie] Nappy time. – I’m leaving without you. Bye. – [Connie] Oh, at your own risk. Good luck ’cause I have the key. – Come now. Let’s go! – We’re gonna be leaving the
boys here in the spooky room. – The spooky room. – Ahh! – A haunted, spooky room. The room that was just so full of activity that they couldn’t even
let me spend the night and now they’re here and we’re waiting and I got nothing. – [Kayla] Can we go? – Let us go. Maybe if we leave — – You should go. – They’ll hear something. – [Kayla] Mom, you take
forever, literally forever. – [Connie] Girl! (thunder) – We are getting ready
to head out of our room and Shawn has already
left for work from here ’cause his work is right down the street so Tyler’s in the really
scary room by himself. I just tried to call him and
he wasn’t answering the phone so that leaves me to
believe he’s just sleeping like a baby. – He’s dead. – Ahh! Well, let’s go see if we can find Tyler. Did you sleep well? – Yeah, it was fun though ’cause sometimes tour guides would come up
in the middle of the night and I would just do this (knocks) and they would go (screams) and they would like scream and run off. – [Connie] (laughs) That’s funny. That happened all night long? – Probably up until like five. – [Connie] What? People were interrupting you? No wonder no one wants to stay in here. People knocking on your door all night. Messed up. – Well, I slept well. I didn’t hear any ghosts. I thought I heard whispering at one point. – It was probably the
people outside going, oh, I wonder if there’s anybody in there. – So there you go, everyone. I’m opening up the windows right now. Our car is right out here. Somewhere in this parking
lot there is a car that we gotta get to and
then we’re gonna head home. Actually we gotta get the dogs. It’s time to get the puppies. – I forgot about them. – [Connie] Yeah. – I forgot we had dogs. – [Connie] They’re having
fun at their own pet resort. Goodbye, ghosties. Aren’t you glad we
didn’t stay in that room? – Yeah, because I wouldn’t want
to wake up to Tyler knocking every five minutes. – [Connie] You guys ready to head out? Saying goodbye! Hello! Hi! – [Kayla] Hershey, stop it. – We’re home! So what did you guys think
of the trip on the ship? – It was creepy. – It was. Sorry, Shawn’s not here at
the moment because he went straight from the ship to work. So we’re gonna close this
out without him at the moment but he will be back soon. I thought it was fun. I also did think it was creepy. – It was so creepy. – But I have to say
there was something weird about going down in the boiler rooms. I liked the smell. I don’t know why. – Same. In one area, I liked the smell of it. – It was just like being in
grandma’s house or something. – I wanted to leave the entire time. – Kayla kept saying, “I hate this, “I hate this, I hate this.” – Yeah, like off camera
I was like, I hate this, I wanna go. I hate this. Can we leave? Leave, please? Hotel room, please? – She just did not like being
down in the boiler rooms. – Especially when they said
something creepy like — – They were trying to be creepy. – I know but I hated it! Like at one point, we went into this room, it was like at the very
front of the boat, I think — – Yes. – And they said that sometimes
there’s like a big crash and then — – Crash sound. – Yeah and then it sounds
like water’s flowing in and there’s people screaming for help and I didn’t want to hear
that so the entire time I was like fidgeting with my fingers, so nervous that we were gonna hear it. I was like can we leave
now, now, now, now? – Guys, I think we showed a part of that at the front of the ship, there’s all these ropes and stuff. So I might have shown you that
already but they did tell us a really scary story and it was
based on a true history fact of the ship. It had collided with
another ship and the ship that we’re on which is
called the Queen Mary was so big and so powerful that it split the other ship in half
immediately and so I guess somehow that got caught
in a sound that replays every so often and it freaks people out. – And I hated it. – So everyone pretty
much ran out of that room except for Shawn and myself which I guess we’re freaks but — – Yeah, the second he said
you can take pictures in there or you can leave, everyone left. (laughs) – Everybody said no, we’re outta here except for, of course, moi. I was like, I wanna see this! Maybe I’ll hear something. – I don’t wanna hear it. – Well, no sound plays. What’s your favorite part about
the whole ship experience? – Yeah, my favorite part
was when the people knocked on our hotel room ’cause
it was the scariest one in the thing and they
wanted to check it out and then I would knock back
and they’d go like (screams). – He’s talking about B-340. He slept in B-340. – Shawn and Tyler spent the
night in the scariest room on the ship and it wasn’t I guess ghosts that were knocking on the walls, it was actually the guests that
were knocking on the door — – At like midnight. – Yeah, they said it went
on until like four o’clock in the morning. People were coming by
and knocking on the door. So that’s what keeps people up all night and that’s why they check
out of that room, I’m sure. There’s no sign. The doors are blank so usually
every door has a room number and that room didn’t. – Someone took off the room
number because it’s famous. – Oh. – That’s what the lady said. – That makes sense. – They like hammered it off. – They’re like, okay, people
are stealing the number. We’re just not gonna
put it on there anymore. Anyways so that was cool. Did you have a favorite part, Kayla? – Leaving. – Favorite part? The restaurant was really good. (laughs) – Oh, they had a really good restaurant. The food was so good. – I learned that I like lobster bisque. – Lobster bisque soup
is Tyler’s favorite now. So we did have a lot of fun there. It was fun on the ship. The stories were very interesting. There’s a lot of history there. It was really pretty. I liked it. It was a good experience. The ship was fun. So, do we have a question of the day? – Have you ever been on the Queen Mary? – Do you believe in paranormal activity? I do. We didn’t really have a
lot of ghost experiences. It was just very, very
creepy and very, very scary. – Tyler’s question is have you ever been on the Queen Mary ship? That’s in Long Beach, California
and Kayla’s question is do you believe in ghosts? – And don’t fight about
that ’cause I feel like there’s gonna be arguments
in the comment section. – Yes, it’s not scientifically proven yet whether they’re real or
not so comment down below if you believe in them
and until next time, – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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