2017 Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash Presented by Berkley Part 2

(upbeat energetic music) – This week on the Cabela’s Collegiate Bass
Tournament Series, we’ll get back to Kentucky Lake for the 7th annual Cabela’s
Collegiate Big Bass Bash, presented by Berkeley,
one of the favorite stops on the tour. This year, a record field
of competitors woke up to an unexpected challenge. How did they react? Find out, the action starts now. (upbeat rock music) Last week on the Cabela’s
Collegiate Bass Fishing Series, we kicked off the 2017 Cabela’s
Collegiate Big Bass Bash, presented by Berkeley. The week started off clear
and sunny, but on tournament morning, a massive front
pushed through, dropping more than four inches of snow. – Yeah, we went form T-shirts
and shorts yesterday, to yeah, we got our winter
gear out for the morning with 30s, rain, snow, I mean,
it’s going to be anybody’s ball game. – I think it’ll help the
fishing, to be honest with you, I do. A little pressure moves in,
it’ll help the fish bite. – [Announcer] Despite the
tough conditions, Kentucky Lake lived up to its reputation
as one of the best big bass fisheries in the country. After the first three
sessions, it was Tory Niece from Tuscalum College on top
of the field, with a bass weighing better than
seven and a half pounds. There’s a record field of
anglers on hand this week. They’re fishing for a
total purse worth $30,000, and double points toward the
Cabela School of the Year standings, presented
by Abu Garcia. Due to the potential for
extreme weather, this event has been shortened to one
day, which may affect our competitor’s strategies. – We’re actually going to
trailer, we’re gonna put in way south, we’re not gonna
try to make our way in and get as much as we can,
we’re gonna, you know, all three of us are going
to be in productive water, see if we can, one of us
three catch a winning fish and come in the last hour. – It’s gonna make things very
interesting, getting that away in every single hour as
opposed to every other hour, I think it’s gonna stretch
those weights a little bit wider, so, whereas people
caught some maybe nice three or four pounders last
year, and that didn’t make the cut, I think this year
that will because there’s less time for people to get
in there, and they’re not going to want to
travel as far as often. – [Announcer] On tournament
morning, anglers launched onto Kentucky Lake amidst high
winds, freezing temps, and a heavy snow. – Do you have any idea how
cold my toes are right now? – Try to stick it out as
long as you can, hope you, it only takes one fish
for this tournament, so. Hopefully we’ll run
into a good one, here. – [Announcer] This is Hunter
Hatcher From Mississippi State University. – We were just kind of beating
the bank, weren’t really on much last couple of hours,
and we got to this rocky point here, there’s a stake
bed off of it, slowed down and worked it a little
bit and ended up catching across the point and as
soon as the truck came back across the point, rod
loaded up and set into it. Didn’t fight real hard,
didn’t even realize how big a fish it was until it got
up next to the boat, so. Just worked out, and now
it’s in the live well, so. It’s definitely up there,
like I said, that’s 100% my personal best, so. Doesn’t come at much
better time than a big fish tournament, so. – We’re gonna start session
four, presented by Garmin. – [Announcer] Back at Paris
Landing for session four, Northern Kentucky University’s
Cole Westner rounded out the top three with
a fish pushing the
scales to five forty. This is Tristen McCormick’s
second fish of the day, and he’ll lock up second
place with five eighty-one. Veeka Zadareg fishes for
Southern Illinois University, and he’ll earn his team
valuable school of the year points, and he’ll also cash
in on some great Garmin gear for winning session
number four with six fifty-six. Help us tell your story. If you’re fishing the
trail and get a good shot, post it to Instagram, hashtag
“we are Collegiate Bass”. For tournament information
and schedules, go to Collegiatebasschampionship.com. Coming up, Collegiate
competition continues from Kentucky Lake, and the
2017 Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash,
presented by Berkeley. The Cabela’s Collegiate Bass
Fishing Series is brought to you in part by Cabela’s,
it’s in your nature. By ProRule, other brands
just don’t measure up. And by Ranger Boats, still
building legends one at a time. Welcome back to Kentucky
Lake and the 2017 Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash,
presented by Berkeley. We’ll pick up tournament
coverage with one of the teams from the University of
Wisconsin and Plattville. THey’ve had some luck this
morning, and have one that might go about six
pounds in the live well. – So far, we’ve been just
kind of going up shallow and throwing reaction
baits to them. I’m throwing, I think it’s
a 3A silence chatter bait, and that’s what I got
my six-pounder on. – And right now, since I’m
fishing the back of the boat, up front, Brett Stanick
is fishing a rattle trap. He’s fishing a chatter bait,
so I’m going behind him, maybe trying to get a
little less of a reaction by throwing with a swim jig. – [Announcer] Moving on,
we’ll catch up with Missouri State’s Crossley Welch
and Matt Fielder. – Might want to spin around. – Last one is in the
water, and then we’re gonna get out of here. This morning, we’ve just
been running around hitting high percentage areas, just
trying to get comments going. Our idea is, the more fish
we catch, hopefully something is gonna get, they’re gonna
get bigger along the way, which they kind of have. Cranking transition
rocks, as you said. – Session five,
presented by Abu Garcia. – [Announcer] Heading back to
Paris Landing, session five presented by Abu Garcia is
underway, as Mississippi State’s Ben Spiller
steps to the scales. His first fish of the day
will weigh five ninety-six, and that’s good
enough for fifth. Grant Hellenfelt from the
University of Wisconsin at Plattville weighed in
his fish for six forty-five in fourth place. Youngtown’s Jonathan Creed
settled into third with six forty-six. Logan Brewster from UT at
Knoxville took the stage with the second biggest
fish of the day. – How long you been holding
this big one around? – About an hour. – An hour, has it been
a nerve-wracking hour? – Little bit, we lost the
bait we’ve been catching everything on. – How about a seven thirty-two,
way to go, taking this session, there you go. – [Announcer] And the team
from UT Knoxville kept the ball rolling as Scott Ellis stepped
up and won session five with this Kentucky Lake monster. – It needs to be six
forty-seven or better, how about a seven fifty-nine,
seven fifty-nine. – [Announcer] That fish
not only wins the session, but it also puts Scott in the
overall lead for Big Bass, and it could be worth several
thousand dollars in free gear. Okay, moving right into
session six, presented by Gill Technical Fishing Gear, the
aptly named Fisher Young weighed in one for five
forty-eight, and tied for third for overall leader Scott
Ellis and his second fish of the morning. McKendra University’s Brady
Faust weighed in one for five seventy-five and second
place, but it was Bethel University’s Cody Huff,
winning the session with one weighing in at six eighty-five. Now, here’s a look at the
top ten for session six, presented by Gill
Technical Fishing Gear. – Alright, y’all can mark your
screen folks, that is the, this session, session six,
that was presented by Gill Rainwear, our next session
will be session number seven, coming up, but session number
seven will be presented by Cabela’s. – Tell me what you’re doing,
are you debating on what hour to weigh it in, or
you kind of watching? – I think we’re gonna wait
here for this seventh session, I’m looking at that Cabela’s
gift card, hoping we can come through with that,
but we’ll see, should be a, should be a popular one,
so I’m sure a lot of people are gunning for that one, so
I’m going to wait for this next session to go and
weigh this fish in. – [Announcer] We’re more
than halfway through the day. Coming up, we’ll get back
on the water with more tournament coverage from
Kentucky lake, and the Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash,
presented by Berkeley. Remember to keep up with
the Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series on your
favorite social media platform, or just go to
collegiatebasschampionship.com. Stay with us, there’s more
from Paris Landing and the 2017 Cabela’s Collegiate
Big Bass Bash coming up. And now, Ram Facts,
brought to you by Dodge Ram and the all-new 2017 Ram 1500. The Cabela’s Collegiate Bass
Fishing Series is brought to you in part by Yamaha
Marine, reliability starts here. Garmin, fight your fish,
not your fish finder. And by Bob’s Machine
Shop, go fast, go shallow, go efficient. Welcome back to Paris,
Tennessee, our hosts for the Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass
Bash, presented by Berkeley. – Well, of course Paris
and Kentucky Lake and Paris Landing is our main tourism
draw, but Paris has a lot of unique features, it’s an
old town full of history, we’ve got great shopping,
unique restaurants, a lot of sites to see. Even within a few hours
drive there’s all kinds of natural resources for people
to see and enjoy if their, if their family and friends
are up here and their kids are fishing, there’s
plenty for them to do. For visitor’s information,
check out fishkentuckylake.com. Getting back to tournament
coverage, we’ll catch up with Logan Brewster and Clay
Walters, fishing for the University of
Tennessee at Knoxville. – Yeah, so, you probably
saw all the snow. Miserable, wet morning. We pulled the boat out of
the water and trailered it, and put it back in and it
cleared up and got relatively nice, the wind calmed down
so we could fish some of our main lake spots. – [Announcer] The team from
UT Knoxville has had some success today, dominating
session five with two fish going seven pounds or better. – Hadn’t been catching
very many, pulled up here, we caught a few small
ones, then got that one, and our net was actually in
the bottom of the rod box. Wasn’t able to get it out so
he ended up reaching about elbow deep in the water
to lift it for me. But it ended up weighing,
I think, seven three two, put us in second in a weigh
in right behind our team mate Scott, but he
had a seven five nine. He hit that as I pulled
it off that rock. – Throw that big one, dude. Caught all my fish
here last year. – [Announcer] Moving on, one
of our camera crews is with Bryant College’s Dalton
Price and Francisco Cullen. – This is the first tournament
I’ve fished like this, but I really enjoy it, I feel
like it takes some stress off me, I don’t have to look
for five, I know I can have one good one and win a
session or even qualify in a session. – I love it, I’m having a blast. I got a little more serious,
so I started buying a bunch of stuff, spending all my
school money on fishing gear, which is pretty bad, ’cause
I just, I gotta call my mom and tell her to send me
some more money for food. ‘Cause I just spent
it on fishing gear. But I love it, I’m having a
blast with all my teammates. I’m pretty social, and I’m
glad they welcomed me in with open arms. – We’ve got a great program,
we all work together and it’s really a team. Great communication among
everyone, but if we won this, this could really put us
in first, it’d make it hard to catch, if we could really
blow this one out of the water, so that’s what
we’re really shooting for, in the long run, but mainly
just trying to rack up some school of the year
points, and keep our top five right now. – [Announcer] The school
of year standings are on everybody’s mind as we head
into session number seven, presented by Cabela’s. This is Mississippi State’s
Hunter Hatcher, we caught up with him early this morning,
just after putting this big girl into this live well. – What’s your
guesstimation on this fish? – I want to say at least seven. – [Announcer] He’s hoping
she nets him the $1,000 Cabela’s gift card up for
grabs in this session. – How about seven
forty-one, seven forty-one. – It’s the start of the
seventh session, but the third fish to weigh in ended up
being a seven four one. Lead right now, but you know,
of course, almost an hour left, so we’ll see how it goes. See if it holds up. – [Announcer] Unfortunately
for Hatcher, it didn’t hold up for very long. – What’s coming next? – [Announcer] This is Bethel
University’s Evan Orley. – Evan Orley, from Bethel. Have you weighed it yet? – No, I don’t even
know what it weighs. – Take a guess? – I hope close to eight. – How about eight forty-nine! New big bass of the tournament. Way to go, get that girl
out, show it to everybody, like you’re proud. Look at that Garmin,
show it to Kevin. – [Announcer] With only
one more session to go, Evan jumps to the top of
the overall standings. Here’s a look at the top ten
from session number seven. Coming up, we’ll take a look
at the final session of the day and give our some prizes
as we close out the 2017 Cabela’s Collegiate
Big Bass bash, presented by Berkeley, from Kentucky
Lake in Paris, Tennessee. The Cabela’s Collegiate Bass
Fishing Series is brought to you in part from
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, see what’s out there. By Gill Marine,
technical fishing gear. Ram Trucks, guts, glory, Ram. And by Arctic Ice, we
put the cool in cooler. Welcome back to Paris,
Tennessee’s Kentucky Lake and the final session for
the 2017 Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash,
presented by Berkeley. Even under tough conditions,
this is always one of the favorite stops on the
ACA Tournament Series. – This is actually the
first big bass tournament I’ve fished with ACA, there
was one last year here on Kentucky Lake and it
was a lot of fun, me and my partner Garrett,
we got ninth in it. It’s a fun format, it’s fun
to get kids involved with it, college students, get
them introduced with it, and figure out how to target
big fish, not just going to catch a good sack of fish. It kind of levels the
playing field for everybody. For guys like me that’s
not from me, or who hadn’t fished here that much. It’s fun. – Man, it’s been a blast, it’s
absolutely, I can’t really put words to it of how
much it’s helped me out as a angler, as a person,
you know, getting to meet all these people out here and
everything, and the connections within the industry, it’s
phenomenal, and I recommend anybody that loves fishing
in college to try it out. I think that it gives guys
a lot of tools to maybe have a chance at the next level. I’m personally trying
to fish professionally, and I’m putting everything
I have into it, and I think that college is giving
me the tools to do that. – Okay, ladies and gentlemen
here on the premises, braved this weather all day,
and the one’s at home that’s watching on live stream, this
is the final, number eight session of the day. It is presented by
Angle Coolers and Costa. We are going to start this
off with team from Bethel– – [Announcer] The team from
Bethel University made quite the showing this year
with 18 fish in the money, including two session wins. Here, KJ Queen locked up fourth
with one going six eleven. Bethel’s Tyler Black was up
next, and he slid into third with six forty nine. Murray State’s Ryan Lancaster
will share third with his catch weighing six forty nine. Kyle Sweet fishes for Illinois
State, he only weighed one fish today, but it was
a good one, and sealed up second with six fifty eight. – Way to go, six fifty eight. – [Announcer] And on top of
the leader board at the end of session eight, presented
by Angle Coolers and Costa Sunglasses, it was Nathan
Bell from Bryant College. – Definitely gonna take
the lead for this session, six eighty-one, new
leader for this session. Take it out, your coach,
get it out of the trunk, we want to get a
picture of that. It finally quit snowing. Look at the Garmin
tent for Kevin. Great job, six eighty-one. – [Announcer] Here’s a look
at the top ten from the final session of the Cabela’s
Collegiate Big Bass Bash presented by Berkeley. It’s been a good week
for these young anglers, they’ve picked up some
valuable experience under some very challenging conditions. – I’m gonna tell you right
now, what I like the most about it is we get to fish big
time tournaments, stressful tournaments with low cost. That’s the biggest thing. – That’s number one. – We have so much experience
available to us at low cost. – There’s a lot of
business parts of it, too, negotiating with different
sponsors and trying to help everybody out while trying to
help the team out as a whole. – The best part about college
fishing is not fishing a tournament with your
partner, it’s the nights in the hotel, you get all your
buddies in the hotel room, stay up to twelve o’clock
at night, just laughing, having fun, it’s just all
around a great experience. – [Announcer] With another
day in the books, we’ll head back to Paris Landing and
turn it over to tournament director Anthony Wright. – Alright, we’re gonna start
it off, Bethel University, you all put your hands
together for Evan Orley, had an eight forty-nine,
he won it all. – [Announcer] In addition to
the $1,000 Cabela’s gift card he’s already claimed, Evan
picks up another $1,000 Cabela’s card, a $2,000
voucher from Power Pole, an Angle Cooler, a pair
of Costa sunglasses, and a Gill rainsuit, bringing
his total for the day to nearly $5,000 in prizes. Congratulations, Evan! – We caught about thirty
fish, all of them were about three pounds, but we
came and weighed some in, we made some money in the
second session, but we came back and came up, put in, dangled,
ran south, and we pulled up to a real shallow spot we
found, and we just started fishing it and we just started
catching them, they were bigger this time, we started
catching four pounders and four and a halfs,
and it was getting hectic throwing them all in the live
well, and all of the sudden I just boat up on one and I
didn’t really think it was all that big at first, but
then it came up right at the boat, and I knew it was a
big one, I just seen the big old head and it dove down,
stripping dry and everything, got it up, got it in the
net, hook popped right off. It was a fun day, we caught
some more big fish after that, partner caught a six
pounder, another partner caught five and three-quarters,
so it was a good day. – [Announcer] Our final
order of business for the day is a look at the Cabela
school of the year standings, presented by Abu Garcia. Bryant College started
the event in fifth, and with the double points
earned, they made a big leap and are now sitting at
the top of the standing. But the University of North
Alabama and Mississippi State are close behind. You can keep up with
the points race at collegiatebasschampionship.com. A big thanks for your hosts and
friends in Paris, Tennessee. And hey, if you’re headed
to the region, check out fishkentuckylake.com. To learn more about fishing
the Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Tournament Series, go to
collegiatebasschampionship.com This has been a Careco
TV presentation. Thanks for watching,
we’ll see you next week.

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