2016 RANGER CUP University Fish Off

– [Narrator] From CarecoTV,
one of the longest running outdoor programs on
television today. Exploring the country and the
coast in search of adventure. (turkeys gobbling) From the mountains of
the great northwest to the shores of
the Atlantic Ocean, this is Americana Outdoors. Presented by Garmin. Americana Outdoors
proudly presents the 2016 Ranger Cup University
Team of the Year Challenge between the University
of South Carolina and the University
of North Alabama. – It’s a cool event,
because it kinda is the culmination of our
college contingency program. So this features guys
that have obviously beat some of the best teams
in college fishing to qualify in order to get here, and then the event itself
is just a lot of fun, and I’m definitely more exposed to traditional
tournament angling. So having this every
fish counts format with the updates on the water, and just seeing what that
does to the intensity and to the competition is
a lot of fun to be around, and something that I enjoy. – [Narrator] The
requirements are simple. Just sign up online for the
Ranger Cup University incentive, and it’s free. Each angler must display
the Ranger Boats logo on the front and back of their
jersey per Ranger Cup rules, then the top
qualifying finishers of both the BoatUS National
Collegiate Championship, and the FLW Championship compete in a one day
winner-take-all fish-off. The rule formats
are also simple. All legal fish over 14 inches are weighed and
released from the boat. The highest finishing
team will walk off with $2,000 in cash and prizes, and bragging rights
for the title of the 2016 Ranger Cup
University Team of the Year. – Wow, there’s a
long road to get to qualifying for the
National Championship, but we got here through winning the FLW College Fishing
National Championship. It’s just surreal, you know. It’s been class A
treatment all the way. Being flown out here
by Ranger Boats, and getting to fish on
a great body of water, regardless of whether
it works out or not, it’s gonna be a fun time. – The awesome thing about it is you don’t have to
have a Ranger boat to get into the contingency. Most contingencies, you
have to buy a brand new boat to be eligible, but
this one you don’t. – We have a big front coming in. It’s gonna start, the front’s gonna hit
right about blast-off, and it’s supposed to be
raining and wind blowing throughout the whole
day we’re fishing, so I think they’ll be
biting during the front. I think we can catch ’em. – Well, we kinda figured that not having much time, we’re
gonna have to fish shallow, but after getting out here, we ended up saying that
there’s a bunch of fish deep, there’s a bunch of bait deep. We’re gonna try to stick to
those areas that have current, whether it be the
discharge or the intake. Just do whatever we
gotta do to get a bite, but we’re gonna try to
stick to those areas that have moving water. – Congratulations of getting
here, first and foremost. We’re happy all you made it. We’re gonna go ahead and get
you all set up to get out. Everybody knows the rules. The goal is to fish
’til three o’clock. Last cast at three o’clock. Right now, we got a lot
of fog on the water, so leave your lights in guys
for at least the first hour, ’cause there is quite a
few boats already out here. Main thing, obviously
safety of the camera guys. They’re kind of a
high value asset. Their wives and
girlfriends kinda like ’em. Good luck out there. Hopefully the fish will bite. And if there’s
not any questions, I think we get out there and see what this fog’s gonna
let us do and go fishing. – [Narrator] We
start with coverage from South Carolina’s Hampton
Anderson and Chris Blanchette. – [Chris] Get up. Get (mumbles). These fish (mumbles). – [Hampton] Oh my God. Oh, he’s got it. – [Chris] He’s on it, huh? (rock music) That’s what I’m talking ’bout. – That’s a good first fish. Got him. – That’s how you
start, right here. – Good way to start. (rock music) Oh, that’s a good one. 3.13. They’re schooling up there. (rock music) One thirteen. Well, only thing you need to
know about science is it works. It’s a lucky stash. I only bring it out
on rare occasions. (mumbles) She’s working. – [Narrator] The University
of South Carolina has an over 20 pound
lead early this morning, while the University
of North Alabama team finds themselves searching for
their first bite of the day. And after hearing how well
South Carolina is doing, let’s hear what
they’re thinking. – Man, it’s kinda, it’s a little
bit mind-blowing right now. I really expected to
get bit pretty quick going up on this flight, just
on the outside of this canal, but hasn’t happened yet. We’re just gonna keep
on ’til we find ’em. (rock music) (rod reeling) (rock music) (mumbles) (rock music) – Three pounds. – [Narrator] Find
out if North Alabama can catch up later in the day. To learn more about the
Ranger Cup University Contingency Program,
visit rangerboats.com. Americana Outdoors
presented by Garmin is brought to you by Garmin. Fight your fish, not
your fish finder. Cabela’s, it’s in your nature. Yamaha Marina,
reliability starts here. And by Ranger Boats. Still building
legends one at a time. – One of the really cool
things about this event is that Ranger gets
to provide the boats for these anglers
to fish out of, and so this year, in
particular, is unique in that we’ve got
a brand new Z185, which is a new model for us
that we’re excited about. The entire front casting
deck’s laid out extremely well, especially equipped
for a bass fisherman. We’ve got a recessed foot pedal. The Minn Kota trolling
motor comes standard. You’ve got even, obviously, some tool holders
and cup holder. As you walk back, you’ll notice
this is a huge casting deck for an 18 and a half foot boat, and in fact, the gunnel
walls are flared out. That gives you even
more fishable space
on the front deck. And we’ve got lockable storage
with compression lid locks, which is a big deal. Helps keep these front
boxes extremely dry. One of the defining
features of the Z185 is the center rod box. It’s a great configuration. Not only do you have the ability to store eight foot rods
right along the center line, but it’s tooled to accept
Plano 3700 sized boxes along the side, so it’s a
great tackle storage solution, and with another big
rod box to the port, you can configure this thing to be completely
tackle if you like. Moving back to the cockpit area, you’ll notice we’ve got a great
step up to the front deck, which also doubles as
another cooler, day box. It’s just a great
little storage solution. One of the great
things about the Z185 is obviously the upholstery, the rich driver and
passenger seats here. We’re proud of these. We build ’em on site, and that gives us the
ability not only to provide a great color match
and look for this boat, but we can service
them for years to come, which is a big deal, I think, for somebody that’s making
a purchase like this and intends to own
it for a long time. This boat has a great console that’s got some
ample heights to it, gives you great protection
from the elements. Multifunction gauges, which
are nicely laid out here to the right and left
of the steering wheel. Membrane switching,
which gives you controls of all the major things
you’ll want access to. Your livewell, your nav lights, accessories that you might
have wired to the boat. Okay, moving to the
rear of the boat, you’ll notice we’ve got
a lot more storage here. We’ve got a nice
divided livewell, which is a great application
for tournament fishermen. Two big dry storages behind
the driver and passenger seat, and then a great access
box here at the rear, which is one of the most
overlooked parts of the boat, quite honestly. You’ve got easy clean access to your trolling motor
batteries, breakers,
battery charger. It’s all right there
and nicely laid out. And then, I’d be
remissed not to mention, here at the transom of the boat, one of the great things
about our product is you’ve got the ability to
choose your power of choice, and this boat’s equipped
with a Yamaha 150 V Max, which is a great power
plant for this boat. And here in the splash well, one of the great new
features on this boat, you’ll see a remote drain plug. It’s a great, easy way of
controlling your drain plug without having to get
around on your knees and crawl around
on the pavement. This is a quick look
at our new Z185. Visit your local Ranger dealer,
or visit rangerboats.com, and take a look at the new Z185. – [Narrator] While although
trailing behind early, the North Alabama anglers
ignore the pressure and keep fishing harder. The team fishes with
jigs and Carolina rigs, but relies mainly on an
eight ounce finesse lure on six pound line. – As you can see, there’s
riprap all down this bank, and then out to our left, there’s nothing but
kinda clay bottom. And all three bites
that we’ve gotten so far has been the transition
from the rocks to the clay. The thought process,
the fish are hanging onto that
edge and ambushes, so we’re gonna try and
keep our bait in that zone as much as we can. – Two pounds, one ounce. (light rock music) (rod reeling) (fish flapping) Hey, you want me to flip it? – Really don’t know. We can’t take back
what we should’ve done. We know we should’ve been fishing something
moving shallower, but we didn’t, so we
gotta make it count. – We’re gonna run back to the
place we started this morning and kinda do the same
thing we were doing here. Honestly just kinda play it
by ear once we get over there. (light rock music) (mumbles) Ooh, God. Watch out. The lucky stash. Can’t get enough of it. (light rock music) Watch out, watch out,
watch out, watch out. Oh my God.
– Big’un. – Watch out, watch out. That is a giant. – Oh my God.
– Get back. – No. – [Hampton] God. – [Chris] That was a six. – [Hampton] Watch
out, watch out. (mumbles) – [Chris] Don’t swing yours. – [Narrator] Well, with
over a 20 pound lead, still the University of South
Carolina continues to dominate the Ranger Cup
event this morning. However, North
Alabama is starting to
figure out a pattern, and with their weather
expected to change in this every fish counts event, who knows what’ll happen
during the afternoon. Americana Outdoors
presented by Garmin is brought to you
by Sawyer Products. Sawyer, we keep you outdoors. Sunline, the strength to
guarantee your confidence. And by Bubba Blade, the
ultimate sportsman’s knife. Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors and the coverage of the
2016 Ranger Cup University Team of the Year Challenge. We’re at Fayette County Lake, one of the best bass
fisheries in south Texas. – I continue to be impressed working with these college
anglers at events like this and others across the country at just how good they are. They’re just genuinely
skilled fishermen, and the sport’s gone a long
way in a short amount of time. – [John] Is that a good one? – [Colby] There you go. – [John] That won’t help. There’s a big rock
pile right here acting as this current break. They’re just sitting up on
that edge of this rock pile, I guess waiting on
stuff to blow by ’em, and it’s kinda crazy. The water is 100 degrees
here, but they don’t care. It hadn’t bothered them yet. (rod reeling) (light rock music) (mumbles) (rod reeling) (water splashing) – [Colby] Grab her. – [John] Yeah, this one’s,
you need to grab this one. – [Narrator] The University
of North Alabama’s cut what was once a 20
pound lead to 10 pounds after making several on
the water adjustments, and at the rate they’re
catching fish, no lead is safe. – [Colby] Oh my God. (laughs) (grunts) (laughs) Look at the mouth
on that sucker. – That’s how you catch a fish. – [Colby] Look at that. (rod reeling) (mumbles) We finally got into
another bunch of fish. (laughs) There’s a rock grove
that extends way on
out on this canal, and they’re stacked. I mean, I haven’t made
a cast in 10 minutes. It’s a little bit ridiculous. – (mumbles) you’re crazy. If you wanna catch
some crazy fish, catch ’em in 100 degree water. (light rock music) – [Narrator] And just like that, the University of North
Alabama has erased what was once a 20 pound lead. (light rock music) (mumbles) (light rock music) – [Narrator] Let’s
pick up the action now with University
of South Carolina as they try to get
back into the event. – [Hampton] Well, we ran to
the opposite side of the dam, but we’re still gonna
try to fish some rock. The wind’s blowing
on it pretty good. Looks good for
maybe a spinnerbait. We’re gonna try crankbait again, and hopefully some bait
might be blown up on here, and we can get onto
a school of ’em that eat pretty good.
Got him? – [Chris] Yeah. Oh, big mouth. God, these fish are strong. Oh, big. (light rock music) (water splashing) – [Hampton] Grab
him, he’s hooked. (water splashing) (laughs) – [Narrator] While not
the best landing job ever, it’s in the boat.
– Oh, man. And South Carolina
has retaken the lead. – Tail hook, tail snagging. – [John] Dude,
there’s big’uns there. – [Colby] Here,
you take (mumbles). (light rock music) – [John] Woo, woo! Woo! Woo! (light rock music) – [John] That’s a good
one, that’s a good one. – [Colby] We’re out here, and Ranger’s put us
in the brand new Z185. Coming in, we were
a little bit nervous when we heard that
we were fishing out of an 18 and
a half foot boat, ’cause we’re used to fishing
out of either a 20 foot boat or a 21 foot boat,
and as you can tell, me and John are comfortably
away from each other. The deck on this thing for a 18 and a half foot
boat is unbelievable. – [John] It’s amazing. The wind’s blowing
pretty hard today, and this thing, for
an 18 foot boat, handles great in the wind. I mean, it’s honestly
about all you could expect of an 18 foot boat and more. Gotta keep on pounding. – [Colby] Yep, let’s make
him feel what we felt this morning for a little while. – Hey, that’s a
miserable feeling. Y’all said that was a lot to a little.
– Yeah, y’all said eight fish were 19 pounds. I’m like (grunts). – (Laughs) Y’all came over. How many you have?
– We got one! – Like five to zero. – [Narrator] With
little time remaining, the University of North
Alabama has taken a large lead, and with each team knowing
what the other is doing. We’ll be back shortly to see if South Carolina
can find a magic spot and make a late run at the
Ranger Cup University title. Americana Outdoors
presented by Garmin has been brought to
you by Big Bite Bait. Designed to bring the
big bite to your line. Gill, respect the elements. And by Arctic Ice. We put the cool in coolers. (light rock music) – [Hampton] How the hell
would there be a fish in 103 degree water? – [Chris] There’s no telling. – [Hampton] That
makes zero sense. – [Chris] Really? They still smokin’ ’em? (rod reeling) (light rock music) – 114. 115. – [Chris] Has it been
like this the whole time? (mumbles) Over there? Just double up, double
up, double up, double up. – [Narrator] Well, with both
teams in sight of each other, South Carolina is
watching North Alabama catch fish after fish. (light rock music) – Guys, congratulations
again for getting here, and I hope you had a good time. Couple of great
teams, obviously. Great day on the water. South Carolina, you
guys started off hot. It looked like you were
gonna run away with it for a little bit. Slowed down in the afternoon. Then UNA, you guys started slow, but then grinded it out, man,
and at the end of the day, South Carolina ended up
with 47 and a half pounds. UNA, 74 pounds. Congratulations again. Wanna present you guys
with this check for $2,000. Congratulations,
appreciate you being here. – This format is awesome. It puts you in a bunch
of highs and lows. It’s not for the faint of heart, but luckily we made
a location change, and got onto a little
bit of a pattern. One right after another. There was one point in time where John was catching them
so fast, I couldn’t even fish. It was a really fun day. – Yeah, this opportunity, it’s
a once in a lifetime thing, and we ended up qualifying through the BoatUS
National Championship. It’s really something
that’s unique, because they partnered
up with Ranger. They rolled out the red carpet. They flew us out here,
they provided meals, they provided a boat,
and not just a boat, but a new boat that hadn’t
even hit the market yet. We were the first people to
ever get to be filmed in ’em. It’s unbelievable. The amount that they put into
this, and the amount of time that they put into making
everything perfect for us. It was awesome. – So I guess this’ll be the last college fishing event
I’ll be associated with. It’s kind of a bummer. I mean, I’ve had a
blast fishing college. I’m so glad I got
into it freshman year. Anybody’s thinking about doing
it and hesitant about it, they definitely
need to get into it. I mean, it’s a great program. – It was absolutely
amazing to come out here, be flown out to Texas, fish
one of the best lakes in Texas out of Ranger 185 bass boats. It was awesome, yeah. Definitely can’t ask
for anything else. – You know, one of the cool
things about an event like this is the comradery
that it fosters. It’s a great reflection
of the sport as a whole. I think one of the reasons that fishing and
spending time outdoors is one of the best things
you can possibly do, especially as a young
person growing up. – [Narrator] To learn more about the Ranger Cup University
Contingency Program, visit rangerboats.com. Hey, don’t forget to visit
us at americanaoutdoors.com for in depth stories
from the fields. Thank you for watching, and see ya next time
on Americana Outdoors. Americana Outdoors is
a CarecoTV production.

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