2016 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship – Pickwick Lake, AL – Day 1

– [Narrator] This week,
it’s the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship. Presented by Cabela’s
from Lake Pickwick. This is the biggest event
in Collegiate Bass Fishing. And we’ve got 160
boats on the water vying for the
prestige, the title, and the Championship trophy. There’re also double
points on the line, in the Cabela’s School
of the Year Standings. And it all starts
now, on the Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing
Tournament Series. (upbeat rock music) – Tennessee River to
me is probably some of the best bass
fishin’ in the world. – It only takes five
minutes on this lake. You can take five minutes, and
you can have 20, 25 pounds. – [Narrator] Welcome
to Florence, Alabama, and Lake Pickwick for the
11th Annual Boat Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship
presented by Cabela’s. – Pro or college,
one of the coolest tournaments you can
hope to be a part of. – [Narrator] We’ve
got 320 of the best collegiate anglers in
the U.S. and Canada here on Lake Pickwick
for the next two days. And there’s a lot on the line, including 5,000 dollars
for the winning team, and even more available in
sponsor contingency awards. – One of the cool things
that the Rangers do at this event is a bonus,
we’ve got bonus money available to anglers that sign
up with our program. Align themselves
with Ranger, wear our logo on their jerseys,
that kind of thing. It’s 2,000 dollars to
the highest finisher. So they don’t even
have to win the event, they could walk away with
a good chunk of cash. And it’s a cool thing that
we’re excited to be a part of. – [Narrator] Looking
at the Cabela’s School of the Year Standings,
the University of Alabama has a slim lead over
Mississippi State. With Bryan College,
and two time Cabela’s School of the Year
winners, the University of North Alabama close behind. And, as with every
major ACA event, there are double points awarded. So expect a shake up
by tournament’s end. We’ll get right into
Day One coverage with Lealand Johnson,
and Caiden Sinclair. Representing the
University of Alabama. – [Lealand] Get the net. Get the net. – I’m going. – [Lealand] Yeah. That’s not a white bass,
I don’t think it is. It’s a stud.
– No white, that’s a good one. – A stud.
– We’ll take that one. There’s a good one.
– That’s a good start right there. – That a boy, good job. – This tournament’s my
last college tournament. And to win School of
the Year this year would be huge for me. I can walk away saying
we won School of the Year my last year I fished. I’ve been doing
this for five years, and I’ve enjoyed
every minute of it. And with this
being my last year, it would be awesome to win. – [Narrator] This is
Mississippi State’s Kyle Alford, and Joe Marty. They’re currently second in the Cabela’s School of
the Year Standings. Like most, they’re
fishing deep ledges along the river channel. If this keeps, it’ll be their
first fish of the morning. – [Kyle] A little white guy. – [Joe] Little one. – Finally feels good
to break the ice. – I’ve wanted to win
this one for years, and I honestly feel
like this probably one of our best
chances to do it. – We’ve come real
close to winning some big events here lately. I think this is probably our
best opportunity as Joe said. I mean, to get it done,
we know how to get it done on this lake. And we’ve fished it several
times this time of year. So hopefully we can
go show out today. That’s a good one. – [Joe] Yeah, you know, I’ve
been fishin’ this tournament for a long time,
and it’s definitely my favorite tournament
to come fish every year. I look forward to
this one every year. – That’s a good fish. – [Joe] It’s, they put
it on an awesome lake, the best time of
the year for it. It’s gonna be queued out,
it should be a good time. I got it.
– All right. – Wanna take that back. There may be a few
better ones to get. – [Narrator] This is Martin
McCravey, and Koby Littrell. They fish for the
University of North Alabama, the defending Cabela’s
School of the Year winners. And currently fourth
in the standings. – Came straight out. Five pounder. – [Narrator] Following
waypoints on their electronics, and throwing a drop shot,
Marty just picked up their fifth fish of the morning. – Well, all these fish
been so pressured lately. With all the boats scanning
over them and fishing them. And it’s so hard to
get them ignited, and the best way to do
it with is a drop shot, when they’re so tough like this. And they just,
somebody drop shot, he can always catch fish on it. – [Narrator] Casting
to the same spot Koby get’s a hook
into fish number six. – [Koby] Real cool. – [Martin] Heck yeah, real cool. – [Koby] Saw like
three of those on. Gotta get rid of
them two little ones. There he comes. – [Martin] Which
waypoint was he on? – Blue.
– Yeah. Here he comes, here he comes. Nope. – [Martin] I’m gonna get
the tuck troll motor. – [Koby] Here he comes, here
he comes, here he comes. Solid cool. – [Martin] Gotta go cool,
you can throw again. – [Narrator] Early on
day one, Marty and Koby have an unofficial 17
pounds in the live well. They’re on the hunt
for another Cabela’s School of the Year Trophy. Coming up, tournament
coverage continues from the BoatUS
Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship
presented by Cabela’s. The Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Series is brought to you
in part by Cabela’s. It’s in your nature. By Tow BoatUS, take us
with you on the water. And by Ranger Boats, still
building legends, one at a time. Welcome back to Lake Pickwick,
in Florence, Alabama, for the 11th Annual
BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship,
presented by Cabela’s. Despite reports of tough
fishing during practice, it seems that, at
least for the moment, fish are biting, with
most of the action coming off shore
from the deep ledges along the Tennessee
River channel. – Right now, they’re
in the summertime, or transitioning out to
a summertime pattern. From what I can tell,
the spawn’s pretty much just over, there may
still be a few up there still spawning, but the
majority of them are out, and they’re close
to the river channel getting on their
summer time patterns. – A lot of them are kinda
scratching their head, is, how come I see them
but they won’t bite. And when it comes
to Tennessee River, you better have some
flow, and it’s not tidal. So they only goes
on or off when they flip the switch at the dam. So if they’re not running
water, fish aren’t interested. – Yeah, those are them. They’re down, look at them. Look at the bottom. Yeah. – [Narrator] This is the
University of North Alabama’s Colby Harville and John Maner. They marked a school
on their electronics. Minutes later, hooked into their
fourth fish of the morning. – Oh my god, it is big. Is that, oh my god. Oh, yeah! Okay so. – [Narrator] Moving
on, we’ll check in with Dallas Baptist University’s
Zachery Hines, and Reed Foster. – Whoo, somethin’. – It feels pretty good
to actually repeat what you were doing in practice. And when it’s kinda
coming together, it calms your
nerves a little bit. I mean, crank bait
fishin’s always fun. But when they start
jumpin’ right next to the boat, it kinda
gets a little nerving. Prolly after a long
day of doing this, nerves are probably
a little bit frayed. But, it’s a nice feeling to have three in the boat in there. They’re not what’s gonna
blow it out of the water, but it’s a good start anyways. Maybe with this
cloud cover we may go get a shallow bite
here pretty soon. – [Narrator] Back on Lealand
Johnson and Caiden Sinclair from the University of
Alabama, they’ve just pulled up on a ledge,
and are fishing alongside a team from Indiana University. – Look at them. Tearin’ them up, ain’t they? Little bitty ones. – Yeah, pretty much gotta
share everything out here. I mean there’s some stuff
you just can’t do is wrong. But as far as this goes,
we pulled up probably a hundred, 75 to
100 yards from them, and they suddenly
just pulled in. But then again, they
were here first. They could have been
doing circles or whatever. It’s just part of the game,
you let it get to you, or start making fights with it, and then you’ll
really have a bad day. It’s part of fishin’. It’s different if you’re
going down a bank, and somebody pulls
up in front of you. But out here, deep, there’s
fish all over the place, there’s not one spot or
even one area that you need. We catch them all over here. That’s part of it. Fish?
– Yeah. – A good one?
– Oh yeah. Better fish.
– We’ll take that one. He ain’t bad. He ain’t good, but he ain’t bad. – Hey, there is one here for us. I’m telling you what. – Number three in the box. Hey, I’m telling you,
it’s going slowly, gradually get better. We’re gonna have 28, 29 pounds. – [Narrator] We’ll
check back with Mississippi State’s Kyle
Alford and Joe Marty. – Been quiet morning,
this morning. We should be able to
pick up a couple more here in just a minute. Once we just get back lined up. – [Narrator] Fishing
a different pattern than practice, Alford
and Marty had to adapt at the last
minute, when the schools they’ve been
following disappeared. – There he is.
– Got it? – Yep.
– Better one? – No. – Huh?
– No. – Okay go. There you go. We thought that it was
way to early for them to be on the main
river ledges now. But that’s where we
found them today. – Feeling a little better
about five in the box, but at the same
time, I really don’t because I know what that
five is gonna do for us. And it’s not gonna
be a whole lot. So, at least we got,
broke the ice today. We go catch five more
big ones somewhere else. Like I said, those
first three schools we stopped on it this morning, those fish weren’t there. But they’ll load up and
the big ones are there. So it’s just a matter of time, we got the ice broke, it’s just calm down and go fish now. – [Narrator] Stay
on top of the latest from the Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series
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on Facebook, or check out our website, at
collegiatebasschampionship.com. Coming up, we’ll get
back on the water for the rest of day
one from Lake Pickwick, and the BoatUS Collegiate
Bass Fishing Championship presented by Cabela’s. (upbeat pop jingle) The Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Series is brought to you in part by Yamaha Marine,
reliability starts here. Garmin, fight your fish,
not your fish finder. And by Florence
Lauderdale Tourism. Welcome back to Lake Pickwick, and the BoatUS Collegiate
Bass Fishing Championship presented by Cabela’s. This is Tusculum
College’s Corey Neece, and Nick Hatfield. When we first pulled
up, we found Nick netting a three
pounder, while Corey was fishing in his boxers. We’ll let Corey explain. – Well, this morning,
first cast I made, I got hung up on a
crank, but I reached down to get a plug knocker, and my rod went straight
in the lake. I just, I had to
dive in after it. I don’t have another
cranking rod with me. This my only one,
I knew this is what we were gonna catch
them on today. And y’all just happened to
pull up at the right time to catch me in my boxers. – There we go. I didn’t think we could
catch what we have here already, so we’re
in good shape so far. – [Narrator] Corey
Brown and Wesley Griner fish for Georgia’s
Darton State College. They’ve got a limit, and will
be culling with this fish. – Isn’t that cull? – Sure.
– Yeah. – He’s fat. Good job man. Keeps ya castin’, and
keeps ya confident that there’s fish there. There ain’t no telling,
you could at this lake you can pull up a
five or six pounder. It could be a small mouth, a
spotted bass, or a large mouth. I mean, this lake’s got
plenty of fish in it. You trick them into
bitin’ and you’ll be in the hunt for the lead. – [Narrator] Back on the
University of North Alabama’s Harville and Maner. – That’ll help a lot.
– Yeah just keep it down. – That’ll help culls. – [Narrator] This
fish will cull, adding at least a pound
to their total weight. – What? She googly eyed. That’ll cull. – Hey, you want me
to do some culling? – Can I have the
kill-tet, yeah good call. – Okay. – [Narrator] Georgetown
College’s Shawn Combs is 38, and is he oldest
angler in the series. Having graduated in
December, he’s fishing the final tournament of
his Collegiate career. – It’s like I was telling
somebody last night, it’s more than just fishin’,
it’s like family with me. When I’m away from home,
these are the people that I travel with. And to be able to go
out and fish like this, and it be a collegiate
sports, it’s just awesome. I’m gonna miss it. I’m really gonna miss this. This has become my
family away from home. I’ve met so many great people, this organization is just,
they treat you so, so, so good. You’re gonna lose
him, there you go. Get him in there. All right good job, buddy. All right. – [Narrator] This
is Tarleton State’s Zach Ziober, and Dakota Ebare. – One of these are
gonna be a big fish. Okay, let’s, we’re
getting out of here. – [Narrator] They’ve
picked up a 17 pound limit, ripping shatter baits
through the grass. – What do you think? You wanna leave? – I think you should
just keep wacking on those two pound fish. If we need them tomorrow,
you know what I’m sayin? – One more. (laughter) – I like catchin’ them.
– I do too. – Stay on there.
– Stay down. – [Narrator] Back on Corey
Neece and Nick Hatfield, throwing a crank
bait on deep ledges, they managed to pick up
somewhere around 15 pounds. A good fish here,
and they could cull. – Oh, two at one time.
– We got two at one time. – Oh my god. – A white bass and a large one. I don’t know, today’s
going all right though. We started on a school
on down the lake, here on back up the lake, and we caught the
limit off of it. Caught one good one. And then we came here, and we’ve
done all right here so far. We get bit, we just need
to get those big bites. They’re down there,
we just, it’s getting it in front of the right fish. ‘Cause there’s a lot
of them down there, and a lot of them
that want to eat it. – [Narrator] With the
clock ticking down we’ll start making our
way back to weigh in. Stay with us, and
we’ll wrap things up from the first day of
tournament competition, at the BoatUS Collegiate
Bass Fishing Championship, presented by Cabela’s. (upbeat pop jingle) The Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Series is brought to you in part by, Mustang Survival,
saving lives since 1967. Gill, technical fishing gear. By Ram Trucks, guts, glory, Ram. And by Gemini Jerseys,
the leader in custom
fishing apparel. Welcome back to Florence,
Alabama, and the final moments from
day one of the BoatUS Collegiate Bass
Fishing Championship presented by Cabela’s,
on Lake Pickwick. – It was a rough day. We covered a lot of
water, but couldn’t find the fish that we needed. – It was a struggle for us. We weren’t really on the
ledges like everybody else, we kinda found our own pattern. Managed to catch five, we
caught a couple we culled out, but just nothin’ big for us. – Slow, seven fish all day,
but they were pretty fish. Got some nice ones. – Man, it was a
playground today. Lost a couple key fish,
didn’t to cull out our limit. I mean, it was no current,
you know, straight sunshine, it’s stagnant out there,
it was really tough today. – [Narrator] As tough
as it was for most, there were still
more than 90 limits brought to the scales. Even on tough days, Lake
Pickwick can still represent. Heading to the stage,
we’ll take a look at the top of the leaderboard. In fifth place, Bethel
University’s Evan Owery, and John Garrett
weighed five for 20.35. The University of North Alabama locked up fourth with
21.05, courtesy of Koby Littrell and
Martin McCravy. Slipping into third
was Auburn University’s Cole Burdeshaw and
Mitchell Jennings. – How about this, 21.56, 21.56. – Yeah there’s a lot
looking up for us. You know we got a good
boat number tomorrow, we can get out real early and, that’s when most of our
good bites came, was early. So we’re looking forward to it. – [Narrator] Locking
up second place, John Davis and Peyton
McGinnis brought in five fish that pushed
the scales to 22.19. – [Host] 22.19, great job. – I knew we’d have a
chance of bigger bag, the way we were fishing,
we’re fishing out deep on the ledges,
and the ledges here are famous for producing
those big fish. We didn’t catch a
whole lot of big ones in practice, that was
kind of a surprise to get five and a seven
in the boat today. So hopefully we can get a couple of big bites like that tomorrow. – [Narrator] Davis and
McGinnis also picked up big bass for the day, with
this 6.72 pound large mouth. – All right, LSU Shreveport
next up, James and Devon. – [Narrator] And the
top spot on day one, went to the LSU
at Shreveport’s James Kimbrough,
and Devon Deramus. – [Host] Good
gracious, 23.06, 23.06. – [Narrator] And
here’s a look at the top ten from day one
of BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship
presented by Cabella’s. – First two casts, thought
they were our biggest ones, and we just had to relocate
the school throughout the day, and that’s probably the
biggest key’s just not sitting in one deal,
just trying to move them back and forth down the ledge. ‘Cause they’re not really
pulling currents so hard, so they’re kinda getting
spread out throughout the day. And that’s making
it a little tougher, and not catching as many. But when you do catch one,
you catch a couple real quick. – [Narrator] A big
thanks to Suzy Shoemaker, and the Florence Lauderdale
Tourism Department for their support. – I love this event,
I love the people that are involved
in this tournament. And we just love
bringing everybody back together, it is
a well oiled machine. And we love having
everybody here. – [Narrator] For
tourism information, check out visitflorenceal.com. For details on the 2017
season, please visit collegiatebasschampionship.com. The Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Series is a CarecoTV production. Thanks for watching.

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