122 | Temos um NOVO TRIPULANTE – Baby Shark – Sailing Around the World

Lie, love! I just don’t know what 3+ means More than 3 weeks! Guys !!! It’s true ! Are you pregnant? But did you check? Sure? 3+ Everything indicates 3 + Are you filming? Of Corse !! Historical moment! In recent days Thaís had a strange feeling, couldn’t drink the milk we drink every day in the morning she was drowsier, with chest pain and late menstruation. Google that since early summer no longer slept in bed, went back to sleep stuck together! Now it’s hot and he’s licking my belly … Everything indicated for a pregnancy! We started looking for a pharmacy but we are also heading to Stintino! We changed paradise, paradise is no longer Croatia, The paradise is Sardinia. Guys.. It has wind every day on the certain extent and a wonderful sea! While I’m sailing … I’m also fixing the outboard that broke a piece and I’m sticking, let’s see if
it works for a little longer We’re here with a broad reach, right ?! which is when it’s here, it’s not here, if it was here it would be running, 14 knots or so. And now it’s three o’clock in the afternoon, I already dozed off in the morning now… I will come to my “to do”, that I have to tidy up here wash a pan to cook and do something because my belly is already asking for food. baby shark do doo doo… Look baby shark … no?? Will he be here by the time I
brought the food? I guess so! ohhhh who came !!! it’s very funny that the doggy at sunset time he is watching, watching the sunset, does he like amore? like me ? We sailed a lot, it was a delicious sailing, how good it is to sail, and now it was like 3 knots it was like that: go don’t go, go don’t go so we decided to start the engine for those last ten miles very good right Mr. Roberto? What a wonderful sailing! We got where we wanted, we got last night that’s why I didn’t even shoot because nothing shows up. The night was tense, very tense! Not because of the wind, bur for the wave because as Beto had said the wind and the wave were coming in that direction and the forecast was that the wind would change and the wind had changed but the waves always takes a little longer to change so the night went like this: shaking like hell but it’s ok we arrived well and now we will do
one more job for Navily, here at the marina. We filmed for Navily at Stintivo Marina and we went to the city in search of
pharmacy with the ride of a couple who participated in our flotilla in Croatia and are now riding here! We are with Denise and Fabio, I didn’t even introduce it but they were in our charter, they already appeared in our videos and they were strolling through Sardinia
and they came to see us! It is a coincidence! Lately we are meeting a lot of people by coincidence. Wait and let’s see it on Youtube because we don’t even know how to see it! Come on! But it’s all written in Italian! It is written 3 + Ok here 3+ are you shaking? Not Pregnant and 3+ Pregnant Liem love !! I don’t know what 3+ means! More than three weeks Pregnant 3+ Are you filming? Of course it is a historic moment! I went to the bathroom to take the test! In the bathroom of the restaurant. Thaís is shaking, love! yes, look at the phone … Have you seen it? It’s how many weeks, it’s love !!! 3 weeks ? She can’t type, want me to type ?! She can not ! Pregnant !!! Congratulations !!! Guys !!! More than three weeks … 3+ The woman from the pharmacy said: how? more than 20 days late? Do it now!! So we were here at the restaurant and I decided to do it You are shaking too Let me see ! Appears: Incinta That would be pregnant, until I discovered what was “incinta” we almost died and it turns out it’s three weeks for more! Our daughter what a thrill !! I’m very pregnant, I think I’m 5 or 6 weeks ! Wow so beautiful !!! Already started crying right? Yes !! But I din’t cry I kept trying to understand this thing that we were like, but we already knew it too! My chest was hurting too much. Oh Mamis, but we are very happy, very happy !! Hi son ! Hi !! I can not ! what is this ? I can not see, put it closer! Now I can’t read it! Speak up, Beto! I don’t know, but I’m thinking it’s positive, I’m not seeing anything! what’s written? Incinta! More than three weeks! Am I going to be grandma? Wow !!! It’s gonna be grandma !! It’s gonna be grandma! Cool !! You will make me cry! It’s gonna be grandma, happy grandma’s day! Saw ?! I asked so much! We have a new crew member as we don’t know sex for now we’re calling baby shark! What are you two eating? Baby shark and I? Now we eat fruit every day, yesterday was mango today is kiwi but the kiwi here is half brown, half green. I don’t know, let’s see if it’s good! But you guys are eating huh ?! Google, what do you think of this? Google… not even left for you right ?! the older brother! We left the marina and anchored nearby, because in the next few days we would catch a mega storm of lightning and strong winds Guys … our anchor is right there we looked for an area that was green, not with sea weed So it’s there in that green! It has started to wind a little, you can’t see it, but it’s like we played
here you know? now let’s see the chain fully stretch we gave 20 meters … We have six depth, let’s release some more, now it was just to hold … Well then we gave 40 meters of
chains, with 6 of depth, we are fine! We anchor in the sand, we don’t anchor in sea weed !!! Because what happens in the sea weed, as I said, you stick in the weed and sometimes you take the weed off and you start to …. I forgot the words “dragging”! And then you start to drag because you’re not firm at all right? because the plant comes out! So we found one
plantless space … a depth of 6 meters a lot of chain, well done! Mr. Robertinho is not quiet yet! what are you doing? Show … this is an app that Beto loves calling anchor! I am following here our anchor drawing I was waiting to stretch the chain, because you see that it was going backwards and forwards but now it stretched … already went from side to side and we’re stuck in place here! Google and the wind? Are you worried ? Oh, got up, ready! You are worried! On the Windy, here where we are is a zone where the wind gets weaker further north is stronger which is the wind that accelerates and passes there in the channel and further down the wind is stronger because there is a lot of land here and in the middle of this land, from the other
side has a mountain of a thousand meters so it seems that the wind opens like this where we are Studied well, huh? oh yeah! At the extremes is 46 knots and here it is giving 36 it is not little but … Not so much either! One there already dragged ! Oh my God! Give back! Oh my God, how desperate! But he didn’t even pull the chain yet What is he waiting for? It didn’t even start the engine, my God! Look at the sea weed problem I mentioned! Amore ” DIY ” goes to number 2 attempt to fix the dinghy piece And then you have to stick this part that is cracked, is that it? Meanwhile our anchorage is only increasing these neighbors were already here … these were already here and this is new this is new the one that is coming is new this is new this is new there is another one back there that is also new Because now it’s half past nine in the morning And someone doesn’t want to get out of bed Not even Google is here anymore Google is crazy to go out and she doesn’t get out of bed. Let’s? I said this time is the only time
that my body responds to my command Then I don’t know what is going
to happen If I’m going to have Gases, if I’m going to have migraines or chest pain so I’m enjoying my body at my command Look at this! I know it’s been three days since we were here in this anchorage and finally we go to the place I wanted to go That is the beach 2 miles from here, which calls la Pelosa That we will sleep there today Tomorrow go to Alghero today we go to the sea, right Google? Who will come in? Who took danone? You can’t even see that you took danone, nor is it white up there! We arrived in paradise! People! Look at this! Here is the beach of La Pelosa and this is where the boats stand Look guys! I’ll put this in my life! Look at her clothesline? She took that clothesline Look at the coincidence! Remember that puppy I filmed yesterday? Look there! Look where we are! It was a Brazilian couple! Shirley And by chance yesterday when I posted on instagram They said: we are here! And now we’re here in their boat With Stella And Google, right? Jealous! And the clothesline … And the clothesline, it’s true! Look at the clothesline! Fantastic idea of clothesline Leaving this paradise! that if we could we would spend a whole month here Look at this! It’s the most wonderful beach Is too beautiful But tomorrow we have a doctor’s appointment Our first doctor appointment We cross a narrow channel to the west side of Sardinia Where the sea is bigger and has less shelter but this you will see in the next episode along with the first images of Baby Shark if you like don’t forget to like the video, comment and share also consider being a supporter and helping to fund our videos the link is in the description Thanks for watching See you next week Bye Fair winds

79 thoughts on “122 | Temos um NOVO TRIPULANTE – Baby Shark – Sailing Around the World

  1. Fiquei emocionado e muito feliz pelo casal! Parabéns, e que o Baby Shark venha com muita saúde e traga muita felicidade a esta família querida!

  2. Beto,fiz umas contas por aqui pode se preparar. Hj a minha filha está com 22 aninhos e foi mais ou menos nessa época. Quero dizer e eu dificilmente erro,será uma linda menina, quer apostar????? Bjos a todos a bordo que Papai do céu continue iluminando o Shogun. Abraços

  3. Parabéns e obrigado em partilhar este momento sublime, e aceitação da honrada missão de paternidade e maternidade proposta por Deus.

    Art 6 –  I. "  Homem e mulher os criou … " .  

    2334 – "Ao criar o ser humano, homem e mulher, Deus dá a dignidade pessoal de modo igual ao homem e à mulher. O homem é uma pessoa, e isto na mesma medida para homem e para a mulher, pois ambos são criados à imagem e semelhança de um Deus pessoal.

    2335 – Cada um dos dois sexos é com igual dignidade, embora de maneira diferente, imagem do poder e da ternura de Deus. A união do homem e da mulher no casamento é uma maneira de imitar na carne a generosidade e a fecundidade do Criador. O homem deixa seu pai e sua mãe, se une a sua mulher, e eles se tornam uma só carne (Gênesis 2, 24). Dessa união procedem todas as gerações humanas.

    Capitão, perdeste momentaneamente a "Imediato (segura a onda .. ), mas em breve terá um grumete com o Curso Básico já feito. rsrsrs !.

    Mesmo sem saber o sexo, escolham o nome pois ele(a), ficará muito feliz em saber que tem nome !. Shark ? tadinho !!!,

    Deixo carinhosamente como presente estas musiquinhas para aprendizado de vocês e para ele(a) curtir desde agora e mensagens inspiradoras diversas.



  4. Parabéns a família…wow… great changes about to happen!

    Nos moramos abordo desde que minha tinha 7 meses agora ela está com 3 anos…

  5. PARABÉNS!!! Muitas felicidades pra vocês e pra essa nova vida já faz parte de vocês!!! Sejam felizes e abençoados sempre!!! Um beijo enorme no coração de vocês!!! 😚😚😚😚😍😍😍😍🌷🌹🌷🌹

  6. Parabéns aos papais!!!! É muito gostoso ter um bebê a bordo!!!! As vezes eles deixam a gente de cabelo em pé mas vale muito a pena!!!!! Aproveitem a gravidez que tb é uma delicia!!!!!! 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👏👏👏👏⛵⛵⛵

  7. O Google esta preocupado é que vai deixar de ser filho único para ser irmão mais velho, e parabéns a família, pela gravides deste lindo casal, muita saúde e paz.

  8. PARABÉNS THAÍS E BETO! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😃

  9. Parabéns Beto e Thais ! …esse novo tripulante vai ser muito querido e fazer parte dessa (nossa) família bacana …Abração

  10. Parabéns pelo bebê. É a coisa mais incrível que pode acontecer em nossas vidas! Vai ser legal acompanhar o crescimento dele, mas eu já estou meio nervoso em pensar nele na beirada deste barco. Bora encher de proteções!!!!😄😄😄

  11. Que notícia maravilhosa do terceiro tripulante, Beto e Thaís, parabéns. Que isso lhes traga mais felicidades nessa vida espetacular que levam.👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷

  12. Parabéns ao casal, só tenho a dizer que filho é tudo de bom… Agora não vai mergulhar do barco heim!!! O Google está já sentido que vai perder o trono tadinho mas isso passa.

  13. Parabéns, que DEUS abençoe essa criança venha com muita saúde e que traga muitas alegrias e felicidades a essa família
    " Será um Italianinho ou Italianinha"

  14. Parabéns.
    Deus abençoe essa família linda e que o Baby Shark seja muito saudável e traga ainda mais felicidades.

  15. parabens desejo que essa nova vida venha somar a alegria de voces,Deus lhes presenteou e que se cumpra todo amor de voces po esse amor incondicional..❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. Parabéns Beto e Thais vocês terão a felicidade de trazer ao mundo um novo ser humano que será a continuação de vocês é maravilhoso aproveitem cada momento dessa gravidez pois é um tempo inesquecível e vocês irão adorar mais uma vez Parabéns e o Google vai adorar o Baby Sharp.bons ventos e curtam com .muito amor.

  17. Que Benção…Deus abençoe essa criança que está por vir … emocionada aqui muito feliz por vcs❤️ … vão conhecer o amor mais intenso que existe …💎Davi mandou beijo pro baby Shark ❤️irmão Google Papai Beto e mamãezona Thaís 🌷

  18. AAAAAHHHHH QUE SAUDADES DESSE CASAL….estou fazendo a circunavegação da ilha de Vancouver …+- 650 NM …14 dias…depois vem as fotos…e só hoje consegui sinal pra ver o video…
    Em breve MUITAS novidades…
    Adorei tudo do video…..

  19. Parabéns!!!! Nossa, que emoção um baby a bordo!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊🥰❤️👼🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  20. Parabéns pelo novo tripulante a bordo, que venha para navegar em mares calmo e de muita saúde e felicidade. Me emocionei junto à vocês. Parabens

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