10 Unsolved Bermuda Triangle Mysteries…

– Of all the mysterious
regions in the world, the Bermuda Triangle, which
spans between Puerto Rico, Florida, and the Island of Bermuda, is perhaps the most fascinating. It’s history is littered with
stories of disappearances and strange encounters, and
today no one can explain why dangerous and frightening
phenomena are localized there. (water splashing) (dramatic music) Here are 10 real, unsolved
Bermuda Triangle mysteries. (water splashing) (dramatic music) Number
10 is the Tiger Star. (water splashing) The Tiger
Star was a passenger aircraft, which vanished without a trace
on the 30th of January, 1948, at the time investigators and
journalists were beginning to turn their attention
to the Bermuda Triangle and the occurrences which
were taking place there. The Star Tiger mystery was
the story which catapulted the Bermuda Triangle into
the public conscientiousness. The plane was traveling
from England to Bermuda when its radio officer, Robert Tuck, requested a radio bearing from Bermuda. This suggests that the plane
was off course, however, it would be the last communication
the Star Tiger ever made. The plane vanished without a trace, and the only other possible sighting of it came from a ship at
sea, The SS Troubadour. If their sighting was correct, something very wrong
happened to that plane, as it was miles away from
its intended flight path. (water splashing) (dramatic music) Number
nine is the Sylvia L. Ossa. (water splashing) In
1976, a 179-meter ship bearing the name, Sylvia
L. Ossa, became the subject of one of Bermuda Triangle’s
greatest mysteries. The cargo ship was carrying 37 passengers, along with a large cargo of iron ore. The ore was being shipped
from Brazil to Philadelphia, but unfortunately, this route took the Sylvia S. Ossa into
the Bermuda Triangle, from which it would never return. No one is certain when the ship vanished, but when the company which
owned the Sylvia L. Ossa asked the Coast Guard to search for it, only a few pieces of debris were found, including a lifeboat, which
had not been deployed by hand. Reporting in The New York Times,
a Coast Guard spokesperson observed the biggest mystery of all: A ship that size would not sink quickly. The crew should’ve had
time to message for help, but were silenced by this tragic mystery. (water splashing) (dramatic music) Number eight, is MU-2B. (water splashing) Some
of the Bermuda Triangle’s most perplexing mysteries seem distant by today’s
standards, however, the true horror of this
region is that it continues to cause havoc each and every year. Flight MU-2B, in 2017, is an
unnerving example of this. This private aircraft was carrying 40-year-old,
Jennifer Blumin, and her family. Leaving on May 15th from
the Rafael Hernandez Airport in Puerto Rico, Jennifer’s
plane should have landed in Florida soon after to refuel, but ground staff quickly realized that the plane was missing. It took days of searching
before any debris was found in the water. Even then, most of the plane had vanished. What perplexed investigators most was that there was no
evidence of pilot fault, mechanical failure, or
bad weather conditions, leaving many to speculate purely on the destructive influence
of the Bermuda Triangle itself. (water splashing) (dramatic music) Number
seven is Flight 19. (water splashing) On December 15th, 1945, the Bermuda Triangle’s most
famous disappearance occurred. Five torpedo bomber planes vanished while on a training
mission in the Triangle. The bombers were carrying
14 airmen, and at the time, they were being lead by Navy Lieutenant, Charles Carroll Taylor. Radio transmissions from the aircraft indicated that their
compasses had stopped working for an unknown reason. The crews were unable
to find their bearing, and the last transmission
was Taylor giving the order that all five planes
should ditch in the water at the same time. The planes were never found. Adding to this tragedy, a
search plane exploded in the air while searching for flight 19. Both flight 19’s disappearance and the search plane’s explosion, remain unexplained to this day. (water splashing) (dramatic music) Number six is SS El Faro. (water splashing) The
SS El Faro was a huge, 240-meter-long cargo ship, which departed from Jacksonville, Florida, in September of 2015. The ship was carrying 33 crew, along with 390 shipping
containers, and 290 vehicles. As the ship entered the Bermuda Triangle, a large storm front swept into the area, however, a ship this
large should’ve been able to contend with such storms, which are common to that region. The malevolence of the Triangle
soon made itself known, as the storm was transformed into a category three hurricane. The Captain of the SS El
Faro sent a message to land, saying that they had lost power
and that they were taking on some water, and that they
had everything contained and under control. After that, the radio fell silent. Subsequent scans of the open
water show that the ship is now sitting in darkness
on the ocean floor, and even looks intact. (water splashing) (dramatic music) Number
five is the USS Cyclops. (water splashing) America has created one of the most powerful
navies in human history, but this military and technological might is nothing compared to
the insidious powers at the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. Case in point is the
disappearance of the USS Cyclops. In 1918, the Cyclops
disappeared while traveling between the West Indies and Baltimore. At the time, it was the
largest ship in the U.S. Navy, and feared by any foolish
enough to do battle with it. With over 300 people on board, the Cyclops sent its last message from deep within the Triangle. It simply said, “Weather fair, all well.” Like many Triangle disappearances, whatever happened to the
Cyclops stopped her crew from ever sending an SOS. The official report by the
U.S. Navy ended by saying, “The disappearance of this
ship has been one of the most “baffling mysteries in
the annals of the Navy.” (water splashing) (dramatic music) Number
four is the unknown light. (water splashing) Not all
Bermuda Triangle mysteries revolve around strange disappearances. There are other bizarre puzzles
out there in the depths, still waiting to be explained. One of the most interesting is the mystery of the unknown light. Throughout the history
of the Bermuda Triangle, many sailors and aircraft
pilots have been dazzled by a strange spectra light, which appears both above
and underneath the water. Many have connected the strange
lights to UFO phenomena. The most famous witness to this was Christopher Columbus himself. In 1942, Columbus and his crew
sailed through the Triangle and saw an earthly light
spinning in the sky above, and what looked like
a gigantic candlelight floating up and down
the surface of the sea, where there could be no fire. What this light is, no one
knows, but seafaring myths say, “It appears before disaster.” (water splashing) (dramatic music) Number three is DC-3. (water splashing) The
1940s was the first decade where the world began to truly tremble at the thought of passing
through what some have called, “The Devil’s Triangle.” Since the disappearance of DC-3 flight, 50 miles from Miami in 1948, investigators have attempted
to find any wreckage which could explain what
happened to the plane. The last message sent by
the plane was by the pilot, Robert Linquist, who asked ground control for some landing instructions. After that, the radio went silent. What’s so mysterious about
this case is that it involved a bizarre radio anomaly. The message that Robert Linquist sent was not received by Miami, but instead was heard over
600 miles away in New Orleans. This has lead many to contemplate the strange space spinning
properties of the air space above the Triangle, and some
suggesting that the Triangle contains a tear in reality. (water splashing) (dramatic music) Number two
is the Great Isaac Lighthouse. (water splashing) Most people
associate the Bermuda Triangle with what happens to those traveling through its air and water, however, there are reports of bizarre instances on land inside the Triangle as well. The best example of this is the Great Isaac Lighthouse mystery. On August 4th, 1969, the
Great Isaac Lighthouse, on a small island in the Bahamas, was found to have been recently abandoned. It should’ve been manned
by two lighthouse keepers, but both had vanished during a storm. A number of other strange occurrences have been documented there,
including unusual sounds which are heard during a full moon, and the apparition of a shipwreck victim known as the Grey Lady, who
has said to haunt the island looking for her child. The infant was alive and well and was taken from the
shipwreck to a safe location, but the apparition is said to
wail and scream regardless. (water splashing) (dramatic music) And number one is the Sulfur Queen’s disappearance. (water splashing) The disappearance of the SS Marine Sulfur Queen, remains one of the most controversial Bermuda Triangle mysteries in history. At the time of its disappearance in 1963, it was carrying 39 crewmen and a huge cargo of molten sulfur. After a search for the
ship, only a few pieces of innocuous debris were found at first, but eventually two life
preservers were discovered. Investigators concluded
that the life preservers had been worn by two sailors. Not only that, but one man
had a man’s shirt tied to it. The shirt had large tears across it and the only explanation was
that a large, predatory fish had attacked the sailor, however, some believe that the Bermuda Triangle contains far greater monsters
than sharks in its depths, and that the Sulfur Queen
was pulled under water by something hideous, and as of yet, unknown to modern science. But as always, thank you
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