⛵️Transformation of our sailboat’s deck (after 22 years on the hard) [Non-Skid] LTP#105

As you guys already know we bought this
sailboat that was sitting on the hard for over 22 years. And I guess the worst part, that was exposed to the weather, was the deck. The deck is a flat surface
that everything stops on. The rain, the dust… everything. And probably like where we found more rust, where we found more dirt and… you know, all the bad things. And today we’re gonna start the transformation of the deck. This is gonna be a fun one. So we hope you enjoy it. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So we’re gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life. And then we’re gonna go back to finish the house. New episode every Monday!! Well, this is one of those projects that we’ve been working on for so long… So, let’s start it with a quick recap. Recap it is. June/2019 This is the first time I’m gonna go on
the deck. At this point we had a blank canvas to work, a white fresh painted blank canvas. It’s pretty good. It looks really nice, really white the deck. After a long work. A lot of work, yeah. Basically we welded new plates to every rusted spot like every really bad rusted spot. And we also treated a few places with… Intershield 300. This was mostly places that we sanded
too hard and we touched the metal (galvanization). So, we… just to guarantee we treated it with Intershield 300 and after that? 4 coats of epoxy primer. And then 4 coats of polyurethane finishing. That’s how we got to this really nice white deck. But now we have some art to do because we are gonna start applying the non-skid. That’s like art. So, today we are still marking the spots where we don’t want to have the awl grip. We’re trying to be as close as
possible to the original drawing. But trying to fix a few spots that we think
could be better. It’s tricky. It’s like a huge huge huge puzzle. It’s always a puzzle in a sailboat. So that’s… We can put the picture of old boat. Much better. Yeah, we are trying to do something like this. So now we’re just trying to… I don’t know… Make sure we have all the tapes on the right spots, otherwise once we start painting this it’s trouble. Because today we are actually leaving the painting cabin. We’re moving again. It’s loud. But basically the painting cabin they have only 3 painting cabins. And there is always a line of boats waiting to paint. So, we have one here, one here and one here. So, basically the steel boat the metal
gets cold with the cold weather and it’s hard to paint, so we never paint
with cold weather and with rain. But the fiberglass boats seems like they don’t worry about that so they want to paint even when it’s raining. So we need to leave
here in order to another boat to be painted. So, we are doing like big blocks and then
we are gonna check where we want to put the other line. We’re just coming from a big picture to a smaller picture. Just you know like… we do the around and then we divide it in 4 and in 8 and then in 12. It will make sense, eventually, hopefully. It’s kind of a fun job to do. It’s a relaxing job. Not much physical labor, it’s just patience. So this weekend we are gonna go to
a wedding. One of our patrons wedding. João’s wedding. João. You guys know João already. We told you that he was get married already. So we want to give him a special gift for the wedding. And we decided to get one of the old bottles of booze from the boat and give him as a gift. What? I guess I just found something else in here. We didn’t put this here. Did you? You did? Thanks for the surprise. That’s amazing. Guys, guess what is inside here? Let’s see it. One chance. Just one chance. This is the one? I guess Lina liked this one. So we are gonna give them this one. It’s a licor. And there is a nice text. According to the legend, Frangelico lived 3 centuries ago in the hilly area bound by the right bank of the river Po. Lina liked this one I guess. It’s from Italy. It’s from Italy and João is Italian also, I’m Italian also. There is a letter. You are good at reading. So this, for who doesn’t know is an
award from YouTube saying that we’ve got 100 thousand subscribers. You have done something that very few YouTube creators accomplished. You had an astonishing… 100,000 people subscribed to your
channel. I’m really bad with numbers in English. I always need to think more. This looks so pretty. That’s so so exciting. Thanks a lot guys for being
part of this. That’s thanks to you. Everyone that watches and shares our
videos. We are really thankful for that. Seriously. This is just amazing. There is a mirror. One of our first mirrors of the boat. They can see the camera now. Let’s see if you can see the camera. We are not sure… We might put it… I don’t know… back here or… We’re not sure if we’re gonna put this on the tiny house or on the boat or whatever we are. When we are on the boat we bring it with us, when we go to the tiny house we bring it with us. We still need to figure out where to put our brand new YouTube plate. I guess that’s it for today, right? We can wrap this one. Guys, thanks so much. And keep watching, and tell your friends if you like it. It’s about time to paint the deck now. The boatyard is getting busy and we’re gonna paint the deck today. The non-skid. We see you guys later. It’s getting ready for the paint. It’s exciting. I’m really really curious to see how is actually painted the non-skid with the compressor, with the spray gun. That’s gonna be a really nice learning. That’s true. So, we’re gonna use awl grip (griptex) for the non-skid. But we didn’t get 4 cans as we want with the coarse. How thin the awl grip is. So, we have one extra coarse and 3 coarse, and we’re gonna mix all 4 together and it’ll become kind of good coarse. I think it’s gonna be enough. Check it out. 13 scoops of griptex + 1/2 liter of polyurethane. Ready to go go on the deck? Yeah. Now it’s being drying the non-skid for 2 days and we didn’t go up yet. And we’re gonna check
how is the result. Let’s go up. Better than talking is just showing,
right? But now we need to be extra careful because we don’t want to get our fresh brand-new deck dirt so… we need to go without shoes. Let’s get her impression. You always do that. We knew we wouldn’t be able to see much. Because we still need to take all the plastic off. Now it’s just a teaser. But, look at that. So now we need to take all the tapes off. So, there is a tape here. It’s gonna be hard to take it off. Check it out. It’s gonna be hard. No. It can be easy but it’s gonna take
a while. It’s gonna be a little a long day. But a fun one because every tape we take off it looks better. Check it out. The perfect corner. Yeah, I think this calls for a music,
right? Yeah. Let’s put some music on. Music on. It’s the first crossing. No good. Babe, we have bad news. Which one? The awl grip is really really good in most of the places. It’s really… we call it alw grip but it’s griptex. So, the griptex is really really good in most
of the spots, but the front part of the boat is not that good. The bow? Check it out. Here the amount of griptex is less than
there. The problem is that here it was harder to give more coats of paint on the top of, you know… because it’s hard to walk around and the squares are bigger. So that means that here is a lot more slippery and it’s gonna be a lot more slippery faster. Because this loses grip with time. Like here for example it’s really really grippy and here is not at all. So that means that we will need to
do it again, this part at least. But it’s not that bad. We” just need to do from… like from here forward just this part here. All the way there. And all the way there. It’s way more slippery. But least we found out before we took the
tape off. Because now all they need to do is to sand it a little bit on the top. But we took the tape off. Just a small part. Just that tape. And then they can just apply more griptex. And sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If it’s slippery it cannot be slippery and here is the most important part to have a lot of
grip because it’s where the waves crash and where it’s really wet and you need to do it properly. So, sorry. Today is Friday. Yeah, we won’t do this on
time for this episode. But, at least we’re gonna show you a snake, a sneak peek of the deck. I always say snake, sneak it is. Let’s take a lot of the plastic. We’re gonna open up that plastic so you can see how beautiful it is. I think that’s enough. So, check this out. Excited? Yeah. It’s really really cool that now all the imperfections are gone. Because you know a metal boat has a lot of undulation and imperfections because of the weld. But once you apply the non skid it’s less shinny. So it shows less imperfections. That’s pretty good. You might be wondering why did we
use griptex on the deck. Well, out first choice was actually to use kiwi grip, but unfortunately it’s not available in Brazil and it’s really hard to import. Basically they don’t sell it in Brazil and we would need to buy it online. But online that means that the shipping is really really really expensive. And they also won’t send this exactly product because it’s a chemical and it’s… They just won’t… we tried to buy it on Amazon… it would be so expensive and they also don’t send it. Because it’s just paint, they just don’t. So, pretty much we had the option of applying EVA. Just as it was before. But we don’t really want to have something that we cannot see the underneath part. Because it’s a steel boat we can have rust underneath and we cannot see it. EVA can hide some surprises and we don’t want to have that. We want to have a kind of non-skid that we can see if any rust appear on the deck we can see it and then we can treat it right away. Otherwise when we see it it’s
alright like a really big rust spot. So, the choice was griptex and there are 3 kinds of griptex. We explained this on video already but I think I wasn’t clear. We wanted to use the medium coarse, that means not too thick not too thin, we wanted the medium. And we got some informations from the painters here that we needed to have 4 cans. Actually we didn’t need it, but we thought we needed 4 cans and we just found to buy 3 cans of the medium coarse in Peru, not in Brazil. Yeah, not even in Brazil. Our friend went to Peru and brought it from Peru himself. And then we bought a fourth can
of the really thick coarse one. The last one in a store in Rio de Janeiro. Basically the whole country was out of griptex. We couldn’t find griptex anywhere. So, we mixed all 4 cans together to create our own thickness of griptex. And we ended up with a really good thickness. We used 2 of 4 out of our… We didn’t even need the four of them, but well. We can save it for the future, right? Yeah, we are gonna save some for future. One we might sell. If you need one can you can have one can for you. I don’t know if we’re gonna sell it, but… But I think that’s it, right? Any other explanation that we need? The round corners… Someone asked about the round corners: How did we get this perfect
round corners? That’s art. The painter that is working with us… he’s really good with his utility knife. We know it’s risky. You’re not supposed to get a utility knife and cut through the paint on a steel boat. Because you can get rust. But he did it really really slow and really light. And he didn’t cut the paint, only the tape. With the correct pressure there is no problem. But you need to be… Like always the helicopter passes in the wrong time. But that’s just a clue for us to wrap it. But before we can go we need to
welcome on board our new patrons for this week. So welcome on board Maddogspot,Jim, Kraig, Dave, Andrew, Fabien, Cristiane. And we also want to thank Justus, that did a donation through PayPal. So, thanks a lot, guys. And we see you guys next week (Monday). We see you guys next week. Join the crew

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