⛵️Sailboat EXTREME makeover!! [after 22 years on the hard] (Part 3) #102

So, this week we are gonna show you how
we transformed an abandoned boat into this. Yeah, but we’ve been working on that for
like 3 months already. So it was too much footage to put into one episode. So if you’re new here you can click on this link somewhere and you can check episode number one, when we wash this boat that was abandoned for 22 years, and brought the boat back to life and then we start painting. It’s a long process. But this is
where we finish the transformation. This week we paint the deck and we apply
the varnishing in on the boat. Better than to saying is just showing, right? Yeah. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we
will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expect: this abandoned sailboat. So, we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back to finish the house. New episode every Monday! After a week of rain check this out. Perfect day for painting. So we are getting ready to start painting the hull with the final color. I mean… The final 5 coats of orange . And really soon we’re gonna be able to apply varnishing tomorrow. Hopefully. But let’s check it out. You guys must be confused. Yeah. Didn’t we paint already the boat two weeks ago? Yeah, we did it. Why are we painting it again then? There are some spots that were not that good, as we commented on the other video. Yeah, we saw that some of the fairing compound should be sanded a little bit more. If we sanded more the fairing compound it would look a lot better. And as we still had some paint left we decided that it’s the right thing to do. I mean… the boat doesn’t need to be perfect. But as we have the paint already and we have people working on the boat for 3 months and they are willing to sand it again. Why not? Just hang on, drink… get some coffee. It’s taking a long time but it’s gonna be worth, because the result is just amazing. It’s the reality. Yeah, that’s the truth, sometimes it might be boring to watch the whole thing, but that’s the reality. It takes long. In order to get a good result
you need to get a lot of hours of work, right? Yeah. Yeah, but less talking. Let’s get to
the work. So? Let’s get started. They’re just cleaning. Taking off all the dust
and getting ready for the next five coats of orange. So? How it’s looking? It’s good. Yeah, this is coat number 3. And it’s already looking really really good. Number 3 of today, right? Today is number 3. Total number 8. But today is number 3 and it’s promising. Look at this. It’s looking really really good. And hopefully with another 2 coats we are gonna be able to… not be painted orange. We’re hoping that in another 2 coats it’s gonna be all flush, like all the same orange color with any like… It’s already looking good. You can see a little bit the fairing compound. I’m not going there because I’m not wearing adequate clothes. Correct clothes. Yeah, on this coat you can see a little
bit of fairing compound but not much. Hopefully with 2 more it’s gonna be
a 100% covered the fairing compound. If not we need to give a few other ones
tomorrow. But hopefully we don’t need it. And tomorrow we can finally finally apply
the varnishing. I can’t wait to see this done with varnishing and like we don’t need to touch this side of the boat again. And we can start on the top, on the deck. I can’t wait to see the painting finished and to start working with on other things that we need to do. Actually I’m excited to see all the
hatches back in place, and back on the uncovered area, so we can work inside… It’s gonna be another life. But… Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And if it takes long it takes longe and you need to do it. You need to do it right and you do
it once. And it seems that this week is gonna be a promising week, it’s gonna be sunny. Supposedly, today is Monday and supposedly we’ll have sun until Saturday. That’s gonna be a great week. Fingers crossed. Time for a small pause. It’s too smoky in here. But it’s looking good. As you can tell the sun is back. It’s really really strong. The color is great. I think that’s the last orange painting day. And tomorrow or the day after we’re gonna apply the varnishing. Hopefully. If not we’ll apply another layer of orange, but… It’s looking good. So far so… so far so good. So? Did you like it? Yeah, it’s way better now. Yeah, all the orange is… I’m pretty sure it’s done. We need to wait into tomorrow to
see if we find any imperfection, but I’m pretty sure… yeah. It’s perfect. I’m think now that’s it, right? Yeah, it’s too much. This was already 4 coats of orange and an extra 6 coats. So that’s like 10 coats of orange. Some of them went out when they sand it. No, it’s 5 coats of orange plus 6.
But after the fifth we sanded it. So, let’s consider it 10, 4 plus 6. 10 is
enough, right? Yeah, 10 is enough. We painted more coats than usual because this is a thin paint, so we applied more layer than usual. So, it’s like a lot of really really thin
layers and we need to cover all the fairing compound and now it’s great. And now we need to wait until tomorrow, light sand and then… Varnishing. I’m really really really curious to see after the varnishing because they say it’s gonna pop up the color ever more. And I’m also curious to see the deck painted. And they will start to paint the deck this week. And about the bottom paint? The bottom paint is just in the future because the bottom paint, as it’s a antifouling paint it cannot stay outside of the water for too long. So we’re gonna do that right before we go
to the water. And we are curious to check it out without the plastic. Because we cannot see… I want to see the… Toe rail. The toe rail on white, that’s gonna be great. But, less talking more action. We see you guys tomorrow. We see you tomorrow. It’s pretty good. Happy, excited. It’s funny how you get excited with something and then you get curious to something else. Next step is to see this in varnishing and this in white. So now we’re just making some tests to see which grit of paper, sandpaper we need to use to sand this polyurethane paint. 400 grit So, the most scary moment of the
buildings so far. Yeah, but it’s looking really good. It’s the first time we see the toe rail. Because right now they’re gonna apply the varnishing. But the tape has been there for like 10 coats. So, it’s too thick to take the tape off, so we need to exchange the tape. Why we didn’t do this before? We didn’t take this off before? Because they were sanding it. And than it’s easier to take because if you sand the the edge is easier to take the tape off. No, why we didn’t do this while the paint was wet? Because we were gonna give a second coat and then we need to exchange the tape too many times. And it’s a risk of falling dust on the paint. Because there is too much dust (*dry paint) on the plastic so… It was a decision but it’s working. It’s a little bit harder but it’s working. That’s pretty good. It’s looking beautiful. Look at that: the toe rail. Old tape out… New tape in… Time for the polyurethane varnish That’s gonna be a surprise now. We cannot see it. No, I’m just joking. Yeah, that’s just because there’s wind and
the dust comes with the wind. So now we close up and it’s time for some
varnishing. Let’s check it out. That it. They’re just painting this sixth coat… yeah, 6 coats of varnishing, it’s almost done. It’s really dust inside… not dust, like a lot of
varnish in the air. So, we’re gonna wait until it dries to show you the result. That’s looking pretty. It’s gonna be really really cool. While I film she answers messages. See? That’s how we answer all the messages. 100% of the messages we receive, is because someone is working. Updated now. For now, this minute. We see you guys tomorrow. We see you tomorrow. Getting ready? Yeah. They’re almost almost
ready to start painting the deck. They’re gonna start by the top of the
deck. We are gonna do it in two days at least. Because it’s hard to paint different coats (4 coats) without stepping on in between coats. So, basically today we are gonna do this part and at the top and the next day, that means tomorrow, we’re gonna
do this part it. It will make sense later, right? Yeah. She is excited. Let’s check it out. First: epoxy primer to fix a few primer spots… and now Polyurethane Color: white ice Babe. What is going on? We’re just taking the plastic off. Because we apply varnishing yesterday and the diluente is still evaporating. So, we
needed to cover it today to paint the deck. But now that we are done with this part of the deck until tomorrow we’re gonna open up and let it breathe, let it lose the diluente. I don’t know if it makes sense, but basically it needs to lose diluente. It looks amazing. Let’s check it from far away. That’s so cool! Isn’t that cool? Now we can see the boat without the
green tapes. It’s so so cool, yeah. I mean, it’s not white yet. He likes the green. She doesn’t want but I really want to have a green stripe on the bottom and on the top, as the tape. Strip. Yes, strip not stripe, it’s all the same. It would look so cool the contrast in
between the orange and the… And it look like a carrot, that’s pretty cool. We can call it carrot. But we can wrap for today because the travel lift is coming and the travel lift is loud. No, they’re not getting us. They are picking up the boat next to us. So, we see you guys tomorrow. Today is probably the last day of
painting the deck. I hope so. Things are going well. I mean… we just need to do the the… how you call it? The… The awl grip. It’s called… No-slippery? No-skit. No skid. Non-skid, yeah. So today we’re gonna finish the deck and then we just need to do the non-skid. But that’s another story. It’s like one step on each time. It’s baby steps. Let’s check
out how it’s going. You can stay here, because she has no
mask. I have… And my eye is bad. I think the dust is leaving my eye in a bad condition. Let’s give her a break. She can stay outside and I will go inside. I’m gonna be here. Ready for the surprise? Yeah, it’s about time for me to check the transom. Transom, now you know the name, yeah. She didn’t see yet. It’s just… it’s gonna be… I wanted to show it to her once it’s just ready. Without the plastics around. So let’s see her reaction to the transom. I’m not good at that. It looks beautiful actually. I mean the whole boat is beautiful. She’s even more beautiful. Oh! It’s different. So? So, what do you think? I think gonna be good when the wood is on the top. And the name is gonna be here. Yeah. Yeah, but did you like it? Yeah. I thnik it’s awesome. If you see it from the back, from the stern, it seems like a different boat. There comes the noise. See you. We’ve been waiting for a while until this
noise stops. But basically I think that with the white transom the boat seems bigger on the stern, like… This is just open up the hull. Check it out. This angle is pretty good. We would love to show the result of the
white deck but… Unfortunately, it’s still drying. I can see it… she cannot see much
because she’s really… I guess from there I can see it. But that is how it looks so far. But we cannot go on the top, because it’s hard to put a ladder without risking to take the paint off. We are gonna wait a few more days just to guarantee. It’s already looking like
another boat. But still, this is not finished yet. So? What is next? We need to apply the non-skid on
the deck. Yeah, but the bad news is… it’s not gonna be this week. It’s gonna rain again. Here is like this, it’s like one week good, one week of rain, one good week one… But the good news is that the good week was really good. And we… they work at painting the boat from Monday to Friday. Yeah, and it was a lot of painting. I mean like… we’ve got a lot a lot done. And that’s great. But now we need to wait for another week until we can start painting again. The boat, the
exterior and interior, because we need to paint the diesel tank but it’s gonna be raining. So we are not gonna do this now. Yeah, the diesel tank someone asked us:
why are we gonna paint the diesel tank? It might not be clear on last week’s episode, but the paint has a lot of small bubbles that it might be rusted on inside. I think it’s like just superficial rust. But anyways, we don’t
want to risk that to… you know? Like… crack. And then paint are gonna get loose and
rust is gonna… The whole thing. So, we decided that we’re gonna sand with the orbital sander and we are gonna treat it well, so it lasts for a long time, using a
proper paint. And… This week we might fix the engine. We are hoping the mechanic has time to come here and we can put the engine back together. But that’s not gonna be for the next week’s episode because it takes time to edit the videos and everything. We might open the water tank. Oh! We might open it, yeah. It is one thing at time. We need to finish the diesel tank before we do the water tank. Because otherwise we cannot fit all the lids inside of the boat. It’s just a
mess inside. It seems like a bomb exploded inside of the
boat. But for this week I think we did a lot. And other good news is that we are planning on doing a Q&A near future. But we don’t know when. But if you have any question
about us, about the boat, about the refit, about… Anything. Just be nice. Just be nice. Ask something that is possible to answer. If you ask something that’s possible we are gonna answer everything. We might don’t know the answer actually. About the future, we don’t know. Don’t be too creative on the questions. So just leave your comment on the section comment below. Your question. And we’re glad to answer it. She’s like tired, she’s like rambling, but… It’s ok. Let’s welcome our new patrons. So, welcome on board, Robert, Eugene, Thomas, Gert, Carl, George, Keith, Benjamin. And we also want to thank the donations through our Paypal. Thanks a lot, Donald, Ruben and Mehmet. So, I guess we see you guys next week. Join the crew

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