⛵️”Abandoned” sailboat tour after 4 month of refit (still long way to go) + Q&A + haircut #104

So, this week we are gonna do an update
tour of our sailboat, of the refit of our sailboat. So, if you are new here we bought the sailboat that was abandoned for 22 years. It’s not abandoned anymore. And we are refitting this for the last four months. Yeah, basically we always shoot episodes once a week showing you the progress of the refit. But of course we cannot shoot today and post the video tomorrow. So there is always a delay in
between videos. So the intention of this video is to give you a update tour. So you know exactly how the boat looks right now. Meanwhile we are gonna answer
some questions that people asked last week. So, basically it’s gonna be a Q&A with a tour. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thanks you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday! A lot of people asked about the design
of the boat. This is a boat design it by Meta, a boatyard in France, b this is a boat design it by Joubert and Nivelt. Basically this is a thirteen and a
half metres boat, that means 44 foot and a half, 44 foot and something. And with a 4 metres beam. The draft is 1.1 meter (3.6ft), when you have the swing keel up, and 2.7 meters (8.8ft) when you have the swing keel down. Centerboard, yeah. There is no balance on the board, it’s just a centerboard. And it was built actually in Brazil. In 1991. The Brazilian shipyard called Dinieper bought the design from Meta and built it in Brazil in 1991. That’s the year of the boat. Let’s show you the update of
the deck. So, what’s the news on the deck? We are preparing the boat to apply the non-skid. Check it out. So, all the marks for the non-skid are in place. All the… nice rounded corners, and all the way there. That’s because it’s gonna rain today so we need to cover it otherwise the rain is gonna take the tape off. And we need to wait until Tuesday when the weather is gonna be better to apply the non-skid. But this is pretty much ready to apply the non-skid. That’s exciting. It took a while. It’s me like maybe a week and a half just marking these corners and drawing these shapes. Check it out. All the corners and rounded shapes. It looks really really good. Time to go inside? Time to go inside. Wow! By the way… This week we closed this, yesterday. So, this is the engine hatch, that used to be open because we painted this hatch. So now we have all
seal already back in place. So let’s go inside? Yeah. So, let’s show you the brand-new interior of our boat. No. I’m just joking. It’s not… we are not done yet. We still have a lot to do. So, let’s try to be more quick, direct. Let’s talk about what we had… we still have to do in order to finish the interior of the boat. First thing first. Diesel tank. Is there any news about the diesel tank? Yeah. We f… no, we didn’t finish it. But there is a really really
good news. What’s the news? It seems that we found our sandblaster, mobile sandblaster. The guy that painted our hatches has a portable sandblaster machine that he is not using for years but he has most of the components
necessary to put the machine back together. And he was… how do I say? Like… With pity of us. We had pity when we were so sad that we could not sand the diesel tank that he’s like… “We can put this machine together and I can
rent it to you for a cheap price so you can use for as long as you want. And then you can do the job yourself.” That’s gonna be great. We’re gonna have a sandblasting machine that we can bring inside of the boat. We… It’s gonna be a lot of work, of course. We need to cover everything in plastic. And it’s gonna be a wet sandblasting, that means that’s gonna be air, water and garnet. That is the microsphere. But I think that’s gonna be a really really really good solution. I think this is the best solution. It’s not a 100% guaranty that we are gonna do that, but it’s 99 percent sure that by next week we’re gonna start doing that. That’s gonna be great. Next project: the engine. Someone still asked what is the engine we have. We have a MWM 58 horse powers 3 cylinders engine, that is supposedly here still for the
past 5 years. The former owner said he turned on the engine 5 years ago. We are not sure if it’s 5, if it’s 3, if it’s 10. Nobody knows it. Nobody knows, but… We tried to turn on the engine last week and… That’s gonna be a… we’re gonna talk about that next week on the next episode. But we are not sure if it worded or not. We’re not gonna tell you now but… If you’re curious to know if the engine still works and what did we do to the engine you can come back and watch it next week because we’re gonna have an episode all about the engine. So, stay tuned. I think it’s good news. Babe, no spoilers. So? What else we need to do inside of the
boat? A lot of things. Now our job starts. We need to exchange all the hose and valves of the boat. This is just a sample. These are
just 2 of the valves, 3 of the valves. No, 2. 2 of the valves and some of the
hoses. But there are tons more hoses to exchange. All the hoses, and that’s a lot of work. But sometimes we need to do what we need to do, right? I’m actually excited to
start working for real. Because until now we hired a lot of people to do things, but this is something that we are gonna do by ourselves, and I’m just excited to do this. But, what else we need to exchange? Toilets. Let’s show you. As you can tell we do have a
toilet, but as you can tell it’s in a really really bad shape. Not that doesn’t work but… you touch and it breaks. The thing is… Plastic won’t last for too long and every time you touch something that’s really really old and it’s plastic it breaks. So these toilets are just breaking really easy. You touch, you sit on them, and something break and then something else break. So we decide to change, exchange both toilets. We bought already one for this bathroom, for this head and it’s an electrical one. So, we still need to do the electric part for this one. And on the other head we’re gonna have a manual one. So basically we’re gonna have a manual one as a guarantee that it won’t break. And we have another one that is the electrical one for people that come on the boat and don’t really… have never used the manual one and it’s just easier. And we’ll
have one of each. And we still have to install all the portlights and hatches. Portlights and hatches… this is a really really really big project. That we’ve been working on that for probably 3 months already. So we didn’t talk about that for the past, I don’t know, 3 months. But every week we do something related to the portlights and to the hatches. And that’s gonna be a huge one, a huge accomplishment once we finish it. But today we’re gonna give you the first sneak peak of our new hatches. We are really excited with them. The truth is the hatches were not bad but as soon as we start touching we start like finding little oxidations and we’d need to exchange the acrylic and this and that and we were like: so, let’s do a proper job and we did a whole entire refit of the hatches. And they look literally brand-new. But in order to show you that… we need to go to another marina. We need to go for a walk, because it’s just 5 minutes away from here walking because the guys that are working on the hatches are not here. Maybe they are still there. I mean like… the hatches are done, they’re just sitting there and waiting for the paint to properly cure for a little longer. And then we need to still install the acrylic, to glue the acrylic to the hatches. And then we can install them back in place. That’s probably gonna start in a week or 2 from now. We are start installing it in place, right Yes. We still need to wait for them to polish the side of the boat. We’re gonna start installing it in 2 weeks I guess. One last thing inside of the boat… the
electric. We still need to install the electric pumps and we still need to install the battery charger and the inverter. And the navigation lights. And the navigation lights. All the electronics, that’s gonna be for the future. We’re not gonna install it on this part of the refit. No, we don’t have them. We can talk about that in the future. It’s just too much things for once. As you can tell the kitchen is a mess. I think the last thing we need to do is with the gas. We need to install all the hoses back, we need to buy new valves we need to buy the bottle gas… The gas bottle. Propane bottle. We need to try to turn on the oven and stove. We might need some maintenance here to see if the fire is good if there is like any… How do you call it? Like… We need to fix this. We need to give proper maintenance to the stove, but that’s just finishing touches We’re gonna do that once we go back to the water because right now we don’t really
need a stove and the oven. We are eating on the restaurant here. It’s all good. And it’s cheap, the food is
really cheap and good so… Why fix it right now? So, let’s go for a walk. Come on. Walk it is. So. What else do we need to do here on
the deck? Talking about the gas… The gas bottle is gonna be here. And we still need to install the dodger in place, all the metal hardware. So, the genoa track is here, the winch is here, another winch there, another winch there… Another winch here. Of course the mast. But
that’s another story. Mast is gonna… it’s a huge decision. We
talked about that already… We are thinking on exchanging the mast
to a new one. An actually it might come true. Next week we’re gonna decide if we’re gonna buy a new mast and try to sell the old one. It’s probably gonna be
that the decision, right? We are working on that. Hopefully we’re gonna have a brand new mast and that’s gonna be awesome. So. let’s walk to the hatches
place. So ,instead of a 5 minutes walk boring one… we’re gonna answer some questions on the way also. So, why did we choose orange for the color of the boat? The truth is I wanted red first, but she didn’t want red, she doesn’t like red. So, orange is a substitute for red and actually one… I’m gonna tell… It sound weird, but we own a few Pelican cases, it’s just like a equipment
case. And the equipment case in orange it looks so beautiful the orange on the cases. And we just like the cases so we decided to paint the boat the same color is the case. it’s real, it’s true. And now I’m in love with the color. The color is awesome! I mean like… It’s not like every boat that’s white. We will be right back! So, why did we apply
clear coat on the hull? The clear coat actually is because that the orange color it’s really easy to fade down, to fade out. Because with the sun, the UV
protection is not as good on some colors. And they say that orange is gonna be
really light really soon if we don’t have the clear coat. So basically the clear coat is just for UV protection and for protection of the paint itself. So,
it’s just for lasting longer. Which color is gonna be the bottom part of the boat? The bottom paint is gonna be black. So it’s gonna be black, orange and white. I actually want a green stripe in between the white in the orange but she didn’t
allow it yet. Maybe in the future. There’s always time to change that. He wants a carrot boat. A carrot, it would be really cool. I mean like… orange boat is different, but orange boat with a green strip it’s even better. You would never miss your boat, you know? That’s my boat. Orange… you won’t miss it at all. Yeah, maybe one day I will… If you guys agree with me, you just write down and I’m gonna convince her because I’m gonna say: 200 people comment saying that we
should have the green stripes, so it’s good. Another thousand hundred don’t want this. Well… Where do you plan to do your first long passage? I mean… I’m not sure if it’s a long passage, but for us that we don’t have that much experience, 207 nautical miles is a really long passage. We’re gonna go to our hometown. Hopefully in 2 or 3 months from now I guess. Where are we now? We are in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We are from Florianópolis, south of Brazil. So basically we were lucky to find a good
boat that we like in somewhere that is not that far from where we live (700 km – 435miles- by car) It’s Guarujá, it’s no São Paulo capital, it’s São Paulo coast. We’re in São Paulo state in a city called Guarujá, on the coast. Next to Santos. So, if we are Brazilians why we speak English? That’s a good question. We speak English because we want to travel in the future and if we like to travel we like to meet people from different countries and if we have a channel in English we meet people from way more different countries. And we open up much more doors to these people to… I don’t know, it’s just… English is an universal language, that’s why. It’s like an international language. We know that if we speak in English a lot of
people from all different places are gonna watch it if we speak in Portuguese
and if we just have English subtitles people from other countries won’t watch it
because they’re not used to read English subtitles. But Brazilians, as we watch a
lot of American movies and European movies we are used to read subtitles. So, that’s why we have it in English. Where are we living now? Inside the boat? No, actually not yet. Really soon. Right now we are lucky that her sister has an apartment on the same town we are working on the boat. She let us live for these few months on her house. It’s around 15 minutes by car from the marina. So, it’s pretty good. So we were really really lucky to find the perfect boat on the perfect place. So, we are arriving at the marina. So, here is the other marina. Here pretty much… I think you guys know where we are already. Our welder is here, the sandblasting machine is here, the turner is here, the… But I guess no one is here. We are late. No, they are here. No, they are not. That’s not good. As they are not here I can show you a picture of our hatches. I took one yesterday. She is smart. I can give you a sneak peak. Let’s go back. Let’s be honest… We were supposed to shoot this video today in the morning, but we had visitors and we… you know I speak too much. And the visitors came to stay a little while… And they spent 4 hours, had lunch with us… Yeah, it was. They arrived here almost 10 in the morning and they went home at 2PM. So, basically today’s Saturday and they only work on the morning. We don’t have the hatch, so II came for a walk for free. Because we didn’t even see the hatches. It’s a good walking. But the hatches… are really good. Seriously… they look brand new. 100% brand new. It’s really really good. It’s a really good job, they do a really good job. So, when do you think you are gonna put the boat in the water? The boat in the water… I don’t know. That’s a tricky question. The truth is… The boat could go to the watering like
a week or two weeks from now if we want it. But we would need to stay on the
water here for longer to finish some jobs. And the marina where we are it’s better for them if we stay on a dry than on the water. Because they have much more
availability of space on the land, on the dry. So that means that once we go to the water we don’t have much time to stay here, we need to leave in like a week in
like a week. Because they always run out of spots on the water because it’s just… They have less space on the water, so… We are still waiting for the document to be done with the new name of the boat. New name, yeah… But basically just answering the first
question… We maybe go to the water in like a month or like 2 months from now I guess. And the name of the boat, that’s another question… Are we gonna change the
name of the boat or not? Yes, we are gonna it. Pretty much we asked for a name but we are only gonna know if the name is available once the document is
ready. So, which name are we… At first we thought we were gonna call it Odd Life, but then we realized that it’s just too long to call Odd Life. And when you call on the radio we believe a short name is much easier to say. So… We are gonna call it just Odd. So it’s Omega Delta Delta. Just that. So, Omega Delta Delta is really easy
to remember and it’s a… We think it’s a really cool word, that just means like a lot of different things at one word. We can use this word to jokes around. You can say someone odd is someone weird, you can say that someone odd is someone different or someone special or odd, just… There’s a lot of meaning on one word and that’s really cool. So, are we gonna go back to finish the container house? That’s an interesting question. We will finish this shipping container house. We don’t really know when tough. I mean like… We think we need a break after finishing the boat. We’ve been working on refitting and building things for over 2 years now. And at some point we need like 3 months of break, to relax and enjoy life a little bit. Not that we are not enjoying, we are enjoying. But we didn’t decide about the
house yet. If we go full-time on the house once the board is
done, again, or if we take slow the house. So like we go for a few months of sailing and then we come back work 2 months on the house and go for a few months of sailing and then… We are not sure about that. Let us know what you think, what’s your thought about that. Talking about sailing. Do you have sailing experience? That’s our thirty boat. We had a 19 feet
then a 26 feet. And when I was younger my dad used to own a 35 feet. Bu we don’t have much experience open seas. Yeah, we don’t have much
like crossing experience. So that’s one of the reasons why we don’t want to leave for traveling far away right now. We want to start doing like bigger and
bigger crossing, like 300 nautical miles 500… And the Brazilian coast is really big, so we want to grow in steps and get more experience on the
ocean. They are having fun in the marina. Titela (the dog) Are we planning to say to United States? We plan to sail everywhere. I mean, in a long term… yes, we do. But what we don’t want is to have a like commitment to go anywhere. The plan is to gain miles here in Brazil and then head north to go to the Caribbean and spend a season in the Caribbean. And from there we go to
wherever we feel like we want to go. We might go to French Polynesia we might
go to the States, we might go to Europe. I don’t know. Life changes a lot during
time and we don’t know if what we want today is what we want in two years from now. So let’s take one step each time, like baby steps. We are willing to go with the flow. If we fell like to go there we go there and… I mean like… enjoying the moment. We
are right now enjoying the refit. Once we’re done with the refit we are gonna enjoy some cruising in Brazil and then… When we’re done cruising in Brazil for a while we go to the Caribbean and from there… who knows? Are you planing to go to Australia one day? I mean like… someone asked… We are by the way just reading some questions here. So, someone asked what’s the dream destination. How about Australia? Australia of course, yes. I have a promise. Yeah. One of our friends, that used to live with was in the beginning in Australia, he is from Brazil… I promised him that one day we are gonna offer him a dinner on the cockpit on Rushcutters Bay in Sydney. We are gonna have dinner in Rushcutters Bay in Sydney on the cockpit. It’s just giving like goose bumps. That’s a huge dream. But other than that… The dream dream destination which one it is? French Polynesia? No. Bali. Bali, yeah. This all started in Sydney but also in
Bali, Indonesia. So if one day we get to Indonesia that would be like… Indonesia is just… We have good moments in Indonesia. Out of our 13 years together 4 months were in Indonesia. 2 times of 2 months. And both trips were just amazing. Like…
just Bali the people are so nice, the food is so nice everything’s so cheap, that’s really good because you can eat as much as you want. And the people we met there were really good, really nice. Balinese people they are just amazing. They are always happy and friendly. And even people that are not from there, that were there just on vacations. They were really nice. I seems like a place where everyone is happy. I think it’s a place for us, a place
where everyone is happy is just a happy place. Next question. What was the hardest job so far and the easy one? The hardest job so far for sure was last
week. The diesel tank. Not for sure, if you count the shipping container house maybe the bathtub was really tough too. But his one was worse. I think the diesel tank was the worst one. How about easiest one? I have never thought about that but I think the funniest one was… the one that we have more fun doing was the cleaning of the boat. To find old stuff that were there for 20
years. I think that was really fun. That was a relaxing episode. We’re just having fun and just discovering the boat that we dream for years and we’ve just bought. So that’s… of course it would be fun, you know? You dream of buying a boat for years and
then you buy this boat that has so much old stuff and you just spend like an entire day just discovering little things around the boat. It’s impossible not to have fun. Are we gonna do a break down costs of the refit? Break down cost, of course we’re gonna do that. But once we finish the refit, otherwise we don’t know the cost yet. I mean we know the costs so far, but we wanted to shoot a proper cost video in the future. Yeah. So, is the boat costing more or less than you’ve imagined? Tricky question. We had a kind of idea what we were
gonna do… Just give one sec, I need to put this down. So. It that costing more or less? We kind of had one idea of the cost of the boat. It was actually among the prices we were
planning. We did more than we planned to do. Yeah. So, that means that we spent more. But on what we plan to do the cost was really close to what we thought. But as, you know… You start falling in love with the boat, you want to fix it better and better and better. So we started doing more things than we’ve planned before. And actually here in the marina we are stable here so we are doing more things here than we were gonna do in the beginning. The thing is… we planned in the beginning to do just the basics here and then move to our hometown back to our hometown. But here is really really comfortable to do the jobs and we have all the resources we
need and I don’t know… it’s just a really good place to work. I think even better than where we live. So we decide to do more here then leave these stuff to do there. Is Duca waiting to have a haircut when the boat is finally done? That’s a
tricky question. We told you guys not to ask tricky questions, right? Yeah. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but if you go back in time on the episodes that we
shoot for the past 2 years I cut my hair usually once every 2 years. One and a half to two years. It’s just because I’m lazy to cut the hair every month and if you have really short hair you need to cut it every month and that’s
too much for me. But it’s getting hot again and summer is getting here So, I think time for a haircut, right? Yeah, so… No, we’re not gonna wait. We’re gonna
cut it right now. It’s always intense to cut my hair. If we didn’t watch there is another episode where my hair was like this long last year and she cut that. That was a dramatic one. I almost cried, seriously. When I watch it I still almost cry because I was intense. Hard decision to make. But… Time is coming again. But I’m afraid of cutting it. Let’s see if the camera is in a good angle. Crying already? No. Just on the back. By the way… we always dream to have a boat so we can cut my hair always on the deck of the boat and just get some salt water and just clean all and I just jump on the water and I’m done. So, we couldn’t wait to the boat being on the water, so you decide to cut it on the dry. That’s the first time, it’s cool already. Exciting, exciting times. In the future is always gonna be here and we just jump on the water
and it’s clean, no shower needed. I’m not sure if it’s good, babe. It’s all good. The worst can happen I need to shave my hair. He always says that then I get nervous and I try my best. We need to fix a few spots later on the
mirror. But for now at least it’s shorter. So, we have some extra questions. Sorry, babe. I’m not sure if I did a good job. It’s all good. It’s gonna grow again. She always cut, she’s been cutting my hair for the past 10 years or so, or maybe more. So, tell us the story about how you met? Talking about that… That’s a lot of hair. I don’t wanna see how my hair looks right now. It’s all good. How did we meet? We had a friend in common and one day we decided to go to the beach and then we met and then… The rest is history. 13 years ago. I don’t know how she can handle me for 13 years, but I must be a nice guy, right? Yeah. How tall you are you 2? I’m 1 meter and 57. I’m 1.75. We are short. It’s all good. How old are you? I’m 35. I’m 36. Kids in the future? Who knows. Hopefully, hopefully. Kids in the boat must be really really fun for them and for everyone. I mean… kids, they bring light through everything. We like kids, a lot. Where can I find t-shirts to buy? Well, every single video of ours there is a Odd Life store on the link on the description. And you have mugs and
t-shirts and sweatshirts, bags… I’m gonna add some more products there in the future. Yeah, just some… how do you call it? Like… Fun stuff, I mean like… We like the t-shirt… I mean like we need to buy new ones actually because ours are just really old from working. Guys, if you want to share a picture of you using our t-shirts… because we have just 2 pictures of people using our stuff. We can share it with others. If you have a t-shirt just take a picture and send us to [email protected] and we can share it on the end of a video, that would be really cool. Someone asked it also… I saw it there. Delay. How long behind we are on the videos? Like… some channels are 7 months behind on the videos. No, we wish we were a little bit
more behind, but… Today is October 19. So the day you are watching this… It’s probably a week and something ahead. The reason why is because we are gonna be out of town for maybe 4 days because we have a wedding of one of our Patreons. João is getting married. You know João. João is being in like in 2 (*3) episodes. João is getting married so we need to drive to our hometown to go to his wedding. So that’s why even though we are like a week behind, it’s up to date, because we’re not gonna do much this week. We have like 2 days this week to work. So we need some days off. On the shipping container we used to be just one week behind always. We work for one week and we post one week, work one week and post it
the next week. Right now we are working on multiple projects at the same time. And once we finish one project we just realise the project that we finished that week. So, it’s up to date. Like, the hatches, we are working on the hatches for 3 months. but once we finish it in one week we post the hatches. Are you guys still working besides the boat? if not, how do you pay your bills? Donations only or just other sources? It would have be impossible to have another job doing what you’re doing right now. We literally work 7 days a week on Odd Life. Odd Life is just our main
project our fun, and also our work. So, today we make money of watching videos. People that watch it and Adsense. So, every time you watch a video and there is an ad, we make a few bucks of these ads. So, thanks so so so much for joining us and watching the videos and supporting us just by watching (and sharing), it’s a huge huge help. Because this makes possible for us to keep going and keeping refitting our boat and following our dreams. But also there are our Patrons Patreons are just… I don’t know… it’s just hard to express how much we are thankful. They are just nice people that really enjoy what they watch and want to support us to keep going and
to keep just living our dream and being able to keep shooting and filming everything in the whole… you know… I don’t need to talk more about Patreon, you
know what Patreon is. But we want to thank all our Patreons, they are just awesome supporters. And people that donates through PayPal also help us a lot. So, pretty much we live out of PayPal, Patreon, Adsense (and merchandising). So, we live producing videos and refitting our boat right now. For now. Hopefully in the future we are gonna travel. Hopefully. Other than that… That’s it. And we can welcome on board our new Patreons for this week. Talking about Patreons… Some people say that we take too long thanking Patreons on the end of our videos. Guys, I’m sorry. We need to thank our Patreons because they support us. They are the ones that make it happen. Also of course who watches it. But, they are
willing to support us every single month. So, they deserve to be thank… I don’t know how to say that in English, but… You are rambling, babe. Like always. We kind of talked too much that the memory card on a GoPro just… It’s full. So now we need to talk to the phone
because we just don’t have memory card anymore. But, last thing… we need to thank
and welcome on board our new Patreons, our new super supporters for this week. So, welcome on board, Bill, Francisco, Coree, Gernot, Nigel, Lion, Mark, Jeff, ColDoc, Max. And we also want to thank the donations through PayPal. So, thanks a lot, Jonas, Thomas and Robert Duncan, that’s… It’s pretty cool. That’s a really cool name. It’s just our names together, pretty much. Guys, thanks so much. Really really really…
we are really thankful for that. We really appreciate the support. And that
means that we can keep refitting our boat and we can keep living our dreams
and we keep share with you guys. That’s pretty cool . I guess I’m just rambling as usual because I just like to ramble. I can see my hair now. So, did you like it? It’s not bad. Thanks. I think that’s it for today, right? I think this video must be really really long because we just complete a memory card so that means it’s really long. So we see you guys next Monday! We see you guys next Monday. Join the crew

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