Обзор шлюпки, АДГ и немного палубы, ВЛОГ: Дневник Моряка #14

recently find an app calls isailor i’m so happy of it can not to go on bridge and ask you can see speed,coordinates here England,Irland bound to Norway latitude and longitude speed and course and night map now can watch good morning,all i like cold weather but today it too cold at night woke up and wear t-short after woke up and wear sport suit now came to 4th engineer cabin here was living Romanian electro-mech what is in this cabi shower,toilet alarm small cabin like I had first time I want to take a coat so will sleep under two coats we are bounding between England and Ireland cold near 12 degrees disconnect the power go Philippians are argue said “Pizdec” put in our places for 30 persons like a car straight backward steering wheel so I will go out go down start it! good now will go to right fuel and air there is a pump different food water go to start the emergency generator 3 kinds auto it will be red I had gerdravlic before if it hot we can start with a white red now why so bad? maybe need more third time not good… all open close this one 7bar so I’ll go after minute do it now is ballast changing before Norway projector this is mooring hydraulics cooled by sea water here this is anti pirates wire here are mines for right anchor and for left now show our tanker high here left anchor found for anchor chain my arm this is right anchor there is sea water pressure 12bar this is 15n meters in this anchor 14 shackles it about 27 meters on the board to cranes for 15 ton arrow 17meters weather is good go to starboard sight 48 meters it so easy on deck,not like in ER bunkering tank our heavy fuel tanks real clear deck food better and better after Indians it something amazing the weather is good! but promise in 1-2 days hurricane 7-8 points evening in gym after some pushes think,on steamship only I have workout time I was relax for 3 days,today we have a mail from office if chief engineer is ready,they must know I think in 2-3 days we will in Norway after load and 10 days to Canada for what I will keep last CE so,soon I will move to new cabin will have a lot of important work so later will more and more interesting changed muscles group feel legs-tired now go on galley refrigerator review if someone saw a lot of juice on steaship,please write in comments I see it first time again better raisins,pate meat,cheese,cottage cheese yogurt beauty picture for good work

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